100 thoughts on “Anti-impeachment Democrat Jeff Van Drew plans to switch parties

  1. Smart man- getting out of the get nothing done party and out of the party that can NOT get over the HATRED they have of Trump. Its also smart that he see's the constitution is in danger put so by DEMOCRATS lying about Russian Collusion and now the Abuse of Power scam. The democrats have shown they want nothing but Trump gone and it blinds them to truth and evidence. The current evidence shows Trump has done nothing wrong. Even Schumer (D) in the Senate over weekend implied the investigation does NOT have the evidence and that the House Democrats are Lying to the people. Schumer indicated more investigation is needed to prove the case. Currently Dems are tying to impeach without a crime being committed which goes against the CONSTITUTION.

  2. The NJ governor looks like part of the democrat cabal. Jeff Van Drew seems like a normal sane person. He saw something very wrong and said it’s wrong…he doesn’t want to be part of that. 👍

  3. Demoratic party is dividing lol while the Republicans are uniting lol this whole impeachment bullshit is backfiring on the snowflake Demorats lmao. Trump2020🇺🇲😂

  4. He wss masquerading as a Dem anyways. What can you expect from a Repulican that was a Dem out of convenience and now is switching,good luck stooge.

  5. Never thought i'd see the day when the democrat hivemind would break rank. This "impeachment" is another scam, just like Mueller, just like Kavanaugh. This is gonna cost the democrats the election.

  6. Outstanding Jeff for standing your ground and switching. If your not re-elected you have the satisfaction of knowing you used your own mind and deciding based on what you have seen and heard during this awful presentation by the Democratic party.

  7. The blatancy of Republicans to support their own, even when not expedient, is something else unlike Democrats. Ex. Democrats had the loudest call for Sen. Franklin's resignation. I doubt Republicans would if it came to them.

  8. We don't need another RINO!
    I actually agree with the Dems here, this may actually be about him concerned only with his reelection chances. Hell, he could be just a Democrat plant who will be loading us with another RINO. Jeff, if it's about beliefs, don't abandon your party like some coward. Put in some work to make the DNC traditional liberals again rather than the leftist socialists they've given their house to.

  9. Please do…you're obviously not really a Democrat. The evidence is overwhelming and not difficult to understand. He tried to cheat in this election because it worked so well in the last one….duh.

  10. It is stupid to think he is doing this for re election, this is a very rare thing to do which is why it is a topic in the first place.

  11. Sounds to me the man knows right from wrong and he's not a cry baby like the democrats.the democrats need to grab their binkies and go find their safe spaces and get over it

  12. His name must be in Jeffry Epstein's little black book. Trump have a lot of rich people frequenting his Hotels. Oh what a difference black mail can make. Hush Hush. OK I will change. Trump gained 6 votes from ex Democrats.

  13. Good for him. I know there are other decent Democrats out there. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and the squad are not prime examples of the species.

  14. This shows Van Drew's true nature and his ability to flip sides when it fits his needs. Neither party needs people like this guy.

  15. I don't suppose it's a backbone issue if he was always really a republican. But I think he should switch parties before the vote, though, because the republicans will crow about a democrat (or multiple democrats) not supporting impeachment, when that's not the case. I understand the problems facing new dems in Trump districts, but I'm definitely going to contribute to the campaigns of those that stick to their principles, like Elissa Slotkin…

  16. Van Drew's decisions are based on polling telling him he won't win re-election. He is effectively a Republican already. Making a deal with Trump and kissing the ring are all part of proving that power is all he cares about.

  17. Lol he just doesnt want to be on a sinking boat. The entire democratic party is falling apart because of their efforts to impeach the president while their districts fall apart. They clearly cannot multitask lmao

  18. Jeff Van drew is a rat,, let him swim!!!! We don't want or need Drew!!! Stay with Schiff and pelosi we're fine without you

  19. I find it very disturbing that party members can switch. This is such a divisive time. He was NEVER a Democrat. He was always a Republican playing a Democrat to win an election. He started lying before he won. Republicans have truly become a threat to the good America stands.

  20. Nadler is a moron, America was NEVER supposed to be a "Democratic Republic", it is, was, and always will be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC which means traitors like him have only ONE place in the USA, with their heads in a Guillotine, and he'll be pulling his own rope….

  21. Clinton is impeached in his 8th yr for one lie regarding his private sex life. Then Repubs vote for Trump, an advocate of grabbing women by their vagina. No logic there.

  22. Switch parties, if he ain't planning to impeach this fascist, fake president he should switch countries like the traitor that he is.

