100 thoughts on “‘Anonymous’ to expose private Trump conversations

  1. Based on the Mueller Investigation, Im guessing it will take about 1 year before "anonymous" is revealed or magically disappears.  If MSNBC had legitimate sources they would almost pass for reliable news.

  2. In hindsight trumpy you fat pig 🐷 don’t you believe you should have stayed hidden in the shadows, as a low life building crock. Instead of putting your taxes, business & your corrupt underhanded crooked dealing with people 😂😂

  3. Fake news again
    Democrats socialist liberal party
    Lies hide behind closed doors
    Person hiding is chicken low life
    Fake communist
    Media act like communist
    Hate trump
    Want impeach trump 2 weeks before trump was sworn in as president
    Election is over

  4. If the president has shown disloyalty to his oath of office then it is incumbent on all to reveal the wrong doing. By keeping quiet they condone his crimes.

  5. So does anyone want to bet that Anonymous is Kellyanne Conway? lol…. I think I am only half kidding. It would go a long way toward explaining why she and her husband are still married.

  6. I like how at the beginning he says “he’s gunna” and then corrects himself and says the person anonymous

  7. If anonymous cared about the people and the constitution s/he ought to be speaking to oversight committees and the authorities, not boosting a book for more sales. But it’s all about the money in America isn’t it.

  8. This book needs to be released ASAP because our country can't handle much more of Trumpty Dumpty.. The entire country could fall along with him off his border wall if something isn't done RIGHT NOW!!

  9. Here’s how this goes.
    Anonymous says stuff Trump said. Trump and all his cronies say it’s a lie. 4 more years.

  10. Anonymous is a part of Patriots Fight. I sincerely doubt that they will disclose anything of consequence to the enemies of America, and if they do, it will be disinformation.

  11. Very interested in the book but Trump, more than any other president, has shown his private self thousands of times in his despicable Tweets!

  12. My guess is that this is George Conway is the author (KellyAnne Conway's husband) with KellyAnne as the leak. Who else could possibly get this close to Trump for this long? Nobody else has been in the white house this long with this kind of access.

  13. NSA "paralell construction." This is the IC putting out there the illegal surveilance data. And guess what, the house will go with it. Why? Because the IC have them pinned down. They have them all on corruption. They dare not to say anything because they will all be exposed if they do. Remember Mr Chumer saying that challenging the IC is not smart because they have 7 days a week to get back on you? Well, here you are. The politicians are now all trapped. The prize they are after? Your tax dollars.

  14. The stupid thing is that the people who really need to read this book won't read it….you can all probably think of dozens of reasons why?

  15. Lol…. Trump loved Wikileaks, begged Russia and Ukraine and China to dish dirt on his enemies…. turnabout is fair play…

  16. This book will tell us that Trump a career criminal, slightly bonkers, and probably a Russian asset. SURPRISE!!!

  17. I wish this person would reveal their identity. People need to not be afraid to speak out publicly. At this point when Republicans are trying to mischaracterize every investigation as a witch hunt and the process as unfair we need our officials to be strong and direct in delivering the truth.

  18. Jared kushner wrote that book I bet your that smug wick look on his face like the lil boy on the Omen movie jail them Trump's who cares

  19. That isn't from anonymous. Anonymous doesn't write books for profit. They post on fourchan. This book is written by the Hillary cult.

  20. You have a 'mafiaesque' protection and extortion racket being run out of the WH. It's pay to play/pay to stay. Trump has turned his signature into a currency. When this is done you will find he has bilked the US govt, businesses and even foreign govts for billions.

  21. Drumpf and all of his fart catchers in the GOP must be very constipated these last few weeks! Wow, individual 1 doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. Recommendation, just enjoy your Big Macs and Whoppers while you still have the chance with your freedom!

  22. Brace yourselves, MAGA, the impeachment trial and this book are going to reveal Trump for the creepy traitor conman the rest of us always knew he was.
    You'll try to lie to yourself, with the help of Fox News' Trump lickers like Hannity, that it ain't so, but it is.
    Look on the bright side, though, Obamacare will probably cover treatment for the mental anguish you're headed for.

  23. Conversation with Turkey president? People want to know the reason why ISIS is allowed to have a chance to escape and come over. It's easy to relate and understand the national security concern because of it. Others withe other president?

