Ancient Civilizations Modified Human DNA with SECRET Pyramid Technology | Billy Carson 2018

Ancient Civilizations Modified Human DNA with SECRET Pyramid Technology | Billy Carson 2018

– [Announcer] The Edge of Wonder presents Contact in the Desert 2018. (upbeat music) Special guest featuring Billy Carson. – Hey guys, this is Rob
from Edge of Wonder. I’m here with Billy Carson. Why don’t you tell us a
little bit about yourself? – My name is Billy Carson and I’m the author of the
Compendium of the Emerald Tablets. You can get it on
with the number four. Also, I am on Gaia TV, on Deep Space season one and two, also Ancient Civilizations. And I’m here talking
about space anomalies, and also the Enûma Eliš, and
the seven tablets of creation. – So he’s an expert on
ancient civilizations, and we’re gonna ask him
some questions about, basically, what the
weirdest thing he saw is. So Billy, tell us, what’s
the weirdest things, that you found in ancient
civilizations that, you know, I think what
I’m most interested in is what dates humans back much further than what the current
scientific, you know, line is telling us right now? – I think the most interesting discovery that I made or that, and I
would have to say it’s a theory, because obviously nothing
can be completely proven. But it appears that the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza
are about 36,000 years old, maybe even a little bit more. And that I’m basing that on
the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and after I’ve gone
extensively through them, and discovered that they were
written about 36,000 years ago and in there Thoth claims to
have built the Great Pyramid. But at the same time, the Sphinx itself, has been now known to
have a lot of weathering, and the weathering is leading to a lot of non-mainstream
archeologists to saying, maybe the last Ice Age. But because it aligns with
the constellation of Leo, if you go back to more
processional periods, you arrive at 36,000 years, at the same time that Thoth claims to have built the Giza Great Pyramid, and also at the time where
everything is perfect in terms of peace, tranquility, and the ability to what he calls, bring civilization back
up, in the Emerald Tablets, to a higher level. So I’m really thinking that
the Sphinx itself is probably, and the Great Pyramid on Giza, is probably about 36,000 years old. – [Rob] Tell me, Billy, what
does that actually do to us as a civilization, understanding that, that the pyramid was
built 36,000 years ago? – Well it tells us that we’ve fallen. When I went to, the last time
I went to Egypt was May of 2014, and I went to Saccara. And I went to
those pyramids in Saccara and some of the structures at Saccara, and I noticed that the
quality of the construction, the further back you go is better. And as you come closer into the future, everything becomes more
worse, or it falls apart, or it can’t withstand time. And I’m starting to realize now even when I went to up
into the grand gallery of the Great Pyramid and really started
analyzing the structure, going into the King’s chamber, analyzing the fact that I still, today, can’t put a human hair in
between the granite blocks in the King’s chamber
in the Great Pyramid, and realizing that we have literally been an advanced civilization
here on this planet that has fallen apart due to probably some time of ancient
war or maybe a cataclysm or maybe a combination of both. And now we’re in the rebuilding process, trying to rediscover, everything is rediscovery at this point. Everything from the metric system to construction techniques to technology to even this microphone
that we’re using right now. Everything has already existed here and we’re trying to find our way back to that high level again. – That’s amazing. So you mentioned that you’re
not even able to stick a piece of hair between the stones
in the pyramid, right? It’s very difficult even for us right now to be able to have
technology at that level. What does that, what do you think, from your findings, does
that tell us about those, that civilization? – Well the civilization was
extremely, extremely advanced. They had tools that we don’t have today. As a matter of fact, at Abu Simbel, when I went there, that was
actually built much lower in that area and we actually took it apart block by block and moved it
up so that we can build a dam, so they can build a dam,
actually, over there ’cause they needed a dam. When they put it back,
they tried to realign it to where the sun aligns perfectly with the chamber that illuminates
the gods on the inside and they couldn’t do it. They were about five degrees off. With our advanced technology today, we still couldn’t duplicate
what the ancients did. So what’s that, what
that’s telling me is that, basically, we’ve got to find a way
to really figure out what types of tools
they were using because if we can tap into that, we might be able to get into
things like zero point energy, we might be able to get into different types of antigravity and levitation-type
devices, frequency devices, devices that can generate frequencies, that can actually create
matter out of the ether like Thoth talks about
in the Emerald Tablets. All these different types of technologies that were stripped out of a
lot of these ancient sites, including all of the apexes
of the pyramids, the gallery, the grand gallery of the Great Pyramid stripped clean of technology,
and other ancient sites were completely buried
with sand from other places because they were really
hiding it from us. – [Announcer] The Edge of Wonder. – Wow, so okay, so technology
was extremely advanced. Are there any other civilizations that you
