7 thoughts on “Amity Shlaes on Silent Cal

  1. OMG! Amity Shlaes is my Goddess- we are the same age. She went to Yale with many of my classmates from Fieldston- I went to Reed College and regret it to this day. If only I'd gone to Hillsdale… Thank you, Jeff and MisesMedia

  2. I really wish you would stay away from anything "immigration" related. It is a super sore subject for a lot of us who I think correctly view that we are under a very serious siege waged by the Internationalists and globalists … And we don't like it one bit…

  3. She is not as combative of the Austrian view as I remember, perhaps she has come even closer to our side over the years.

  4. Would it have hurt to put "Silent Calvin Coolidge" in the title? Maybe add, "Libertarian's Friend." I almost passed it by.

  5. Great interview. I'm so going to get 'the great society' by her when it comes out. Can't believe the guy is so gloomy at the end. You have president Trump to drain the swamp not some quiet administrator. Any European nation would kill to have him!

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