America’s Real Welfare Queens

America’s Real Welfare Queens

be a budget his out the budget was passed by congress this
austerity budget and it does not include an extension of
long-term unemployment benefits because the republicans are calling that
basically welfare and they’re saying that the only way that they want these
long-term unemployment benefits to be paid to to be distributed to people is benefits
ran out three days after Christmas you know where they want these benefits
be distributed to people is if we cut somebody else let’s talk about
america’s real welfare queens Republicans are all upset of people get
government benefits but our nation’s real welfare queens are this country’s billionaires and its
biggest corporations but first let’s look at who the
republicans want to think about when they use slurs like welfare queen back in November the largest cuts the
history other federal food stamp program here
which is seen a snap the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program large cuts in history went into effect
and thanks to the efforts of republicans 5 billion dollars slash from the program directly affecting the lives of 47 million Americans but that wasn’t enough right republicans are still convinced
america’s filled with people would rather live off government
assistance then get a job and they’re still convinced the cutting
food stamps will help solve the nation’s spending and debt problem so they try to
cut even more from food stamps I mean right now Congress is working on
a compromise the farm bill which thanks to republicans will likely
cut billions more from food stamps and leave millions of additional
Americans without access to the nutrition that they need to survive for
at least be healthy but here’s our republicans art telling you in 2012 last year well here before us now the
average American taxpayer last year we’ve got numbers for the
average American taxpayer making fifty grand a year paid $36 dollars in taxes for the food
stamp program 10 cents a day but the average household
in america pays so that all across this country people
can have access to food stamps now compare that to the fact that an
average American family making fifty thousand dollars a year pays a whopping 6 thousand dollars a year in subsidies to Republican friendly
corporations that’s incredible we should be a and I
need to do the map and how much is that per day 6,000 divided by 365 I can’t do math in my head that fast
anyway it’s a lot so who is really causing our nation’s
economic problems its the welfare queens the corporation’s
though clearly points out over common dreams you can read over there today it he points at the Cato Institute of
all places estimates the federal subsidies to corporations cost americans
nearly a hundred billion dollars a year and the state local level state local
governments and another $80 billion dollars in
subsidies this is according to Louise story over the New York Times shell Ford Chrysler the cup biggest
companies America every see more than a billion dollars
each in state and local governments and then there are the indirect
subsidies taxpayer money that indirectly benefits corporations
researchers at the University only and University California Berkeley found
that American taxpayers pay a staggering 243 billion dollars a year in indirect subsidies just to the fast
food industry that’s because the fast food industry
pay such low wages that we the people are handing over to 143 billion dollars to pay for the health care and and food
stamps now all the other public benefits a fast-food workers meanwhile our tax code has been written
a favor the billionaires the corporation’s after all they’re the ones
who can afford to buy the politicians write the tax code and that tax code saves corporations an
average of two hundred billion dollars every year while you and I have to pick
up the slack this is that same tax code that lets
giant corporations like Apple and GE hide their money in corporate tax even
so that they don’t have to pay their fair share in corporate america is getting new
handouts from the government on a routine basis Boston Globe likely looked at a tax
legislation was passed by congress the first few months a 2013 and they found that that legislation
contained 43 corporate friendly tax breaks worth
around 67 billion dollars compare all that money corporations are
getting to the five billion that has already been pulled out a food stamps and the $40 billion in additional money
for food stamps the republicans want to take out they could easily pay for the entire
food stamp program just by closing water to the smaller loopholes the past tax
expenditures our government checks along to the top
one percent and the nation’s biggest corporations no doubt about it food stamps are
bankrupting America the never-ending profit pipeline between
capitol hill in corporate america is so Republicans are welfare queens what
they’re really talking about other buddies the big banks big oil giant
transnational corporations and it is time to cut of that corporate
welfare pipeline and use those billions of dollars to
help our economy recover and help those Americans who need it the

19 thoughts on “America’s Real Welfare Queens

  1. I am basically ON your side, TH. But lets admit that there ARE some people who take advantage of welfare. Would that be so difficult?

  2. (read below comment first.)
    We could get a quorum to get something done in this country if you'd just say, "yes, let's kick those people taking advantage of welfare in their collective butts." But … noooo … we have listen to the right and the left yelling AT CROSS PURPOSES with each other over and over.

  3. Yea there are people who abuse the system. That does not mean thd system not needed. There are murderers, do we not need our system of laws? There are always people who do not comply with the rules. Should we have a lower top income tax because alot oof them abuse the tax laws to pay less?

  4. We pay they play I don't think it is very American to not help the working class and the poor. I think that neither parties benefit the poor and working class

  5. How I know Thom is on the right message? Because so many of Thom's posts get targeted for pseudo-fact based ads from the Cato institute.

    When billionaires throw money to muffle someone, you know you should keep listening.

  6. I am sick and tire of working like a dog just to support the filthy rich. those disgusting Walton are really moochers. The government has to give them 7 bb in tax cuts plus 6 bb in food stamps and healthcare for their employees. And the middle class gets nothing in return.

  7. Exactly well said. The REAL WELFARE QUEENS (i.e. corporations and the CEOs) are getting billions while they scapegoat the poor.

  8. Many recipients are committing fraud, like the millionaires/billionaires. And we work hard paying taxes that they use as a luxury. One utilizes the tax money while that other avoids paying it. Clowns to left, jokers to the right … we're stuck in middle with the rest of the taxpayers!

  9. Have you seen the average food stamp person, they are so overweight they can not get off the couch to get a job, but able to get off the couch to buy junk food

  10. If the people would have stayed in school and learned something of value they would not have to work at a fast food joint

  11. Pots, calling kettles black… thieves dictating ethics… and who does it better :/?
    Mmmmm… greed, sloth, envy, gluttony. politics AND narcissism YUMMY!

  12. You say republicans but democrats are in bed with the corporations also… Keep the poor just getting enough to keep them voting democrat, meanwhile look at cities that have been run by democrats for decades.. The big lie is that we have a two party system.

  13. The same money you rich people throw away everyday is what people eat off of every month as long as you want to take away this program it shows how far we have to go in this country

  14. Rich Lifestyles is way more expensive per month then what money is given and food stamps program gives you so let's be real

  15. Lazy welfare people who will work part time jobs or not at all are crying it's not right full time workers with two jobs are making twice the income…..Waterloo iowa.

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