Animal Welfare on the lookout for pets left out in the cold

Animal Welfare on the lookout for pets left out in the cold

ALBUQUERQUE. THAT HAS PEOPLE REPORTING NEIGHBORS WHO ARE LEAVING THEIR DOGS OUTSIDE. NEWS 13 )S REBECCA ATKINS WENT ON A RIDE ALONG WITH ANIMAL WELFARE OFFICERS TODAY, TO SHOWS YOU THE PROBLEM. THIS IS ANIMAL SERVICES OFFICER ALEXANDER SAENZ. 29:42 opening door from the outside 29:43 39:14 nat of him opening the door 39:15 33:06 hopping in the car 33:08 15:41 nats of the ignition 15:42 HE SAYS EACH DAY ON THE JOB, IS DIFFERENT. 2:13 “You always have those chances of running into the odd things or really weird stuff.” 2:18 BUT THIS TIME OF YEAR… 3:27 “Most of the time without shelter, without access to food or water.” 3:29 MOST OF THE CALLS ARE RELATED TO THE COLD WEATHER. 29:23 nats of the dog barking 29:25 BY LAW — OWNERS HAVE TO MAKE SURE THEIR DOGS HAVE FOOD AND WATER … AND A SHELTER IF THEY LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE WITHOUT A DOGGIE DOOR. THAT )S WHAT PROMPTED A NEGLECT CALL TODAY ON SEMBRILLO AVE ON THE SOUTHWEST MESA. 16:04 “We )ve had a prior encounter here before so it )s the same issue with the dog house. It was recently just this month… he stated that he would start building a dog house.” 16:12 TODAY SAENZ WENT TO SEE IF ANY PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE ON THE SHELTER. 11:56 nats of dogs barking 11:58 AFTER ABOUT A 15 MINUTE VISIT… 46:11 nats opening the door 46:13 AND A BAG OF HAY LATER, SAENZ REPORTS BACK WHAT HAPPENED. 16:13 “He almost has it finished. He has the frame work built out, he just needs to put up the walls and the plywood.” 16:17 BUT HE DOESN )T MAKE CONTACT WITH DOG OWNERS AT EVERY CALL. 28:32 getting out of the car 37:43 different angle of him stepping down AT THIS STOP, THE DOGS WERE VISIBLE FROM THE STREET. 38:37-38:39 nats of the dogs barking BUT NO ONE WAS HOME. 39:45 “Hi this is Officer Saenz with the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.” 39:48 SO SAENZ MADE A PHONE CALL, TRYING TO FIND THE DOG )S OWNER. 40:20 “We just need to check compliance. Make sure the animals are being taken care of as required by the city of Albuquerque.” 40:23 IT WASN )T THE MT EASA CALL. 43:21 “So what )s wrong with the animals that they )re being neglected? Because I went over there like three weeks ago and they were perfectlly fine.” 43:27 HE ASKED THE CALLER IF HE COULD GET THE MESSAGE TO THE DOG )S OWNER. AND CHECKED TO MAKE SURE THE ANIMALS LOOKED OKAY. 24:10 “The goal is just to make sure the pets are being taken care of responsibly.” 24:12 REBECCA ATKINS, KRQE NEWS 13. OFFICERS AREN )T ALLOWED TO REMOVE THE DOGS FROM THE YARDS EXCEPT UNDER EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. SO FAR THIS MONTH, SAENZ HAS GIVEN OUT TWO CITATIONS RELATED TO THE COLD WEATHER. STUDENTS ACROSS THE

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  1. I've had friends with huskies and malamutes that would cry and whine if you brought them indoors, they'd rather sleep out in the snow! Just saying!

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