found in your findings that were extremely advanced? – One civilization I found
so far is not even on Earth. That’s extremely advanced,
and that would be on Mars. We’ve downloaded now probably
close to a million images from NASA, the Indian Space
Agency, Russian Space Agency, and the European Space
Agency, and now China as well, and we’ve cataloged
about 50,000 anomalies. These are things that are out of place with the surrounding terrain. We, meaning the United
Family of Anomaly Hunters, there’s a group of us, 14 of us. And some of these anomalies
have made international news. Mars, we discovered, has had a combination of
high-level technology, higher than us, where we
are right now on Earth, at this particular day and age, and also some signs of
having ancient technology. So it’s a combination of both. Whether some of it is, was like that because
part of the planet was destroyed at some point and they tried to make
another comeback like we were on a track to, and those other
old ancient remnants there. ‘Cause if you go to Giza right now, with ground-penetrating
radar, you’ll found, you’ll find hundreds of structures underneath the sand right
now that are dilapidated, broken down, collapsed, buried structures. The same thing could happen on Mars and just could be exposed when all the mud and
the water and the flood flew over the land ’cause there was a global
flood there maybe even twice. But there are some structures
there that are still standing and some other objects that appear to be highly-technologically advanced even more than some of the things we have here. When I say that, I’m talking
about things that look like, and I can’t say this is what they are, but things that looked like
hovercraft and so forth that you wouldn’t, we don’t have here at this
particular moment in time. – But we sorely need. – We sorely need ’em. We sorely need ’em. So why, why would they have those things? Well, I think there was
a concurrent civilization running both on Earth and
Mars at the same time. And according to the Sumerian tablets, there were these egeegee
working class Annunaki people that were working and mining
the planet Mars resources and actually came to battle against the kings of Earth Enlil and Enki, because of the work and
labor load that they were being put under was too strenuous and they weren’t getting any relief, and so at some point they literally were gonna go to battle and have a coup and then that’s when
Enki says in the Emerald, in the Sumerian tablets, that we will genetically
modify the existing hominid on this planet basically
to make a slave race to do the work for us and
relieve your workload. And that was agreed upon and so that’s when they
disconnected in my opinion. The existing hominid, which would’ve been us in
ancient times but probably more connected spiritually, and probably even more advanced
spiritually with nature, and, and gave us the junk DNA, and now turn us into mental
slaves and working slaves, which we still are currently today. – Woah that’s a lot of stuff. Is all of this stuff on your website? – There’s a lot of this
information on my website, with the number four, also, my Instagram account, I’ve got many Instagram account, if you type in forbidden
knowledge in Google, a lot of my data will come up,
my information will come up, I even got songs written
about it on iTunes, and, and everywhere else, so, you can just Google 4bidden knowledge, it’ll, it’ll come up everywhere. – That’s awesome, so please
tell us about your book too. Cause you just came
out with a book, right. – Yeah, the book is based on
the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, now Thoth was an Atlantean, basically was an Annunaki, and Atlantis, I’ve discovered
now is a global civilization, or was a global civilization, and, not only that, but it might
have been interplanetary, so, I really started
digesting these tablets, and discovered that there’s UFO’s there’s ray guns, there’s advanced building techniques, there’s frequency technology, that can generate matter out of the ether, all these things are in there, I’ve said, I’ve gotta
break this down for people, and a lot of esoteric wisdom, regeneration chambers,
how to go into a chamber and regenerate your body, how to create new avatars,
biological avatars and transfer your consciousness
into a new avatar, all of this is inside the Emerald Tablets, so, a lot of people
couldn’t really understand or break it down, or
relate it to technology, so, I went in, and I broke it down, I related it to technology, and I also showed how other religions have taken pieces of it to make other different religions
out of the Emerlad Tablets based off of seeking the light, and getting away from
darkness and everything else, and then, put it in a way,
where people can digest it, and hopefully, they’ll get
a better understanding, and, and also see that there was a very advanced
civilization here that came, they called themselves
the sons of Atlantis, they didn’t call themselves gods, we end up giving the name
gods, after they left, we deified them. – Of course, of course,
fascinating stuff, man, so, people can find more
information about this by going to, right. Okay, so, that actually wraps it
up with Billy Carson here, Billy, thanks so much for your time. – Thank you, I appreciate you guys. – Okay, and until the next time, we’ll see you out on the edge. Thank you for joining us for another edition of the Edge Of Wonder, be sure to hit like and subscribe, and click that notification bell, so, you don’t miss a single episode, from the Edge of Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder.

