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  1. I don't think the wheel was "discovered" Sal. And don't forget Iraq's former fertile lands are now a nuclear wasteland – courtesy of the Bush administration, who carpet bombed it with depleted uranium.

  2. Strictly speaking the akkadians and sumerians were more or less one civilization. When they were first (re)discovered in the 19th century the only model of linguistic/civilizational change scholars could think of was conquest. Later on the models became more refined and scholars took note of the fact that ancient mesopotamians didn't really make an ethnic distinction that would correspond to "akkadians" and "sumerians" and they weren't at all shy about noting ethnic differences as with the later semitic newcomers, the amorites.

    It's now thought that both akkadian and sumerian were widely used from the earliest days of mesopotamian civilization with akkadian being predominant in the north and sumerian in the south with an unknown percentage of people being bilingual. Later, towards the end of the third/beginning of the second millenium BC sumerian faded from everyday use and became strictly a language of religion/scholarship.

  3. Don't they believe that Adam and Eve and the garden of eden was below mesopotamia where the great flood happened? It created the persian gulf?

  4. You mean it inspired or otherwise matches the biblcal law it predates? Or do I have the timeline wrong?

  5. Why do you keep saying Semitic, when there's no such thing?
    Semite is not mentioned in Torah, The Gospel or The Quran.
    It's Shem, Shemitic-which modern day Israeli's are not.
    Shoot Ishmael was Shemitic and so were the Moabites and Ammonites (Chinese/Japanese-Asians)
    The fact that you keep saying that distracts from all the other great information brought forth.
    These were Afrikhan/Moor/BLACK/Afro Asiatic civilizations, peoples and history you're discussing, you know.
    It's 2017, the white washing is a bit comical at this point.
    Other than that, I love the video.

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  7. But what about the cradle of the American Civilizations, Iraq and Mesopotamia may be the cradel for Europe. What was the first Civilization of the Americas?

  8. The first writing, in terms of representing linguistic content is generally considered to be Sumerian between 3500-3100bce, depending on chronology. It not just labels or signs for things or concepts, but represents actual speech (for example, representing verbs with their appropriate morphemes), unlike early Egypt where it only seems to be labels rather than words. Further we have a long history of the development of writing in the area, where it emerged from a token system.

  9. How can you say earliest wheel discovered was in sumeria. Wheels must be there in I Indus velley also. That also is 5000years old. And pottery is not possible without wheels

  10. What about the Danube script from Serbia proving that the oldest writing system was not cuneiform.
    Or the Cucuteni clay bull centuries older than the Slovenian "oldest" wheel.

  11. I'm curious what you guys from Khan Academy think of the TartariaTablets. They were radiocarbon-dated as being around 7500 yo (5500 BC, making them much older than the writing of the sumerians and thus the oldest writing in the world). They are believed to belong to the Vinča-Turdaș culture, which was originally thought to have originated around 2700 BC by Serbian and Romanian archaeologists but this discovery pushed the civilisation much further into the past. They remain quite controversial however, and some say they cannot be taken into consideration even though they are dated correctly because there are doubts that the signs can convey an independent meaning by themselves and replace oral communication. I would really appreciate your opinion on this subject. To other youtubers: Please stay objective and non biased! Thanks.

  12. The author of the video illiterate and makes many mistakes!!!
    You can't say "Sumerian empire, Akkadian empire, Babylonian empire." They were all kings, not empire! The first empire in the world, it's Assyrian!

  13. first civilization ever, plus the Arabs invented math too.. and they have the most beautiful writing and beautiful sounding language.. anyway it is an amazing fact that we were able to trace back the steps of the humanity to the beginnings.

  14. it amazes me to read all the comments 'correcting' what the video has to say. How many of you are accredited researchers?

  15. If interested..All civilization came from The Armenians Highlands. What do other historians say…according to Anthropologist Mitchell S. Rothman regarding the extent  of discoveries and specially on the quality of horse bones proved, According to him, that it was from the Shangavit Armenian 6000 years ago that the culture of that area spread around to the ancient world…Professor Jensen also says.  ‘For almost everything that is known in the Hittite language is Old Armenian in form..Historian Sayce (1845-1933) also consider Hittite and Armenian to be one and the same’.  and Rothman, quoted earlier, said…''All that was known in Mesopotamia came from Armenia and that Armenia is the absent fragment in the entire mosaic of the ancient world's civilization's construction.H.V. Hilprecht(1859-1925) a Clark research professor of Assyriology and scientific director Babylonian expedition at the University of Penn. argue that the Hittite tongue is Armenian and the Hittites themselves were of Armenian stock…according to Ellis (1861)  through language analysis we observe that under the names of Phrygians, Thracians, Pelasgians and Etruscans spread westward from Armenia to Italy and Elis claimed that the closest affinities of the Aryan element are the Armenians ..other historians that agree are..Hellenthal, Busgy, Brand, Wilson, Myers and Falush…let me quote Merrick (2012) All religions are descended from and ancient Vedic cosmology described in the Rib – Veda, originating in Armenia near Mt. Ararat at least 6800 ys ago and the basic concepts of a transcendental mountain extending into space and populated planet Star-gods were developed…he further says…This Astrotheology then migrated with Armenian Aryans to found the Sumerian Ethiopian/Egyptian and Indian civilizations and religions…from Language as  a fingerprint Setyan…

  16. The first agriculture was in Nanchoc, Peru and Caral – Supe civilization is as old as Mesopotamia and Egypt.

  17. The images of Sumeria seem to show a Caucasian type of racial features. Is there any clear evidence of a mixture of the sons of Noah in the area?

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