19 thoughts on “Android Developer Story: Culture Alley reaches millions of English learners on Google Play

  1. WHICH "Indian English Accent"? Surely a native Telugu speaker speaks English with a different accent than a native Hindi speaker.

  2. worthless for Learn android devoloper .
    Everyone was suspended,who never seen opportunity. Can't get new account. waste of time.

  3. really it's a very useful app for me… I'm learning from this from past 4 months and I learnt a lot of things …. now my English is little good than before … I thank to all the people of hello English team members for making an app like this for us … thank you so much guys

  4. ✋بو زيده كرنا💯 #مشتركين يوتيوبئ تنئ دئ ڤئ #لينكئ دا زيده كه ى ١٠٠٪ جه ربينه ژى فه رمو👇👇☺👇

  5. https://sukien2.lienquan.garena.vn/index.html?sShareCode=kZwy55xpkt17TZ73&shareUser=%C3%B3i%20c%C3%B4%20%C4%91%E1%BB%99c&shareHero=5

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