  24. It's all well & good to have anonymous individuals tell all about Trump's conversations in some book. However, what good does it do to hear about all of this in a book. We need to hear about his wrongdoings now thru the proper channels so something can be done about him. Why are people afraid of him, if he has indeed done things that will get him impeached, tried & actually removed from office &/or indicted after he's no longer in office? He's just a man after all & likely not a very powerful one after all if so many are willing to turn on him. People act as though he is some sort of "Maria God Father.". He's not a Kennedy, he's a glorified used car salesman who's fed a segment of the country a line of BS they've bought hook, line & sinker. That's all & nothing more. He's really nobody in the end other than a wealthy, truly hated, old, man who will ultimately have no reach, no power & can do nothing to anyone, unless a person has been stupid enough to have confided in him &/or engaged in documented illegal, unscrupulous business dealings w/him. In that case individuals deserve whatever befalls them at the hands of Trump for doing anything he perceives as disloyal for they walked into whatever awaits them at the hands of such a disgusting, amoral, heartless & despicable individual with eyes wide open..

  25. People have been brainwashed by Trump's rantings. That's all they are in case anyone cares to notice. Rantings!!! The rantings of a demented, neurotic, egomaniacal psychopath who thinks he's a king or should be a king or dictator.

    His followers are nothing short of the same type of people who follow cult leaders to their deaths. They're fanatical anarchists, fascists &/or racists & nationalists like the Nazis who followed Hitler & his kind. It's common knowledge Trump's followers would be very happy to burn our democracy down rather than see it continue so they can start all over again. They feel they've been cheated & blame the government & system. They're people who want to blame everyone & everything else for their failures in life rather than take responsibility themselves. They mistakenly think a person like Trump whose part of the 1% actually cares about them & will make the changes that will enrich their lives, when in fact, he's part of the group that put them where they are today. He could care less about them or their plight. He's only using them to line his own pockets & the pockets of his cronies, corporate America, other wealthy Americans, other republicans, etc…

    It's actually very sad to see how disillusioned these people are & know they're putting so much of their hope & faith in a false profit whose a dangerous, pathological liar doing nothing for them, their families or our country. Someone whose caused so much harm, has created & is creating so much division, hatred, reversal of progress & negativity where positive change is so needed. It's just incredibly sad that so many have allowed themselves to be brain washed into believing in such a terrible, amoral individual & his horrific lies. As with any cult leader, it's difficult to comprehend how people can become so desperate & deluded they follow them at all. It's just incredibly sad a thing like Trump has happened to this country. It says something about the questionable mental health of so many of our fellow Americans.

    There must be ways they can be helped to overcome the hatred & hopelessness they feel without resorting to negativity, hatred, isolation, destruction.

  26. This is such a joke. If you want to be seen as credible tell us who you are so we can vet your roll and substantiate your claims. Otherwise, this is the climax of FAKE News.

  27. Swear to God, I thought they meant the hacker collective "Anonymous" was who was going to do this supposed exposing of conversations!

  28. Who would buy a book from a person who is anonymous? A book, without a true author, has ALWAYS been labeled under the category of fiction.

  29. Wow everything that he said that he liked (Trump) now comes back to bite him in the butt! The Republicans wanted to go public and it is! how will they defend this! I got to get this book because I believe that more than Trump is corrupt! Barr, Graham, Jordan, Nunes, Gatz, and McConnell. I think Sessions is the book's author? Just saying because Trump has embarrassed and Humiliated him in the public's eye! I pray that it is !! KARMA is a [email protected]!

  30. the odd thing about fake news, it pays well, any of you know well paying clients ?? love the ghost evidence story, will the ghost also testify in court

  31. Working for Trump must be like working for the Devil. Once you sell your soul you have to be a yes man/woman to all the crookedness and lies to come. It's like the MOB you can't disagree to Anything without repercussions, once you do you have to relocate out of the country for fear of his mean tweets and the crazies attacking you.

  32. At least Nixon was patriot enough to resign. But then he got pardoned by Ford. So, yeah, the Party of Dirty Tricks are remaining true to form. Impeach, remove and jail Trump. There are so many tryable crimes. I'm certain the Founders DID NOT intend the presidency to protect a criminal. And if he isn't removed, we will remember who blocked it. In November 2020.

  33. born of reagan and ending with trump conservatism is a fascist ideology meant to subvert democracy and capitalism and bankrupt America and enslave the middle class to the investors in debt

  34. Anonymous,..??? why do people who claim to be telling the truth, Always Hide Behind Anonymity..???? Is It So They Can't Be Questioned About The Truthfulness Of Their "PROPAGANDA"……🤧👺👺👺👺🙈🙉🙊…No Witnesses, Accuser In Hidding, Whistle Blower Nowhere To Be Found.. PROPAGANDA Stories, Bouncing Of One Lie After Another. Story Tellers, Holding SECRET Closed Door Anonymous Get Togethers So As Not To Look To "SUSPICIOUS"….??? Yes The People's Really Are Being Taken For A Ride…..!👿👹👺🙈🙉🙊😵

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