Animal Welfare gives behind-the-scenes look at homeless pet care

Animal Welfare gives behind-the-scenes look at homeless pet care

AT THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE )S ANIMAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT — JUST BECAUSE A PET IS HOMELESS, DOESN )T MEAN IT GETS ANY (LESS CARE THAN ANOTHER ANIMAL. NEWS 13 )S STEPHANIE CHAVEZ SHOWS US HOW THEY TREAT THOSE PETS — AND GIVE THEM THE LIFE THEY DESERVE. THIS IS LINUS… 8;23 Dr.Vigil he was born with bones that weren )t very strong. 8;26. HE )S WEARING TWO CASTS AND A CONE AS HE RECOVERS FROM TWO BROKEN LEGS… 8;27 Dr. Vigil when he jumped down from a couch he broke one leg, and as that one was being repaired he jumped down from another bed and broke the other leg. 8;35 DR. VIGIL — A VETERINARIAN FOR ALBUQUERQUE ANIMAL WELFARE, 53 nats barking ;57 . IS THE WOMAN RESPONSIBLE FOR MENDING LINUS. .8;36 vigil we )re dealing with bringing him back and getting those bones to heal. 8;40 FOR THIS LITTLE GUY — AND SO MANY OTHER ANIMALS AT THE SHELTER — DR. VIGIL IS A MIRACLE WORKER. .5;52 We are doing lots of surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, and big soft tissue surgeries that weren )t done before in shelters. 5;59 LAST YEAR, SHE SAYS, 1;48 meow – “i know this part is itchy” 1;50. SHE AND HER TEAM COMPLETED ABOUT 200 SPECIAL SURGERIES ON STRAY, HOMELESS ANIMALS… 7;42 We want to take the time to take care of these animals who need special care. 7;45 LIKE IKE, 1;51 meow 1;53 . THE TABBY CAT WHO WAS TAKEN IN WITH A FRACTURED FEMUR. .6;58 we actually did some pins and wires to help put his bone back together. 7;02 OR MAY – A DAUCHSHUND CHIHUAHUA MIX WHO HAD A DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA. .9;03 from trauma that dog had all of her organs pushed into her chest, and it was collapsing her lungs – so we did a surgery where we had to breathe for her through the entire surgery, remove her organs from her chest and put them back into her abdomen. 9;20 SHE SAYS THE SPECIALTY SURGERIES CAN COST TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS — DEPENDING ON THE NEEDS OF THE ANIMAL. 5;12 a lot of these animals have problems that requre multiple surgeries 5;15 . 5;20 when you start looking at surgery after surgery, and treatment after treatment, it gets really expensive. 5;25 STEPHANIE CHAVEZ KRQE NEWS 13. WHILE BASIC CARE IS TAXPAYER- FUNDED… SPECIALTY SURGERIES ARE FUNDED BY DONATIONS TO THE “ANGEL FUND.” IF YOU )RE INTRESTED IN DONATING, OR BECOMING A FOSTER PET-PARENT — HEAD TO ALWAYS ON KRQE DOT COM.

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  1. Never thought I'd see the day that newborns would be killed…why I know ABORTION is NECESSARY in cases..I'll never understand full term…I'm very happy that animals are being treated..its not their fault they have no time…anyway..VOTE RED in 2020

  2. So they have money to spare on homeless animals but can't help people who really need help with there pets what a city even though they have homes and people who take care of them

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