And the “Winner” is…  – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 6

And the “Winner” is… – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 6

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So, most of you voted to attack Norway first and that was also my first choice – and there are a few reasons One of them is that I have a hostile city literally five tiles away from my capital but also, once I go to war with one of them, I have to assume there’s a real possibility the other one will also declare war on me – and if I go to war with Norway and then Russia declares war on me while most of my army is away attacking Norway it won’t really be a big deal, because with this encampment, I can defend all day every day all it would take is like 1 or 2 ranged units one good ranged unit inside the encampment can defend this all day Meanwhile, if I attack Russia, and then Norway declares war on me while most of my army is down here then he would be able to attack Rome directly, and there would even be a decent chance he might succeed so obviously I’m not going to let that happen – and I want to eliminate this city I do not like having a hostile city this close to my capital. So that’s what we’ll be doing We’ll be going after Norway I am going to wait for the catapult because I have to move my troops anyway So we might as well just wait for the catapult And let’s just go – and I think I’ll just get a separate… low-level ranged unit to guard the encampment because my existing crossbowmen are quite high level, and I would like to get more experience for them also, since I can upgrade warrior to a legion, I’ll be keeping the warrior here the settler doesn’t really need an escort and I’m friendly with Japan, so I highly doubt anything will happen there but even if Japan declared war on me, they would basically sign her death warrant I highly doubt they will do that Anyway, the builder… I actually need to improve the bananas. Let’s maybe start from that and we can grab the niter, that gives us rifling boost and in case you’re wondering why I’m building city walls in here – in a city that seems to be safe in theory That’s because it can definitely be possible for an AI to take over a city state while I’m at war with that AI it happened before and furthermore, it’s a coastal city so Norway could send a few ships to attack it. as unlikely as that is – but the more likely scenario is that the AI takes over Auckland while I’m at war, and then Aakland attacks me and it doesn’t really take a lot of production to build city walls, so it’s not really a big deal What do you want? No, not interested. The only city that truly doesn’t need city walls is this one This one definitely doesn’t need city walls Anyway, we finished entertainment complex, but the arena will have to wait a bit. I would like to get another builder We got sixteen turns of serfdom. I’ll probably switch serfdom to something else Once medieval faires research is done so it would be nice to get as many builders with 5 builds out as possible So, let’s grab the plantation and upgrade that warrior that will cost us 75 gold. Yes, that’s fine and also, we got another governor title I think I am going to grab a 4th governor, actually. I might grab Liang I could even move Liang here before the Builder is done. I definitely don’t need Victor in that city Sure, let’s grab Liang Liang is going to be useful one way or the other So that will take 5 turns and the builder will be done in 6 – good timing. And then we can move Victor elsewhere I think I might move Victor to a city I’m about to start right here I have no idea what Japan is doing. If they actually attack Geneva I will probably declare war on them because I would like to keep Geneva, but we’ll see. They are quite weak in terms of tech count and next up, we’ll get military tactics, because I have at least 2 spearmen it would be nice to upgrade them to a slightly more useful unit. A spearmen is not exactly useful at this point in time I got 3 spearmen actually, so yeah Oh yeah, one more crossbowman, but I need more gold for that I need a lot more gold pretty much constantly, but that’s fine we’ll get a lot more gold once medieval faires research is done… and I got one build left So let’s maybe grab the stone, because that’s production and I can work it in either city. Yeah, it’s in range of both of the cities. I’ll work it in Antium actually Let’s take a look Here – let’s work it in Antium, it could use the production Certainly Alright then So 3 turns to finish military tactics I might not be able to afford the upgrades, because I need 125 for the archer Let’s wait for the crossbowman and then we can declare war The catapult will be done roughly around the the same time, and the legions will be in the front Norway will probably get suspicious, but whatever. I can just tell him I’m passing through I’m going to war anyway, so it’s not like I really care about his opinion of me Not really. I don’t He’s not going to like me one way or the other Alright, so let’s get this city started Probably right here What do we actually have in range… we have fish We have cattle another cattle, bananas another fish… I don’t think this tile will be better For any reason… no, not really but I need that horseman to move out of the way Let’s just disembark first. I will definitely be starting a city over there It might not be amazing, but it’ll be useful to have a city on the same landmass Japan is on and also, it would allow me to protect Geneva a little bit more efficiently IF he actually goes after Geneva. It wouldn’t be a very smart move on his part, but… I have no idea what he’s actually doing with all the catapults and my scout is stuck. Yeah, I need Norway to move the heck out of the way, come on My Scout is actually literally stuck. Yeah, I’m actually just passing by Well, not really, but he’s about to find out. I don’t think I can use a CB No, well, I have to actually denounce him first. So let’s maybe do that, and then I’ll have to wait a few turns Well, I mean, that’s fine I suppose 2 turns to finish the catapult Right, 4 more builds on this guy We want a mine and we want a plantation, and then we can maybe get a quarry for Mediolanum Sounds reasonable So, one more turn, then we can upgrade we’re making 19 gold per turn, which is not amazing, but it’s not terrible Could have been worse He’s probably going to build up some defenses, but our army should be strong enough Especially with all the promotions I have. I’m actually pretty damn close to getting whatever that promotion is called on ranged units – two attacks per turn We are like 30 experience away on one of the crossbowmen and that’s going to be a huge help This city should fall pretty quickly I might actually get one more catapult after the first one just in case I’ll need it. What’s going on here? New districts built by this player act as culture bombs. Yeah, let’s just use 10 diplomatic favor for that, because there’s a very good chance I’ll be able to get it. And trade policy I can vote for Japan or something I can try to give myself +1 trade route capacity but it would be better to get plus +4 gold per trade route. We will be getting a merchant republic very soon The trade policy probably… yeah, won’t pass anyway as in, the target is Norway, which is not very helpful, but we got the culture