Animals Rescued From House of Horrors

Animals Rescued From House of Horrors

Oh my God! It’s just cruel beyond words It’s
unfathomable actually This is a house of horrors There’s a dog behind every door This house has literally been boarded up like a maze and every time you open a door you find two
more dogs living in filth It’s really hard to breath in here As happy as we are to be here taking these dogs out it’s definitely created an emotional toll for us It’s gonna be okay! It makes us feel great here to do this This is something that should have been done a long time ago if we had knew about it It’s a really incredible day that a lot of us will remember for a long time but especially these guys

100 thoughts on “Animals Rescued From House of Horrors

  1. Thank YOu so much
    I am crying after seeing that dog in freezer literally in fetal position who gave up on life after being locked WITH NO WAY OUT, what is wrong with ppl, MAN I HOPE KARMA DOES ITS WORST ON THAT PSYCHOPATH!!
    And for the team thank you for saving the other animals you guys are Angels
    Edit: I realise & hope that the Dogs were put n the Freezer after they were dead(Also not a good thing but many times better than killing them by freezing! – Whoever does that Hope you die in the same cruel way)

  2. No joke but when she opened the fridge I literally got butterflies in my tummy 😭 hopefully the dog is in a much better place where it can run freely and not have to look at us cruel human beings again 😳🖕🏻😔

  3. Geez, what the hell is wrong with people? Just get the dogs out and put a match to the house and burn it down.

  4. Seeing that little puppy in the fridge made me realize something. This is what I want to do when I’m old enough. I want to rescue as many animals as I can no matter how I have to do it. If it meant saving my own dog I would trudge through the filthiest conditions any human could ever fathom. Anybody else with me?

  5. There are some bloody ugly people in the USA. I sign more petitions from this country than anywhere else. These people need to be locked in a cage and forgotten. Thank you angels of the USA. The scum need to be named and shamed, castrated/spayed and locked up.

  6. They put a Border Collie in a cage!!!! This must hv drove him/her mad. Any dog should be free to run and play.

  7. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

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  8. People should stop abusing!! God made all of us to have a happy and fulfil life😧😧😧 But maybe some humans were made to abuse… Thank you every single one of you that saved at least 1 animal❤❤ May God Bless You!!❤❤

  9. I couldnt bare it. I feel so so bad for those little puppies. They didnt deserve it. They didnt even had a chance to live.

  10. You can't even call these people animals because animals don't do this to each other. Breaks my heart not just for the cruelty but the fact that some evil bastard got away with it.

  11. Incredible how a human being who should know better creates a house of torture to appease his self.
    God watches all this and the day of reconing will happen.
    No repent No acquittal when you stand before God.

  12. Where is our law when this happen that theses people needs to be punished has long has they get by with it they do it again who has a voice for theses animals the law should be past that this is not allowed

  13. I want to know what has been done to the person that did this. There is no mercy for people that do this kind of abuse

  14. Where are theses people that has done their to held accountable for doing this slapping them on the hands should cut it anymore let them do so time

  15. This where they need a good strict law for these kind of people not a slap on the hand lock them up and let them see how the dogs felt

  16. This is making me cry so much. Us humans need to respect animals like they were us! I mean they are living creatures to! Everybody say a speacial prayer for all the animals everywhere!

  17. Some people are just evil.
    So many thanks to the rescuers. So many prayers that all humans can act with humanity, and choose to do good.God bless all the good people involved in the rescue and hope that these innocent animals finally lead the wonderful life they deserve.

  18. This was from 2014, but still effecting lives💕😭 I just donated to HOPE FOR PAWS! I don’t think I’m done yet ❤️❤️❤️

  19. This makes me mad. Why have a dog or cat, if you are going to treat them like this? If you can't afford them just give them up. My friend had to give up his pet to move into an Apartment. He loved his dog and didn't want to, but life is full of tough decisions. This here, I think is The result of a mental disorder.

  20. Thank you all for what you do, thank god there are still people like you guys that exist if not we’ll all be doomed. I hope each and every dog, cat, goat, and many more found a nice loving home and is being taken care of because that’s what they deserve and everything else good ❤️

  21. hi im a pet lover I just used my fathers account I cried when isaw dogs that is in the street you know the stray dogs because in my heart dogs look likes persons they need to eat they need a owner they need a shelter they need a love guide and miracle but everyday god gaves them a miracle ne I am just a child im pet lover as you can see I just use my fathers account can you believe it there a dog in the fridge and there's also a lot of dogs that are trap in a cage pls love the animals they are gods creatoin to thx I love you all

  22. Dogs should be let to die, this was the right thing to do! Sad to see these animal rescuers ruin everything.

  23. OMG so sad, but joyful for the rescue. Neighbors are guilty for allowing this to go on so long. Poor babies.these people need to be put on dog doo cleanup for the rest of their lives for this house of horrors.

  24. Creepy as hell. Were they selling animals or what the deal? They don’t look sellable for pets way they were kept. Terrible

  25. I cant believe cold hearted people are doing this in our world! The people that did this are CHILDREN OF SATURN

  26. for once I have no words.just heartsick.thank you for saving them.may who ever did this get starved and thrown in a freezer alive

  27. Espero que a punição para os monstros que fizeram tanta crueldade contra estes animais indefesos, seja extremamente severa. Que haja lei de proteção aos animais e seja realmente cumprida.

  28. AAAAAAAHHHH what is wrong with people. I can't watch this broke my heart. In Jesus name I love my animals. Lord soften the hearts of those who are capable of that kind of horror😐😔😦😭

  29. An die Retter 👌👍👏👌👍🌹♥️🥠🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🥺😪😢😥😢😪🥺👏👍👌An die das gemacht haben 🤬😠😡😡😠😠🤬🤬😠😡Man müßte euch tot killen

  30. So unbelievably satisfying to watch people like this save these animals. Hopefully one day I can help do stuff like this

  31. Please help them find a loving home and family .🤗💖🙏🐶🐕 they deserve more . Thank you all for helping these innocent beautiful dogs dogs. 😘🙏💖👏👏👏

  32. Poor babies it's and old clip but new to me I wonder was all if not some found a home was healthy God Bless the Team and animals everything and everyone needs love


  34. I bet the poor animals were like NOOO NOT SMALLER CAGES😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  35. How ANYONE, anyone who lives and breathes could ever make animals live like this is way beyond my understanding….the cruelty, apalling environment, no food, no water, just filth everywhere…..sadly this is just a proof of the sadistic, cruel acts of humans….what has happened to the human race, have they completely lost all feelings of humanity ??? Theese animals have never felt kindness, love, care, freedom to run and play or the gentle human touch …and for what, why ????

  36. Did you find the owner of the house…..and hang him? He should be put in a stockade in the enter of town where all animal lovers can "speak" to him about what he did. There is a better pla e in hell for anyone that does this.

  37. I cannot imagine the emotional toll that this takes on these rescuers. I went to a shelter a couple of years ago to adopt an office dog and absolutely broke down into tears 30 seconds after walking in. So many dogs looking at you wanting a home and how do you pick just one

  38. I’ll bet it was an animal hounded of some sort probably trying to save strays and for whatever reason it got completely away from them.

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