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  1. The a in Shang is "aw". The n is not pronounced when there is a ang.
    The X in Xia is pronounces "Sh". "She" + "a"
    My children will enjoy this. You might ask Austin Guidry to do these series. He would love it. /user/austinguidry2

  2. I much prefer Sal teaching videos. I like his voice, even if he stumbles over his words sometimes. Less on this one than others.

  3. i think you need to do a little research on Chinese pronunciation before you make these videos—you butchered the language!!!!…little tip: to pronounce sh and ch you have to roll your tongue to the back of your mouth–sh almost sounds like "sure" in English……good video though, thanks!

  4. Your content is great. Might have to watch some of these videos multiple times for everything to sink in, but there's so much knowledge contained in your library of videos.

  5. How would the cracks on the bone answer their questions? Does Chinese mandarin change significantly when removing characters? and why did they believe this? Did they worship nature?

  6. please don't put the emphasis on the words you don't know how pronounce its ear-scratching to say the least

  7. and another 1 is xi xia kingdom,tanqiang ppl escape to hilmalaya or burmese but the xi xia kingdom destroy by mongol… waste tangkut language…

  8. Chinese characters have a very long history. An average Chinese person can still make out some of the words on the oracle to this day. If you show an Egyptian person some hieroglyphs im pretty sure they cant read it.

  9. So what are your thoughts on how long the Indus valley civilization was present? They seemed to be quite a bit more advanced than others of the same time period. I know there is not much known about them, but there have to be some theories as to how old that civilization was, I would have to refer back to my history books to see what they said, but I do remember thinking that they had a ton of quality of life improvements that it appeared others had not thought of in the same era…seemed to me like they had probably been there for a while to come up with a septic type system, develop wells for close to each house, regulate building in the manor they did and the city planning….wow!

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