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  1. SO…if Ben Shapiro makes a million dollars selling a million loaves of bread…there is only two reasons for his gain 1) he sold the bread to expensive 2) he used cheap labor to make it…there is a 3rd point of course…3) he did both…and Ben is in support of this grab for cash…?

  2. Just Proves how little she Actually knows about how Real World Economy Actually works…. it must be Terrible to be That Ignorant of Basics

  3. Democratic socialist is a revisionist theory of marxism is not marxism leninism which is authoritarian and if it is not in power after 1990 now it cannot so democratic socialism is practically socialdemocracy reinvented to the xxi century but still thinks reforms can be achieve through capitalism in a liberal democracy

  4. Individualism and economic liberalism should stay away from all the things capitalism has done before because people had learn how to use it differently

  5. Here what you do MSNBC ……You disqualify your “targets” views as unacceptable contributions to the public discourse. To demonize and caricature the target, transforming them into a punch line persona non grata. To establish a cost associated with crossing society’ self-appointed high priests. (That’s you and your viewership.) All of you are more reminiscent of Nazis than you are social justice advocates. You create hate through lies and you are the reason we are where we are. Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same. Just two gangs of disgusting liars fighting with each other and putting the citizens of The United States in danger. You should all be eradicated for your wickedness. And don’t act like you are smarter than the conservatives. You are the exact same type of over ideological trash.

  6. She is so uninformed that it's scary… do I want workers to own more of the business that they would NOT be working at if I didn't take all the riskes, owe all the loans, take all the responsibility for liability, business down turns… when the business loses money. ..do they take the loss..do they get no pay? What about just a reduction in pay…Of course not… do they still get their government imposed increased wages until the day the business closes…? They don't just want to impose this nonsense on big business..they're after the little guy too. Socialism is a cancer. If Bernie would have started a socialist party. .it would have failed..but what he did was infiltrate the Democratic Party to make it legitimate. ..he pulled the party to the far left, now this dangerous Socialist agenda is being masked as democratic. The History of Socialism only takes a minute to research…but people are not taking the time because all they can think of is all the free stuff…this free stuff has a cost…your FREEDOM.

  7. This bit need to go back to wherever she came from she can't speak English so I doubt that she can even spell it's just says a lot about where she lives and the people that she represents their probly just as stupid as she is and she is stupid there's no doubt about that that whole bunch called the squad they all ought to be snuffed out There's an old saying I wish I could see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my a** and that's exactly where their heads are up their a**

  8. A better question would be, "What does the government do better than the private sector?" Answer: nothing (besides waste money, resources and time)

  9. The Scandinavian countries tried it in the 60s and 70s, but it ended up wrecking their economies. They later switch back to a free market economy which made them some of the wealthiest countries in the world. SOCIALISM DOESNT WORK

  10. I grew up in Sweden, under Socialist oppression.
    There is absolutely NOTHING I hate more than Democratic scum blabbering on about socialism.

    I remember when it was illegal to have a satellite dish. Because you then could watch other news, than what was sanctioned by the government.

    I remember when ONLY the government was allowed to sell phones, and they HAD to be an "approved" colour.

    I remember when the socialists came home to us when I was 6, because my mother was a stay at home mum. Claiming that she should work, and that it was much better for me, if I got my values and morals from he Swedish kindergarten system. (I was terrified, thinking the government was going to take me away).

    I remember when they passed a MANDATORY tax, to pay for the state run TV. So that we all had to listen to their propaganda news. No matter if you have a TV or not, you still have to pay it. Today it applies to having a PC as well.

    I remember when my father got a 1600 kroner raise, and was allowed to keep 4 kroner of it, after tax. (The krona is the Swedish currency).

    I remember when the government expropriated half of my friends farm, and paid him 8 % of the market value, Claiming that is was for the "common good".

    I remember when my grandfather broke his arm, and had to wait for almost 3 years for surgery. (That's what he got, after having paid the highest taxes in the world, during his more than 50 year long work life).

    I remember when the socialists demonstrated alongside with the COMMUNIST, waving flags with Lenin and Stalin on them… and our school forced us to go and watch and sheer.

    Socialists are SCUM. Simple as that. I hate them with every fibre in my body.

  11. Congrats NYC !
    You wanted someone to properly represent you in Washington.
    So going on her performance I can only assume you are incredibly stupid as well.

  12. She just has a subverted mind that does not comprehend "cause and effect". She really has a good heart that is in the right place, but she is a denier of human nature. She wants to help, but her high ideas are just falsities. Her socialist policies would just incentivise laziness and decrease productivity and stifle ingenuity thus creating poverty and amplification of economic downturn. Poor Cortez, she just has a subverted blind mind. She is an "enabler" of the oppressed classes in helping them maintain and increase their own oppression.

  13. She doesn't make any sense whatsoever. She sounds like a typical 3rd year SJW undergrad student with 0 life experience.

