Anna Delvey: How a fake heiress scam New York’s high society’s elites

Anna Delvey: How a fake heiress scam New York’s high society’s elites

hello one my name is William and today
we are going to talk about a really special girl ever been a little bit
notorious she came from the background that basically had zero financial support at
all but she entered the New York high society and flip the entire new york high
society upside down she’s not a frauda lot of new york high society socialite she also fraud like the luxury restaurant, luxury hotel, and luxury bank she’s definitely leaving her name in New
York history and she also going to live her name in Hollywood with HBO and
Netflix series so without further do let’s talk about Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin Anna Delvey was born in Domodedovo a
town really near Moscow on January 21st 1991 she’s a aquarius and her dad vadim
Sorokin was a truck driver while her mom before she gets marry she
owned like a really small tiny convenience store in 2007 her entire
family moved to Cologne Germany and during that time where she was studying
in Germany her classmate has said that anna has a lot of struggle when she was
learning the language and in 2011 after graduating from the high school she
decided to study in a school in London which name is central saint martins art
school but she failed to graduate and later on she had found a job an intern
actually in a French magazine called purple and what really interesting
about this internship is that this magazine when the first time it was established
it was actually a reaction to be against the fashion glamour during that time and in 2013
Anna Sorokin decided to move to New York as Anna Delvey she
have a dream she wants to be in the New York high society as the successful
businesswoman however with no money on hands and no financial support from her
family how can she make it and she had a plan and the first thing in her plan
is just to decide to start a venture she want to start a like a private club for
the wealthy and in that club is going to include the popup store art exhibitions
juice bar and bakery it’s going to be a place where luxury people will go and
spend thousand dollars in there, and after the venture a second most important
thing is where does money come from that’s a moment she decided to fraud the bank
she went into a citi national bank to do a venture pitch and telling them that
she has claiming her she has like a family trust fund which worth sixty
million British pounds and she even faked document into the meeting and
surprisingly with the mindset of fake it until you make it
she actually make it in that meeting the citi National Bank decided to long her
twenty two million u.s. dollars that’s insane
but she’s did get it and that’s how later on she can perform as like rich heiresss
and to fool so many New York socialite and luxury hotel and
everything for example she has go to a eleven Howard for more than months and
please be kindly noted that one night in the 11 Howard in their most
luxury room it’s going to cost four hundred dollars per night and she have
been staying there for months and adding on that is that she often go to a
really fancy restaurant is like a luxury restaurant also owned by 11 Howard and its name
is called Lee cuocuo and in that place because she frequent that place so much
so that even the chef in that restaurant had make her something that
was not on the menu during her stay in 11 Howard every time when she
tips the employees that she’s not going to tips like normal people like me or
other people like five or ten dollars she tips one hundred dollars every
single time and because she should tips 100 dollars every single time all the
employees in the 11 Howard will fight to give her service just how amazing that it is sometimes she even claimed to her friends that she’s going to meet up with
the one-percent around the world to talk about business
for example that business with Bill Gabes is crazy but people still buy it because what because whenever she went to a meeting she take a private jet
and a private jet is cost three hundred fifty thousand US dollars per flight
that’s crazy but because she had that twenty two million dollars she’d loan
from the bank so people keep buying into her fraud but what happened when the
money ran out in summer 2017 Anna Delvey with her friends Rachel Williams which
is a photo editor from vanity fair she went on like a really exclusive and
luxury vacation in a beautiful amazing extremely expensive resort in Morocco
during that time she keeps using her credit cards and telling the employees
there that she the credit cards going to pass through however the employees there realize the credit card card is not going through
the money didn’t get paid the bill didn’t get paid and that was a moment
when Anna Delvey pull Rachel Williams aside and tell her that hey can you Iike
borrow me some money during that time and just like paying for this it’s just like
some trouble and some mess up I’m sure I’ll pay you back
and you guys probably already know she the money didn’t get paid back during
that time Rachel Williams was like earning not even like $60,000 per year
but she had to get paid for this $62,000 like for her trip she was devastated however the things is getting worse when Anna Delvey
was back to New York she realized the church mission house she always want to
venture her business in already got sold someone else so originally if this
venture actually worked out she could have use those revenues generated from
this venture to pay back all everything that she had fraud to almost everybody
but now it got sold and during that time the police is also investigating on this
girl because every hotel she stayed in realize her credit card is not going
through and that was a moment the police release the news and telling everybody
in the New York City that Anna Delvey is wanted as Anna Delvey was wanted by the
police what this amazing girl decided to do was
to fly to California and hide in the most luxury rehab center this is fairly
amazing that her decisions and decision making but anyways with the help from
Rachel Williams the police locates her and caught her
and put her um the trial into court and to see that what the court is going to do
on this girl and on her behavior and during may 2019 when Anna Sorokin was in
the court it seems that she doesn’t really care about the people that she
has scam what she only care about is how she’s going to look in media she even
hired like a dressed stylist to like making it look good and make her just
good this woman may look like she is dressed for a fashion show and her
designer duds but the wannabe socialite is actually on trial for swindling
hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people she was so concerned
about how she looked in court she actually hired a stylist is she in a
courtroom or at a red carpet event anis oricon is accused of posing as an
heiress to live an extravagant lifestyle but it’s what she’s wearing to trial
that is making headlines the angry judge told her this is unacceptable and
inappropriate this is not a fashion show in a court that there’s a news talking
about how HBO and Netflix is going to make a movie of her the only thing she
care about is who is going to play her it’s going to be Jennifer Lawrence or
someone else it’s just deeply surprised me that how
she can you know care about this kind of stuff and instead of like other stuff but
anyways at the end of the trial she was sentenced to Iike up to 12 years in prisons
due to what she do and she’s going to pay back a lot of things that she owe after
hearing the Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin the entire story I kind of find it
like really interesting I felt like the society and the media the social media
especially had to take responsibility Anna Sorokin’s behavior cause I felt like her
desire and her thirst I’m not gonna blame her since that the Society nowadays is just like we glamorize having money you know like all the TV
series like keeping up with Kim Kardashian and rich kids in Beverly Hills it’s
really hard to not let people not wanting you know those luxury experience
but at the same time it also really interests me the fact that why doesn’t her friend
what didnt her friend notice just something wrong about her is that really
or was that a sugar mommy you are considered
I dont know anyways I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. I wonder how many people wish to be a part of the luxury life as well?

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