bomb thing for 10 diplomatic favor It’s not that useful, but it can be useful. I claimed a few tiles using it So, Mediolanum – I’m thinking we should probably build a campus by now Yep, let’s grab a campus. That’s a very nice location for it Alright, then. Let’s get the heck out of here I don’t want to lose the scout if I don’t have to – and we might want to send galley back into our territory yep a galley is not very useful at this point, but I can upgrade it later Oh, the only problem I might have is if Norway decides to attack my new city right here But I still want that city I certainly do, yeah Okay sure. We should probably just get city walls first Yup, and then we can move Victor there. So let’s do exactly that Okay, sounds good to me Well, this should be a very interesting war. I can try to get Russia to declare war on him but that won’t really achieve much Still, I can try Let’s take a look Even if he accepts, oh yeah, right I can’t do it just yet because we’re not at war to begin with – but even if Russia accepts, it’s highly unlikely they will actually do anything This city state is a problem, because they have to go through the city state, or they have to embark and then disembark and AI is just not very good at doing that to say the least which is why I don’t think getting Russia to declare war will achieve anything and Norway doesn’t really have any other neighbors There’s Japan, but Japan is a few techs behind Norway, and it’s quite weak in general so I don’t think Japan would be able to do much Alright, there’s the crossbowman, so we can pretty much declare war once we are able to Yep. I just need to wait two or three more turns, something like that And next up, we should probably get apprenticeship by now – because I kind of need that Maybe we should just build walls in Rome. It’s only 4 turns. Let’s just build walls Four turns is really not a big deal and while the walls probably won’t be useful at any point, I’d rather have them than not have them If you have to build walls, once it actually becomes obvious that you need them, it’s usually a little bit too late and unlike in Civ 5, you can’t just buy walls in Civ 6, so I’d rather have them done in advance Can we declare war yet? I think I need to wait. Yeah, 2 more turns That’s fine. Let’s wait 2 more turns. How much to upgrade a spearmen? 120 Gold Probably won’t be able to do that just yet Unless we can get some gold from Japan. Not really I could get some tea. Would he buy, like, horses or something? No, not really I can sell some iron but I kind of need iron for legions Yeah, he will not give tea No Well, alright then, he won’t give me much of anything to be honest At least 50 gold or so? No? 40 gold? Yeah, fine. I might accept that it’s not amazing, but I don’t really need horses and I’ll hit the cap pretty soon. 49 gold, that’s actually acceptable. I’m okay with that deal Here – we can actually get a pikeman on the turn we declare war on Yup, sounds good to me As for this city, now we could grab the armory which is definitely not a bad idea, or we could just get another campus right here It’s a hill and I do not like building districts on hills very often but it’s not like I have any alternative I could also grab a builder, because I actually need quite a few improvements in the area – and we still have serfdom So let’s get the builder. There are so many unimproved tiles near this city Yep Alright, then. Let’s move a bit closer still Here, looking good Technically I could have Victor in Rome, to get bit of a bonus, but it wouldn’t be much of a bonus I’d rather have him here in case we actually get attacked in there Mind, Victor just on his own will not be able to do much, but I’m hoping to have some defenses There’s another legion, and let’s just move away with the scout because we are about to be at war with Norway You want my iron? Sorry, buddy. I have different plans for that, as you are about to find out One more turn, right? Yep, one more turn I like how Temple of Artemis is still available I’m almost tempted to just build it, but I would need one of these tiles and I’m not getting them just yet If it’s still available when I get these tiles, I’m actually going to build it How about we get a theater square? Because that’s something I could actually use. I could chop the forest and then get a theater square here Technically, it would be a little bit better to get it like… here Assuming I’ll build a wonder because if I actually end up building Temple of Artemis, then the theater square could get an adjacency bonus from that and then I could still get a district like, here and here for example What else can we build? I can just build the arena, which is not a terrible idea Okay, let’s grab the arena I’ll need that sooner or later anyway, and then Yeah, my border still isn’t expanding. I’m tempted to buy this tile and then build a district there But I’m not willing to spend 100 gold when I still need to upgrade some spearmen 10 turns for a builder well, assuming I’ll switch serfdom to something else once medieval faires research is done this wouldn’t be very optimal at the moment It will be best to build some district in here right now But Alright. I’m just going to grab a builder here Even if I end up switching serfdom to something else. Unless I can get more production, which I cannot But I still need more builders one way or the other – serfdom or no serfdom Alright, you can chill inside the city over here Okay then, well, this should be interesting We can declare war on the next turn and let’s see how quickly this city is going to fall It should fall pretty quickly but I guess we’ll see I do have the battering ram, so I can use that combined with the legion They might take a little bit too much damage if I attack a city with 59… or rather 49 garrison strength but I guess we’ll see as for Rome, what’s this wonder again? I don’t think I want that theater square in Rome? Not really, no Let’s just get another unit or so, can’t go wrong with that to be honest Let’s grab another catapult. I mean, I only have one catapult at the moment And let’s declare war Yup, I can’t use any CB’s unfortunately But that’s fine 100 grievances is not a big deal I could ask to declare a joint war with someone else – let’s maybe ask Japan, why the heck not He would not actually do it, okay fine. And what about Russia? It’s unlikely, but we can ask He would do it, but he’s asking for way too much. So let’s just declare war Done and I can still ask Japan to join in Because sometimes they change their mind once you are actually at war but no, he will not do it. Alright fine. I can handle it myself So let’s get started. Shall we? This will be fun First, move in with the catapult. He does have an encampment over there Yes, so actually hold… on we might want to stay out of range of that Yep best if we attack from the south I will definitely need the catapult though, as you can see, I’m not doing a whole lot of damage otherwise But that’s why it’s there Anyway, I was going to continue this episode here, but it ended up being way… way, way too long – so that’s going to be the end of it. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it Leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t – and subscribe for more videos just like this one I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