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  1. I just can't see the evidence here. A lot is just build on the "translations" of Sitchin. But who else translates those Sumarian texts? No evidence as well about those Mars things, just blurred pics…

  2. What i think is we became to smart for our own good so higher beings had to come down and destroy us before we destroyed the universe just like what we are starting to do again. Alot of things our scientist are doing is not suppose to be tampered with. Everybody wants power and to be god so they are going into great heights to become that title. After awhile these beings will come back and put us in our place again because we are getting entirely too dangerous for existance it self.

  3. They knew that a cataclysm was going to happen. Assisted by superior beings. Built complex archethectural buildings that stood the test of time and great destruction. The big planet system came through. The aliens took as many people they could onto an arc. And when the smoke cleared and the water resided. They brought them back. Now in modern day times are royalty or something like that.

  4. There Is nothing, absolutely nothing to base the presupposition that the Atlanteans and the Anunnaki were one and the same. The Atlanteans were CHILDREN OF MEN, which Thoth plainly states in the first and second book of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth! The Sumerian Tablets makes it plain that the Anunnaki were NOT the children of men, but an alien race that invaded the Earth and enslaved humankind after upgrading their DNA. To the contrary, the Anunnaki were enslavers, whereas the Atlanteans sought to teach and deliver other races from their enslavement and to bring them to a higher level of civilization prior to their own falling into pride and arrogance which became their undoing. As a matter of fact, Thoth states in the Emerald Tablets that the children of light (the star born races, but NOT the Anunnaki) looked down upon the sons of men and saw their bondage. These were the starborn races that sought to deliver mankind and constructed the chambers underneath the Earth known as the Halls of Amenti. As teachers, they brought enlightenment to the Atlanteans. They are the ones who taught the Atlanteans, but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that they were the same as the Anunnaki! That is evident in the first five books of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. The Sumerian Tablets say something entirely different about their purpose and intent for being here, which was to mine gold! So why do you, Billy Carson, continue to repeat the unsubstantiated falsehood that the Atlanteans and the Anunnaki were one and the same??? Does it mean that much to you to sell your book in an attempt to make a name for yourself?

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  10. Fantastic Great work Bill Carson. I thought Pyramids were built 25-12000 years ago but 36000 years? man Wow….!. The Bosnian Pyramids at Visoko valley Eastern Europe are 35000 years old according to Sam Osmonogich who discovered them and Dwarka of Lord Krishna was discovered by Indian Navy and Archaeological survey of India in 2011 gulf of Khambat Gujarat. It dates back to 32000 BC. Aliens were here on our planet knowledge and technology destroyed in cataclysm and nuclear war a combination of both. Respects from India.

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    with certainty we created man from clay and from the blackest altered of mud.

    Abu Musa reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

    إِنَّ اللَّهَ تَعَالَى خَلَقَ آدَمَ مِنْ قَبْضَةٍ قَبَضَهَا مِنْ جَمِيعِ الْأَرْضِ فَجَاءَ بَنُو آدَمَ عَلَى قَدْرِ الْأَرْضِ فَجَاءَ مِنْهُمْ الْأَحْمَرُ وَالْأَبْيَضُ وَالْأَسْوَدُ وَبَيْنَ ذَلِكَ وَالسَّهْلُ وَالْحَزْنُ وَالْخَبِيثُ وَالطَّيِّبُ

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    like those before you; they were stronger than you in power and more abundant in wealth and children. They enjoyed their portion [of worldly enjoyment], and you have enjoyed your portion as those before you enjoyed their portion, and you have engaged [in vanities] like that in which they engaged. [It is] those whose deeds have become worthless in this world and in the Hereafter, and it is they who are the losers.

  15. evil inclinations are preventing advancement it is blocked, because of what they did before they ruin the earth so they had to be washed away and they could no longer use their powers nor did they exist any more just evidence of what was on the higher ground the lower levels are underwater evidence of the technology could see what they were capable of creating to some extent (just my thoughts on the matter )it was simple and less complicated

  16. What I like about this guy is he mixes sci-fi with theoretical physics adds some ancient history and puts a nice spin on it to weave a story. What he does do is open the door for alternative ideas to flow. The ancient books could be as simple as our ancestors writing down their hallucinations and stoner stories some years later they become factual eye witness accounts.

