Animal Welfare begins cracking down on dogs left in hot cars

Animal Welfare begins cracking down on dogs left in hot cars

DAYS OF SUMMER AREN’T EVEN HERE YET … BUT ANIMAL WELFARE IS ALREADY REPONDING TO CALLS ABOUT PEOPLE LEAVING THEIR DOGS IN HOT CARS. NEWS 13’S FERNANDA LOPEZ IS LIVE IN THE ZOO PARKING LOT WHERE A DOG WAS JUST RESCUED THIS WEEKEND — FERNANDA KIM — ANIMAL WELFARE SAYS IT’S GETTING MORE THAN A DOZEN CALLS A DAY ABOUT THIS. ONE OF THEM HERE ON SUNDAY. AND STARTING NOW — NO MORE WARNINGS. PANT AND PARK Cpl. Katherine Waite, Animal Welfare 5;14 in the mornings we probably get about three calls in the afternoon they can get about 10 calls of animals left in hot vehicles 5;20 WHILE THE TEMPERATURES OUTSIDE HAVE BEEN PRETTY MILD… 7;03 i would say starting at about 65 70 degrees is when we start getting the calls for dogs locked in the vehicle 7;09 ANIMAL WELFARE SAYS INSIDE A PARKED CAR THE TEMPERATURES CAN QUICKLY BECOME DANGEROUS. ESPECIALLY FOR DOGS. 10;02 it can go up within 20 degrees in just a matter of seconds 10;06 OFFICERS ARE ALREADY RUSHING TO THESE PRIORITY CALLS. NATS CHIHUAHUA BARKING ON SUNDAY AN ANIMAL WELFARE OFFICER CAPTURED HIS RESPONSE TO THIS SMITHS ON COORS AND CENTRAL… SHOW NATS AND VIDEO 5;34 the temperature read inside 117 degrees two dogs were locked in the vehicle 5;37 NATS CHIHUAHUAS BARKING 5;37 they were panting and in distress 5;39 that officer was able to retrieve those animals 5;42 ANIMAL WELFARE SAYS A LOT OF THE CALLS COME IN FROM SHOPPING CENTERS, MOVIES THEATER PARKING LOTS AND EVEN THE ZOO. LIKE THIS CALL. NATS DOG BARKING IN BOTH THESE CASES… THE OWNERS WERE CITED. 7;57 if you’re getting up to 10 calls a day just right now and it’s spring time those officers are giving out citations they’re not going out and just giving an education 8;04 AND AS IT GETS WARMER — THE LIKELIHOOD OF PEOPLE FACING MORE SERIOUS CHARGES INCREASES. 5;58 if the animal is actually in distress or dies in the vehicle you’re loking at possibly a fourth degree felony for extreme cruelty to an animal 6;05 A CITATION FROM ANIMAL WELFARE FOR LEAVING A DOG IN A HOT CAR IS A PETTY MISDEMEANOR AND CAN COST UP TO 500 HUNDRED DOLLARS … OR UP TO 90 DAYS IN JAIL. BACK TO YOU. OKAY FERNANDA. ANIMAL WELFARE SAYS IF YOU SEE A DOG LOCKED IN A HOT CAR EVEN WITH TEMPERATURES IN THE 70’S …. YOU SHOULD CALL 3-1-1 OR 9-1-1. TWO MEN AND A TEEN GIRL

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  1. That's not cool to leave your pets in an oven. It's also not cool for stores to say they won't let them in.

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