  23. Wait, a guy makes his own decision instead of blindly following what his party tells him and he's the one who "put politics over the constitution"? That's where we are now, we praise blindly following your party politics as showing moral backbone, and any dissent makes you a traitor…

  24. Jerry “Scrotum Face” Nadler, we are NOT a democratic republic. We are a constitutional republic and the only signs of tyranny I see are from the democrats. Virginia Democrats threatening to call the National guard if they don’t comply with unconstitutional laws! That is Tyranny.

  25. Schumer was born in Brooklyn, the son of Selma (née Rosen) and Abraham Schumer.[5] His father ran an exterminating business, and his mother was a homemaker.[6][7] He and his family are Jewish,[

  26. Politics over the constitution. Hahaha. Democrats aren't very self aware. They've been ignoring the constitution ever since Trump curb stomped them onto blathering idiot's. Thank you Donald Trump. Can't wait for the next supreme court justice pick.

  27. This impeachment is a joke. The 2019 2020 Dems will go down in history books in middle school 40 years from now as the biggest corrupt party in US history. You know it's a joke when you lose party members to a circus act.

  28. Switching parties is a good thing when a politician believes in that party's fundamental principles rather than just a desperate clinging to power.

  29. And the next day his entire staff and every single advisor resigned. Good riddance since he, like trump, cares more of himself than the country

  30. So he used the Democratic platform to get elected because he couldn't get the GOP nom. So he used the Dems.


  31. lets see if he meets the criteria
    1: Old
    yeah hes prime gop material we wont miss you o/ enjoy political suicide.

  32. Van Drew's electorate (holding up four fingers): "How many fingers am I holding up, Jeff?"
    Van Drew: "Four."
    electorate: "And if the (Republican) Party says that it is not four but five — then how many?"
    Van Drew: "Five…whew, that was easy."
    electorate: "Sometimes, Jeff. Sometimes two and two are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. it is not easy to become sane."
    Van Drew: "Yes, master. I will try harder."
    electorate: "Good boy!" (pats him on head)

  33. Van Drew is traitor to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! This type of person doesn't belong in public office! Vote this traitor OUT OF OFFICE FOR GOOD! VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE! THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THEN CORRUPT CRIMINALS!!!

  34. You can actually see the "forest through the tree" with the way these repugnantcans are all now rallying around this supposed Democrat for changing his mind and now voting against impeachment in hopes of getting reelected. Now, they are all his "buddy." What is truly a SHAM is the way these toadies have aligned with a corrupt, ignorant, treasonous, lying, piece of trash like the moron in the oval office. If something is not done about his traitorous ways he will surely betray the American people given a bit of time to let things settle and then once again, for the upteenth time move on to bigger and better things. He will need a bit of time in case anyone is watching but what is truly sad is that he and this administration have STOPPED anyone from listening, as they should by policy, to his calls so now he has a free reign to cheat and deceive the United States and the American people. How Shameful this is and beyond comprehension.

  35. Trump supporters are being good little trumpets for their daddy, not thinking for themselves, but following orders from somebody who is just a remake of Adolf Hitler. They hate everybody Who did not join the pussytrumpet train. Largest hate group created in history

  36. Politicians are much worse than VIPERS. At least we know the sneaks will bit if we cross her path. Now this traitor can’t get re-elected so he end up switching parties.. the good thing is, MR TRUMP it will stab you in the back.

  37. The ones who are stopping free speech are the left wing democraps. "Words matter" is just another way of saying you can only say what we deem as appropriate. Think about that while you still can.

  38. Racists will be racists.
    No amount of FACTS will change a racists mind about how WRONG racism is and how WRONG the people they support are too.
    Racists care about one thing- keeping other people at a level below their feet.
    Its pointless to try to use FACTS and morale to change their simple outdated mindsets.

  39. Ukraine cannot be coerced into investigating the Bidens they are politically protected. Trump investigating them was politically motivated how dare he! Hunter Biden was a good boy he made money but let’s impeach Trump.

  40. Reps and Senators should resign and re-run as another party affiliation. By switching, while in office, they are cheating their constituents. Dem or GOP.

  41. Trump praises him now but he can't win Republican votes. They won't accept a former Dem. What trump is really saying is thanks for defending me on your way out.

  42. I don't give a s*** that he's betrayed his party. However what I do give a s*** about is the fact that he's betraying the people who put him there.

    This is the problem that I have with Washington politics. They clearly don't give a damn about the American people.

    If he was going to switch parties he should have just stepped down from office and allowed someone else to run in his place.

  43. I am sure a lot of moderate republicans will be switching too. This is not a partisan issue at all. It is for the in denial hear no evil see no evil speak no evil let him do evil so called pay no taxes republican party. Someone was a democrate for years until last election.. if i recall correctly.

  44. Oh look, a "centrist democrat" easily switches to the Republican party like it's nothing, and is fighting to keep Trump in office.. you don't say! Them "centrists" sure are very to the RIGHT of the political spectrum, aren't they..

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