  17. Going by my experience studying limestone, especially water and wind, I would place it as pre-Ice age. This weathering reminds me of the screeding of the mesas in the U.S. south west, which has happened over millions of years. I am only estimating. Don't hold me to it, but I would place the Sphinx at 250 million years ago. After, all the Hindus place people on this planet beginning 2 billion years ago. We have had many advanced civilizations come and go. I actually have a piece of white limestone in my back yard (that was once a part of some millionaire's house) that is radioactive, and all of the snow melted off of it immediately after the last snow storm. Go figure.

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    1. The Pyramid of Cheops – The True Purpose and Destination
    The time and the geographical landscape for the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops were selected by the extraterrestrials.
    l. The Pyramid of Cheops was built before the Noah's cataclysm (biblical great flood) by the extraterrestrials who, in the geometric form of the pyramid, they were notifying the extraterrestrial civilizations a deadly risk awaiting them when they descend on Earth because Earth will recognize them as non-own children and she will destroy them.
    Patriarch Enoch (ancestor of Noah), who lived through the flood of Noah and his events, reports that the extraterrestrials discovered a technology that made them go unnoticed by Mother Earth because they had their bodies covered by flames that did not cause harm and came out of their mouths and from their eyes and this proves that they were wearing a special space suit. And when they were living indoors, the house was made of crystal, from which flames jumped from all sides.
    The Earth's waters consist of five pyramid-based square-shaped molecules. We find this in the geometric shape of the pyramid. It is square and represents the four molecules of water, and the fifth pyramid molecule is the top of the pyramid, so our planet's water consists of five pyramid-shaped square-shaped molecules.
    In the stellar space, a different astral landscape sees and bombs every solar system, and it also identifies a different molecular arrangement that space travelers need to know to avoid their destruction, which is why the extraterrestrial civilizations probably build on every planet containing water a stone geometric structure that brings to the knowledge of the extraterrestrials the arrangement and composition of the waters of the planet.
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  30. This guy doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Just on false claim and half truth after another. I’m no expert on the Ancient Egyptians, but even I know most of what this guy is pushing in WRONG! Here’s just a few facts that I KNOW that Billy Carson doesn’t!

    1. The great Sphinx is actually 800,000 years old.

    2. If you really want to understand the Emerald Tablets, read Isaac Newton’s translation.

    3. When talking about Mars, he NEVER mentions THE most famous structure on the planet.

    4. As for the pyramids, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that they were used as grain silos (thanks Ben Carson!).

    This guy is wrong, no doubt, and just sounds like he’s trying his darnedest to be the next L. Ron Hubbard. If you enjoy the junk he’s peddling in the same way trekkies loved Deep Space Nine, then carry on. But, come on, how can anyone believe any of this carries any shred of truth.

  31. I always knew that ancient civilizations were advanced and could probably provide the answers most of us seek. And now I believe the government and this deep state is definitely trying to hide this info to prevent the people from tapping into a higher consciousness and learning the truth. Thank you!

  32. Billy Carson is an encyclopedia of knowledge of ancient civilization. The conventional historic books are not even near of this guy info.

  33. One thing i always wondered about is why these high civilisations always seems to need the resources of Earth. If they already have the technology to transmute matter from frequencies, why?… I think there are other stuff they are harvesting….stuff they can't tell us about, because if we know,, we would figure out how to beat them….the most logic resource to harvest from Earth is human consciusness or as it calls elsewhere, Loosh, Chi, Prana, lifeforce etc…..mayby the announaki is just interdimensional vampires sucking the big Jesus out of us? 👽

  34. What it means is that if Billy is right, both the Egyptian AND Bosnian pyramids are roughly the same age…because the Macedonian pyramids are KNOWN to be exactly 36,000 years old (based on fossilized leaves found between layers of the pyramid’s outer layers). VERY EXCITING!!

  35. WHERE are these Emerald Tablets though? I keep reading about these on conspiracy websites, but without any legitimate source.

  36. I believe Mars was the way Earth is today. Yep coffee on Mars, restaurants and many more… Earth other name was Tiabot i think that’s how it’s spelled.