  14. The government will have to enforce that? How will they force the private sector to put workers on their boards? The government will have to enforce those policies. In the enforcement of those ideals you will eventually have to take over business decisions. What will be the penalty for not doing these things? Fines possibly. Eventually people will stop taking the risks and investing. Very often CEOs work tireless hours. I know a woman who is an junior VP and works everyday – no exceptions. The only day she does not read email or respond to calls is on Christmas Day. She works not less that 16 hours a day on weekdays with 4-8 hour days on weekends. Business isn’t just making widgets. There is so much that goes into , selling , marketing, logistics of supply. The worker assembling the widget has a shift and goes home. The person at the top is taking a risk. There are people who never stop at the top of some of our big money making industries. I think everyone should be paid a living wage but you are not entitled to take from the person with the ideas and the person who took the financial risk. That is not a good idea.

  15. Look people, she has stated we can land on the sun as long as we do it at night. I will help finance this endeavor if she is willing to go.

  16. Hmm Socialites let’s play this way. Don’t want borders? Correct? Now the Coronavirus is affecting “ people” but yet you Quarantined some. Aren’t you judging who came come into your border?

  17. AOC believes she should have wealth but control your portion, your small portion. "These" at best, "Godless people" don't care about anyone but themselves and pretend to be bleeding hearts for the little guy. Just like they've done for the blacks of this country for the past 60 years. Make me sick. Almost can't wait for revolution.

  18. "It's not moral to steal from someone just because you're poorer" this = socialism and it is not cool or smart, just because some politician says it is.
    There is no sentence that I agree more with

  19. Watching this was like seeing the blind lead the blind but – only with words.
    Ignorance is bliss! People talking about a subject they are so ignorant about. The scary part is that they both have an impact on large groups of people who vote, whether through media or politics.

  20. here’s my problem with all this Denmark a democratic socialist country one of what most people will claim is the best one uses capitalism to the fullest they are a capitalist market they have a free your market then America and they don’t even have a minimum wage because they don’t need it because they leave it alone they don’t regulate it and they let capitalism do it’s thing so when most people talk about democratic socialism they have no idea what they’re actually talking about they use capitalism to pay for everything

  21. How did I miss this gem? This chick is friggin dumb. “Is the wealth being shared among the workers who are creating that wealth, or is it going to the share holders?” You mean the people who assumed all the risk by investing their own money to start a business and created jobs for people who assume no risk? Those share holders? You know, “workers” (such a socialist ring to that word) can invest too. They can reap the rewards of risk. Or… they can just trade hours for dollars. No one is putting a gun to their head… until socialism takes over. Then we’ll all be working with a gun to our head.

  22. People hate on her because she's smart. Smart with integrity and compassion. Too bad there's a lot of ignorant people out there.

  23. They don't seem to realize in a free society shareholders choose where to invest. This drives bad companies to fail and good ones to succeed. Socialists have a childlike understanding of economics so they don't understand that a worker owned cooperative is probably a less desirable investment. They're trying to seriously change and mess with our economic system and it will actually cause a huge crash in the stock market and people's retirement investments to lose huge amounts of value.

  24. Woohoo! Free stuff! Free stuff for everyone! Free college! Free healthcare! Huge hikes in minimum wages! And nobody has to pay for it! Woohoo! What a country!

  25. This from the ICE PRINCESS who knows nothing about most of what she speaks about,I guarantee I'll go toe to toe with AOC &Absolutely demolish her Fantasy of living under Socialism and NO PROPAGANDA MINISTRY IS THE ONLY WAY YOU'LL HEAR "SOCIALISM AND CAPITALISM" Can work together,ask Pelosi in her $100,000,000,00 gated community and Winery,as most Hollywoods elites live,while Tent cities are sprung up all around just 3 miles away from her,so this lady's an Absolutely confused very uneducated in World affairs and whoever's voted for her should be ashamed.


  27. why should americans expect $15 dollars a hour whilst people in indonesia would make less than $1 dollar a hour in the capital?

  28. I just went to the official website of the Democratic Socialists of America and this comes directly out of their charter:

    "Article II. Purpose
    We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit"

    I think that says everything right there. That's literally in the first line of the Purpose section of their charter. They ain't hiding it! That's the whole free-market system they're talking about. They reject it. This video is just one of may socialist propaganda attempts to soft-sell hard-socialism. They want to dress it up as friendly and not dictatorial and "moral", but really it's the exact same socialism that crushed the USSR and Cuba and Venezuela and every other socialist paradise of the last 100 years.

  29. If you want to be a Communist, or are a Communist, I don't think that the USA 🇺🇸 is the place for you.

  30. I've never been offered a job by someone that was Poor. Capitalism works, it's not perfect, but it works, and it's provided America with great wealth.

  31. While the armchair critics are babbling away here, . Let's take a look at some highlights of her first year in office. She's already saved the government more than most of us make in a year.

  32. MSNBC – unfailingly representing corporate interests. We need a healthcare system that doesn't bankrupt people. We need wealth distribution that creates a stable economy. Look back at history, when people cant afford to buy houses or cars, eventually food. The economy collapses.

  33. AOC is a Marxist and she is evil along with her supporters. They are very dangerous and they are in our government. People like her is why we have the 2nd Amendment. As long as people like her are in my nation 2nd Amendment is very important.

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