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Ancient Civilizations 2 English 3AS – Courses ENTV here we are again this is the second
course about ash into allies asians today we will
revise vocabulary grammar and pronunciation how
missus confident him so that mass hello everybody what activity have you
prepared to revise workability today today we have prepared matching
wits with St Ninian’s you have certainly pieces of advice to
give to the pupils on how to tackle such an activity of course when dealing
with such an activity you have to pay attention to the
category of words are matching a is it is there conjugated or not is it
an adjective or a noun in the plural or in the
singular this can help you do the activity
looking at starting read the following sentences and focus
on the underlined words the Sumerians had no money so they used to but they
are there agricultural products second sentence Islamic civilization
made great achievements in medicine architecture and astronomy third centers home what carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in
1922 sentence for during the a Tom n ruled algiers thrived and became any port density and the last sentence
the fair use used to rule it focus on the underlined
words because these are the words you’re going too much weed St Ninian’s doctor ruled achievements 20 min trite what got to go of words is the first barter right it is
a very in the definitive ruled again is observed indefinite achievements is a
noun seen the proton pay attention to is another in the singular and thrived
is observed in the past simple now focus on the
finance let’s look for the words which is unknown in the plural and absurdities in the past simple two birds
that are in the infinitive this can make the exercise easy to do i right exchange is this in the name of doctor and govern is the scene anymore fruit
both are reserves in the infinitive without
to accomplishment is the scene on a muffed achievements since they are both in the puter grave the scene and enough tool as it is in
the singular and prospered the the synonym of thrived which are both reserves in the past said
that sold for our vocabulary exercise let’s move to gramma now missus been
helene when we the speak about past events we use past tenses particularly the simple past tense or the past
perfect and the stances on used to be time contractions what r this time contractions this is
what you are going to study today are going to see how to use the best
simple and the past perfect we’d time contentions get stocked focused on the following sentence and
its representation on the time line let’s
read the first sentence together after the egyptians had modified the
Ferrell the buried him in the pyramid what do
you notice right that till the arabs on the time line because you have to
actions that happened in the past but they
didn’t happen at the same time what’s the tense of the first observed
had money fight right that is in the past perfect what’s the test love the second guard
buried good it is in the past simple now what do we use to link the two actions yes we used the like conjunction after we can also write the same sentence in
different ways as you can see after the Egyptians had
modified the fair do they buried him in the pyramid we can also see the egyptians buried the
federal after they had me fight him second
sentence before the egyptians buried the fear or
they had many fight him and you can see the egyptians had many
fight the federal before they buried him the egyptians
didn’t bury the Ferrell and tear they had mami fight him what do
you notice which action comes after each time conjunction yes after the fact contention after we find the first action which is in the
past perfect quite as after the after the bank
connection before we have the second option which is in
the past simple why the answer is logical because after and before opposite in
meaning let’s move now to this end this with and Tim the egyptians didn’t bury the
fear to until they had me fight him which action comes after the time come
junction and tear the first action in the past perfect which action comes before the time
congestion and tell the second action which is in the past
simple now what form is the verb in the past
simple right it’s in the negative form didn’t very now let’s move to the second sent this week and tip the fiatos had defamed in Egypt and did the Romans
defeated them what the notice which verb ease before and Tim yes this time the past perfect is before at the time objection until and which one he’s after the time comes
action at 10 a right this time the past simple
comes after that time comes action until why
is that this is because the action of rain in
happened fast and blasted and did the Romans
interrupted consider the examples given and copied the chart to get the sentence
structure after the Egyptians had many fried the fair to they buried him in the pit
after or so the time comes action as soon as
that’s the subject bless the blank this subject and the
blank that you have to fit second sentence before the egyptians buried the Ferrell
they had me fight him the structure that you have to compete start with before this time before the
subject as the blank said the subject that the bank the third
sentence with and TL let’s start with the first one with a the Egyptian been
buried the fear to until they had me fight him the sentence
structure here East subject plus the blank that you have to feel and we had to with in the negative and TL and the
subject Press the black the second sentence be the fair use had drained agent and did
the Romans defeated them the second structure starts with this subject that’s the
blank this NTN as the subject and the black yes
correct now the contentions after esta nice I followed
by then right by the best perfect then the
subject and the busted the second one but that comes action before he
