9 thoughts on “Ancient Civilization on Mars !

  1. I believe we will become Type 1 civilization. Scientists are close to building fusion reactor which will be radiation free , green and endless source of energy for us . After that event we will start to transform from Type 0 to Type 1 and everything will be better than ever before 🙂

  2. It's just my beliefs , but who knows … To become Type 1 we need endless source of powerful energy : " the basic fusion fuels from which deuterium and tritium are extracted and generated are water and lithium. 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water and 30% of the earth's surface is covered by rock. There is enough deuterium for millions of years, and easily mined lithium for several hundreds of years." With such course of energy we can develop without destroying our planet.

  3. what if we derived from mars. what if the evolutionary process started on mars but somehow we got here, forgot all our past, and then became what we are now

  4. what if we…you know humans "the evilest species the universe" destroyed earth because of war and pollution and then the whole decided to travel two opposite gender babies to nowadays planet "Earth" so we don't know anything about our history… and then eventually we discovered the Mars and we are testing it to see that if it is life supportable and we can travel there because we are destroying this bec we are fucking stupid species… and return to our fucking planet which was ours first…. 

  5. Maybe Mar's once hosted life? And once had corrupt creatures? Just like us, and was still a type 0. And Mar's atmosphere was once just like ours? What if they destroyed their atmosphere by warfare, or accident? What if Mar's was an oceanic planet? With more water than Earth? Then destroyed the water, by just violence? What if Mar's 'intelligent' species were more corrupt than Humanity? What if they seem to always bring more pollution, probably Eighteen World Wars? Perhaps Mar's was a little bit like us in the 1800's then died out like fools. This is also my theory. You don't have to agree with it, or read it.

  6. Wishful thinking. Like Mulder from The X-Files, people WANT TO BELIEVE that there may have been a civilization on Mars because it's cool and interesting. But evidence is needed. Conspiracy theories about life on Mars are a dime a dozen but don't count as evidence for anything. As pattern seeking animals, we tend to see patterns where there are none.
    That's why I take videos like this one with a grain of salt. I need better evidence.


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