94 thoughts on “Are climate-change-bemoaning Dems hypocrites for flying on private jets?

  1. Dems tell the people they are above you all so they can so whatever but not you. DEMS voter want to be the slave of their leaders.

  2. DOD report, commissioned by the Trump administration, was pretty clear that climate change is real, is happening right now, and is going to get much worse.

  3. Bernie is a straight retardo. The motormouth to get votes. Anything, no matter how silly, is presented to the voters. “ I will promise you anything to acquire you dummies’ votes! What do yo want?”

  4. Hell ya. And the mining smelting and machining and manurfacturing of plastic for a car made puts out more toxic gases then the engines 15 year average life. And airplanes!!! Don't get me started!!!

  5. More Trump supporters are sending money for his campaign. Our way of saying we put our money where our mouth is. Dems need to be afraid, very afraid. Especially after many of them are in jail. There's no way Democrats can win an election in the near future.

  6. climate change is a very serious matter , but politician they really don't care 🤷‍♀️ they just use that to get votes..

  7. This dudes a moron. Acting like climate isn’t an issue. Then they straw man. Typical. And it shows the ignorance they call it hypocritical.

  8. God. Knows there lieing to us. They don't care about what they say. They will tell you anything you want just to win the vote…

  9. Climate change is real. It is a problem bigger than any of our substantial problems. The UN gave a stern warning that we have about eleven years to solve the problem. After eleven years we will pass a point of no return. The planet will continue to warm and nothing humanity dose at that point will stop a the runaway effect . I know most Republicans do not believe this, and that will be to your own folly. Most Republicans have never followed the science that has been presented for 50 years on PBS shows like NOVA or other science programs. You have been told what to believe without ever looking into it for yourself. Too Bad!
    Your homeowners insurance will keep increasing as storms get even more severe . At some point your homes may become uninsurable. losses will bankrupt many. Droughts will increase. Wildfires will get more severe. And even winter storms will have more severe impacts. Instead of addressing the problems, political opinion will dominate some portions of the airwaves.

  10. "Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting conditioned on investigations?" -William Taylor, former US ambassador to Ukraine

  11. Poor ole bubble brain Bernie, he is so pitiful, you almost feel sorry for him. "NOT". Bernie knows he's an idiot, that's what separates him from the other Democrat candidates, they dont. Altogether, they might have enough common sense, to fill a teaspoon. Climate change is the biggest farce to be perpetrated against the American people. It has cost millions if not billions for absolutely nothing. Yet they keep throwing taxpayers money at it like crazy people (hint, hint). Either they're nuts, or maybe getting a little kickback, when no ones looking. Food for thought?

    Destroying the Tax Base by Destroying Free Enterprize is a Suicidal Move.
    The Ploy is for Control of the US Military Budget, Climate Change? Chump Change!

  13. Don't you understand, they MUST fly so that they can be elected, because they are NEEDED for their leadership to save the climate.

    Just like the old saying, "We destroyed the village in order to save it…"

    These Dems are destroying the climate, in order to save it…

  14. You may not know, but Al Gore and AOC recently flew over the Atlantic to Denmark. Why ? To talk about climate change. Mayors from all over the world gathered to discuss the long term weather forecast.

  15. Tax them heavily on their use of jet fuel then offer them an electric car that looses power after approx. 200 hundred miles, according to the weight it carries. Or use FART POWERED COWS.

  16. Power companies are not just providing energy to those who want to use it because its mandatory for every county home to be connected to the grid whether we want it or not SO CLEARLY its not a choice

  17. Universal healthcare….while he gets private healthcare when he takes sick.

    And the lemmings still give this old asshat a pass

  18. These days most people have video conferences so as to save money and environment. To set example, politicians should have video rallies. Just put up huge screen on location and the candidate can perform to cameras in his own home, streaming live to the campaign location, and to internet. Since the people attending the rallies are paid actors in any case, nobody would feel left out.

  19. They talk out of both sides of their mouths. Give them some more drugs. Stay high. Stone cold hypocrites. Climate change believers do not know what they are talking about. They jumped on this bandwagon to try and get elected. They say whatever they think will get them elected. We are not in control of anything. God is the climate changer. None have any solutions for climate change. Nothing has been proven. All experimental. Don't just talk green, live green . Change everything in your house, so you can do just that, procrastinator. Show us how it works for you. Make a believer out of us that know better. Prove it.

  20. Carbon offsets. A way to give money to others so you can keep doing what you're doing without feeling bad about out. They've had this for years, the Catholics call it an indulgence, or buying your way out of sin. Hypocrites is a very mild word to use in order to describe these over-indulged idiots.

  21. they need to fly coach like everyone else we know they're hypocrites climate change is a fraud that simple now clouds fittings another story that's man-made and the government does that every day across the country answer the question why do they do it and that might be your answer to why there's climate change

  22. Democrat's are woman's world because Moana is green goddess and she fills land with herbs, bushes, trees that self polinate flower's producing fruit's.

  23. how many stents that Sanders required in order to breath again ? cholesterol clog up his arteries faster than they inserted new stents

  24. Are the Dems being hypocrites for flying private jets? No, they would be hypocrites if they are still flying private jets after completely overhauling the establishment and its end stage corporate capitalism.

  25. The worst thing is that Fox (and all conservative robots) will avoid talking about the science. Why? I think their brains are not wired for anything that involves facts and logic.

  26. "Climate Change" is a liberal hoax, nothing less, nothing more. God made the Earth sustainable for all human life. He is in control of everything. The God-less liberals don't accept God, their only religion is pseudo science.

  27. China monopoly for the production of smartphones where the European Commission looks?
    Trump protect America from losers.

  28. As I agree that the CEO's of many multi-million or multi-billion dollar companies don't owe me their profits, I also see sense that important people that have a need for use of private jets isn't a contradiction to their cause. This isn't about individual use. This is about curbing our influence on the whole. No one is trying to take away necessitates such as flight or cars. It isn't going to happen overnight and the biggest way you could hinder progression is by saying that everyone for it should live by their ways. How would progress ever happen that way? It's a different idea, but at the time of the American revoultion, do you not think it benefited the average citizen to just give in?

  29. That's the issue I made a while back. Bernie for one is crying Climate change, than JUMPS on a PRIVATE jet to travel several hundred miles.

  30. No not really they know co2 is not responsible for climate change that is just the lie they are trying to sell the rest of US.

  31. These climate change ding songs should be riding bicycles to their campaign events and eating recycled toilet paper and drinking urine. WTF

  32. Bernie should stay in Russia where he and his wife will be happy or miserable, whatever way he chooses to call it. Comrade

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