20 thoughts on “And the “Winner” is… – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 6

  1. Is there a reason you couldn’t stage your troops inside the Norwegian territory? You had open borders with them up until you declared war, didn’t you?

  2. "Way to LONG?" This episode was only 19 minutes…
    Marbozir I hate to complain but your episodes have been well under 30 minutes a LOT.
    Can we please get at least 45 minute episodes….

  3. 20 minutes episodes are far too short for me. I mean, I get it that shorter videos will get more views and I'm guilty of sleeping while rolling a playlist of your series, but long games like Civ kinda demand longer videos, otherwise not much happens each episode.

    Imagine it later we have 3 turns happening in an episode. Sweet.. wait till tomorrow for 3 more turns, yey!

  4. Shorter episodes are great, and quite easier to edit, too. Now you need to capitalize on them to make more videos or do something else with that saved time (even if it's not YouTube related… 'cause people do have a life outside the internet after all, so…). Call in some people, make joint videos, expand your viewer base. You could even try uploading some content in Polish from time to time. Please, do provide subtitles, though. 😛

  5. Why aren't you willing to sell your diplomatic favour when you need the gold? Are you saving it for something, or did you just not see it? Or do you think selling it is cheesing the game?

  6. 7:10 actually i think if you betray your word it will harm your relationship with every civ because they will trust you less (i dont know if it is patched though)

  7. Marbs, at 14:18 there is a blink-and-you-miss-it moment where Harald tells you: "One way or another, you will give me what I want."
    Oh, dear Mr. Hardrada, you have no idea how true your words are. Legions have collected your iron, and will be delivering it to you shortly.

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