Ancient Egyptian carved in Hoysaleswara Temple, India – Were Civilizations Connected?

Hey guys, this is the Hoysaleswara temple
and here we can see a very strange carving: an ancient Egyptian. You can see that the clothes he is wearing
and the tools he is holding are completely different from all other carvings in this
temple. In fact, many historians agree that this is
an Egyptian figure but have no idea how it has been carved in India, which is in a totally
different continent. Mainstream archeologists say this temple was
built about 900 years ago, although locals say it has been in place for many thousand
years. If we compare this carving, with carvings
of other Indian humans and gods in this temple, it has many distinct features. All Indian figures are shown with no clothes
on the upper body, but wearing plenty of ornaments. This figure is the complete opposite, it is
shown wearing a long coat but almost no ornaments. Most Indian figures are shown wearing footwear,
but this figure is barefoot, just like the ancient Egyptians shown in paintings and carvings. Now, if you look at this Egyptian figure,
you can see that beneath the long coat, he is wearing a loincloth, and this is exactly
what this carving also shows: A simple loincloth underneath the long coat. Now, if we take a closer look at this figure,
we can see that he is wearing a headdress that reaches the shoulders. We know that this is a headdress because we
can see his real hair underneath the headdress. And this headdress also looks remarkably similar
to the ancient Egyptians, while all Indian figures in the same temple show completely
different hairdos. All history books tell us that ancient India
was not connected to ancient Egypt, yet we see this Egyptian figure in this temple. How is that possible? Remember, experts are telling us that ancient
India was isolated, it was not connected to other countries. Yet, in another video, I have shown you a
European carved in the ancient Brihadeeswara temple. All historians repeatedly tell us that India
was not connected to Africa, yet I have shown you the carving of a Giraffe in Konark Sun
Temple, and Giraffes are only found in Southern Africa. With all these evidences, is it possible that
ancient civilizations around the world were connected, just like how we are all connected
today? Were they using advanced technology like telescopes
and even communication devices? How else can we explain this Egyptian, along
with the other carvings found in ancient Indian temples? But the most important question is, why did
Egyptians come to India? What was the purpose of their visit? So, I began scanning this temple to see if
there were any more of this Egyptian carved amongst thousands of other sculptures. There are two smaller carvings which show
the same person. Here he is shown watching Indian musicians
and dancers, suggesting that he was a visitor from a royal family, and therefore, was being
entertained. But there is another sculpture which shows
something remarkable: On the left, there is an Indian man who has
a child on his lap. What is strange is that he is using a dumbbell
like device on this child, and the Egyptian who is standing nearby is observing this procedure. You can see that the dumbbell like device
is placed on the left side of the child’s chest, exactly on top of the heart. In modern medical technology, in the last
few years, we have developed something called a cardiopump, to give CPR when someone has
a cardiac arrest. It must be placed on top of the heart, and
it will revive the patient. Are we looking at the exact same technology,
carved in ancient times? Ancient Indian texts mention that other civilizations
came to India to learn advanced technology, specifically the field of medicine. Massive Universities like Nalanda existed
in ancient times and the ruins of these structures still exist today to confirm this. A text called Sushruta Samhita, written at
least 2700 years ago talks about advanced surgical operations, and mentions a vast variety
of surgical instruments. Carvings of identical surgical instruments
are found in ancient Egypt. Carvings in Egypt clearly show this and archeologists
have even found remains of these metal surgical tools, proving that surgery was done in ancient
Egypt, just like India. So, what do you think? Was India and Egypt connected in ancient times? Did we have a sophisticated civilization with
advanced technology, thousands of years ago? Was the world connected back then, just like
today? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching,
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