swallowed after the subject by the simple and then
the subject and the past perfect right now let’s move to
diff third one with until don’t forget that we have to possibilities let’s start with a we have the basketball in the negative
that the time conjunction and teen ent the verdi in the past perfect whereas this sector be we have the best
perfect and tear and then the busted let’s move to the practice now give the correct form above the vibes in brackets archives to call quote there shall be
four they to spread Islamic culture and civilization second
sentence after the Phoenicians to setting that
migrated they to build trading posts sent three as soon as the archaeologists to
excavate the remains they to display them in the
museum and the last sentence the French not to leave Algeria and fear the
algerians to defeat them to do the seven effectivity pay
attention to the thank adoptions they will help you with
the right tense it’s correct the arabs help calm quiet per share before they
spread the Islamic culture and civilization the second sentence after the
Phoenicians had settled in the Maghreb they built trading busts as soon as the
archaeologists had excavate the remains they displayed them
in the museum and the last sentence the French didn’t
leave Algeria and did the algerians head defeated them let’s move to the second activity now going to combine the following sentences using the time
conjunctions in brackets make the necessary changes the Phoenicians arrived in Mesopotamia they became Talent winners they’re going to combine
these two sentences with the tank conjunction as soon as second sentence edgy gonna just studied the receipt the
stone they were able to decipher hi rockets link the two sentences with before this
time the third and last sentence the Ottomans remain in algeria the French invaded
algiers in 18 30 this time you combine the two
sentences using the fan convention anti are you ready that’s correct as soon as the
Phoenicians had arrived in the soup with Katya they became found weathers educate on a
gist had studied the receipt the stone before
they were able to decipher hieroglyphs and the last one the
Ottomans had remained in Nigeria and in the French invaded algiers in 18 30 that sold for our grammar
activities to the mass thank you very much missus bentley we have learn to lock the third part of
our cost today we’ll be about pronunciation of some
system we’re going to see how to pronounce to
finally I hurt you missus bentley pronouncing
the finally Dean three groups in different ways you said flourished remain you need a irrigated is their any ruling on how to pronounce
to finally D in English missus bentley of course this
is what you are going to study now get started you sent to these steps what do you hear at the end developed evolved a irrigated right we heard T in developed d in people are still and aidid with irrigated what’s new our activity and find when we have three pronounced it we’ve put on
the edta d are 8 this end too these vets and focus peace on the last found before the ED right its phonetic transcription next to it topped look loft produced flourished rich from for Rob privileged transformed prosper repin use to realized trouble argue back thrived destroyed die borrow parted and it founded yielded wanted right that’s correct which sound did to be here in the first cut up good to now that’s correct the first least to see which silent we heard just before the sound to stopped her look kept now for produced Sep flourished scheck reached share and trust set sent to the second
part propped privileged transform prospered refine use realized troubled backed fry destroyed die borough let’s correct now which song did you hear this time for
the final easy good this time we heard the sound death it’s correct to see which sound appears before ED each of these steps corrupt better privileged just transformed not prospered ra we find Mina use it and realized even though its meeting with an s ed with is
a we hear the sound Zep traveled and left big deal get thrive good that
destroyed here we hear the sound the votes solid already thong ollie and it’s the same with other details
like a or all I so all deserves that and with if I would sell like died or bulldozed even if it is the W but
what we hear is a former South right Houston now the 3rd least started and did founded yielded wanted what’s correct the third
part which sounded you here now for the final
a deep yes good this time we heard the final eighty 8 let’s correct to see which sounds appear before the final eighty started to ended do found it did yielded did wanted to as you can see this time we have only sounds and get some up to now to see we’ve which sounds we heard the
final ED to this is with the sounds can sir her sugar sure or that lets them that no for the second column which is the
biggest one its head d with the sounds better Jer NHA her no is a healer get the and develop sounds ollie RI or a the third column of course is the short this because we just have
to sounds some to and now let’s do the activity chart I’m
testified these words according to the pronunciation of their
final ED I’m not going to pronounce them because this will help you so we wait you for a
few seconds and then we correct are you re d let’s start steadied d invaded it to deciphered did remained a did defeated aid established to died death attacked to collapsed to that’s all for our procession exercise
today mister that mass thank you very much missus bentley come next time we go on with actions
fluctuation we’ll see other activities about
vocabulary grandma and France Asia by the way I 1x common lesson will be about the use
of use to had to was aware able to blast well as well as that comparative
and superlative of 25 if I step thank you for attention goodbye with my see you next time

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