  37. This guy is using the written books of scholars such as Zechariah Sitchin and a few others
    On behalf on himself to take credit for their hard Reseach regarding the Earth’s colonization
    By the Aliens , these facts has been already Reseached by Sitchin and others , check Sitchin’s
    Books The Earth Chronicle total of seven books and he has written many other related books
    To aliens or Annunaki ( those coming from Heaven to Earth ) ….

  38. Sorry i did enough research to say that all religon is based off of one great religon that worshipped the celestial bodies as god and that great religon was propagated by a worldwide civilization that all of a sudden broke apart. Mudflood, tartaria, and to continue we were not created by aliens to mine gold…thats like us being able to travel across galactic/intergalactic space and not have robots to do the heavy lifting…..they didnt hide it, watch the video "alternate human history" itll be animated but its sacred geometry which is heavily tied into how the universe works as well as sun worship and religon. The books of faith are all from the same source

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  40. I believe in some of this stuff…but when it comes to mars "pahhhhh" what a crock of shite….
    The pictures of mars that where taken from the mars rover have been proven beyond a doubt to be a hillside from a place in Ireland UK…

    We now know for a fact we never went the moon and " oh yeah" that's right they destroyed all the evidence and technology in man's greatest achievement of putting a man on the moon and we've proved they cannot get past low earth orbit due to the van Allen radiation belt without exposures to the astronots LMFAO "but hey wait " we are going to mars lol….
    NASA actually means to greatly deceive in Hebrew and I am afraid all of you trekkies out there but we "CANNOT" I repeat "CANNOT " GET into space as they tell you they can…
    So to all you people out there that believes in this sort of thing….I have to tell you they are lying to you….
    Even Billy Carson is a giant if a man which suggests to me that he may well possibly be of nephilim bloodline….
    I can tell you now that somethings are happening on our plain of existence and it's not little aliens but more like little demons passing themselves off as extra terrestrial but are in fact extra dimensional fallen angels..

    Billy Carson even admitted himself that we can now manipulate matter straight out of the Eather and make it turn into material objects…

    Do not be deceived my brothers and sisters because this is not going to be what you think it is and if anything they are getting us ready for a false flag alien invasion or contact….
    It's not what you think…
    Only Jesus Christ is the way and the light and has been for 2000 years and has stood the test of time….
    Like people care saying on this thread….these people have only just recently popped up onto the scene….that's because Satan is fooling you into believing all of this stuff and manipulation of matter….

    I myself have seen things with my own eyes that is not possible and that is because our world is stranger than fiction….

    Jesus Christ the living God is the truth the light and the only way…
    Don't be fooled by this trickery that's only been on the go in the last decade people….
    Trust in Jesus Christ

    God bless you all

  41. Thanks EoW and Billy!

    There is overwhelming evidence we've been lied to and deceived for millennia on a grand scale about almost everything by a group of elites, 13 families, council of 300 et al.

    A huge tapestry of deceit, greed & secrecy to control and keep the true nature of humanity from ourselves and keep us enslaved to debt, cause constant wars, confusion and tension for them to get more wealth, control and power over us.

    From the Annunaki, Adamu, even our redacted and currupt bible, nibiru, monoatomic gold, religion, wars, Lincoln, Jackson, Garfield, JFK,  the federal reserve, USS Liberty,  giant skeletons, abduction/disappearances, pedophilia, PNAC, COFR, Tri Lat Comm to 911 and now the war on "terror." We ARE the terrorists.

    We support our troops by bringing them home now. 

    Wake up! Folks let's krush da kabal!

  42. hi billy i have read the emerald tablets at least 20 times and the Audio books and the narration and description before the story starts the narrator says the last 2 tablets Have not been published do to the Contents of what is in them. is there a Complete Book or Audio Book that has the Whole Translation of the Emerald tablets ??? or on all the books and Audio books are the same the Last 2 Tablets are not included ?

  43. Thanks for your videos love them and important time to share.Pyramids were built by the Atlanteans who escaped from the fall of Atlantis,Egyptians are descendants of Atlantis. They travelled to Egypt through the sea and built these structures using sound frequencies,power of the mind to carve and move those stones and structures,they were helped by extraterrestrials of course.Pyramids were never originally built as tombs at all,the pyramids are for harnessing energies and connecting with other planets and spacecraft landing.Later on the pyramids became tombs because the newer civilization just got more dumber and superstitious,they didn't understand or knew the main purpose of the pyramids and the hidden crystal energies just dies off.

  44. I think this was my favorite interview from the conference. So informative, great interview! Would love to hear more from him.

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