American Taliban, Bryan Fischer: Jesus Says Kill for the Medal of Honor

American Taliban, Bryan Fischer: Jesus Says Kill for the Medal of Honor

no i’m sorry but this story is shocking and it comes via talking points memo and
you know uh… marcus mellitus we had him on the other day talks about the
american taliban this is crazy from my friends at the american family
association who through the years i have had the opportunity call of the pocket but such things as elem are sharks tail sending children a
secret gayi message and things like sponge bob square pants
this is where dobson got that from from the american family association their
cultural critically critiques so honest guy brian fisher he’s on the blog rightly concerned which
is in the f_a_a_ american family association blog and of course they get all their funding
from the same conservative sources this guy right about the fact position the famine as a nation of the medal of honor now you know the medal of honor is
heading to the highest one of the highest their highest metal you can give uh… member of our
armed services and this uh… there’s only been
detained that have been given out over the course
of iraq and afghanistan wars over ten years and this guy right at this afternoon anne rice is on tuesday army staff sergeant salvador ginnie tan will be getting and honor of metal for
his heroism in afghanistan he took a blood his perfect protective
basses he pulled one soldier to safety men rescued the sergeant who was walking
point and had been taken captive by two talbot he says i’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the
awarding of these mock medals which used to do about it recognized
that is the best part this guy thinks he’s found something but no one else has
recognized dislike the guy was like i’m the only
one who relies on being followed you know a lot of people don’t walk around
to be donors that we have billion-dollar honest murder the people coming from and
now tested nobody talking about adding to happen on the only one sees that i
could i put the clarity that’s right he writes we have demonized the medal of honor according to the wall street journal
every malabar warning during these two conflict has been awarded for saving the
life not one has been awarded for inflicting
casualties on the enemy not one but we think of heroism in battle we saw
think of our boys storming the beaches of normandy under
withering fire just like in saving private ryan i’d put that in parentheses climbing the cliffs of point docx hoc
while an army soldiers fired straight down on them tossing grenades in the po
box is to take their gun encampments that kind of heroism has apparently
become passe when it comes to a warning the medal of
honor well for some appeasing the cliffs maybe there is an instant we now lord it only four preventing
casualties on our own soldiers whose mention that not for inflicting them so the question is this what are we going to start awarding the
medal of honor once again for soldiers who kill people break things so our
families can sleep safely at night wagon and then what we call in show business of the
coup de gras he doesn’t and his insanity right there will better to make this case that we should be all
warning medals for killing people and breaking things as opposed to saving our fellow soldiers or marines who better to make this case is is is is visions in words often cited in
ceremonies such as the one which will take place this afternoon said greater
love has no one than this than someone lays down the his life for his friends so it’s ok but however jesus is active self-sacrifice would
ultimately have been meaningless yes meaningless if he had not inflicted a mortal wound
on the enemy while giving up his own life uses really handed it to those spikes didn t you shot to use these spikes anymore look at u_c_l_a_ romans trying to build a house now if helps left his active self-sacrifice would be
meaningless if he did not inflicted a moral wound on the enemy while giving
his own life away okay i’m sorry forgive me recording to colossians two
fifteen which uh… this net job mentions you he disarm the rulers and authorities and
put that down to open train by tramping over them and it defeating the enemy of our souls across represented a cosmic showdown
between the forces of light and the forces of darkness and our commanding
general claimed the ultimate prize disease being the commanding general by defeating our unseen enemy and
liberating an entire planet from his bondage you want to talk about the american
taliban this guy brian fisher is your version of the extremist nut job
imam unbelievable believable

21 thoughts on “American Taliban, Bryan Fischer: Jesus Says Kill for the Medal of Honor

  1. Yes great, some guy who I will bet a thousand dollars, has never served, criticizes someone brave enough to win the Medal of Honor. Yes the right wing know so much about the army, like you know, they know that blowing shit up makes everyone like us and makes us safer. The bit about Jesus just made my soul hurt. It's bad enough not to know anything about the army, but at least fucking understand your bible.

  2. Another typical right winger who thinks if you're not killing someone then you MUST be gay. I didn't kill anyone today, i guess that makes me homosexual.

  3. That guy who ran into the burning building to save the orphans; Totally gay!
    That man who ran into the street to push the child out of the way of the speeding car; Totally gay!
    That lady who saw the car wreck on the side of the road in the morning darkness, pulled over and called 911 before driving the injured to the hospital; Total gay!

    The VP who shot his friend in the face during a hunting trip…..HERO!

    Where do they find these crazy bastards?

  4. Sam, great clip but plz do something about the sound so the into and outro are the same volume as the content. Right now it's LOUD- q u i e t -LOUUUUUUD!

  5. why do they use Jesus as an example of violence, why not use moses the bloodthirsty mercenary or the most vile mobboss in all of literature(God)? Or any number of unredeemable characters from the Bible? BTW, that soldier that won the Medal of Honor was on Colbert and said there were many more heroes that deserved the medal before he did. If that's not honor I don't know what is. and there's nothing brave and honorable about killing whoever is in your path just because they are there.

  6. sam, i will tell you words that you will not be able to deny. i will cause you to lose your mind and it will be your own denial that does it.

  7. According to Bryan Fischer, feminine = creating/protecting/saving lives, while masculine = aggression/violence/destroying any who threaten his tribe. This is basically true. The only problem is that Bryan thinks feminization is a BAD thing for the species. It's actually a great forward step evolutionarily: the development of a second sex (male) which transcends his original competitiveness, striving to partner with the primary sex (female), instead of dominating and enslaving her.

  8. Jesus dealt a mortal blow? to who? the Romans? WTF??? the cross did not represent anything at that time, it was a convenient thing to crucify people on, the Cross was not even a Christian symbol till Constantine adopted it, not that i believe for a second that there was ever a jesus, just, i mean if you DO then you should at least get the history right, even if its not real history, or dose real history matter at this point?

  9. This is pretty sick stuff. Fisher obviously is another one of those christian fascist chickenhawk fucktards. Highest Military award. It is often given post humously because the person in question put themselves in harms way. Their actions always associated with the protection of their friends, not killing the enemies. Brian Fisher, total asshat.

  10. Huh, lets face it history ain't a strong point amongst christians, come to think of it you could say the same for most academic disciplines! :))

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