Are We the First Technological Civilization in the Solar System?

Are We the First Technological Civilization in the Solar System?

Digging through scientific papers as I do
to research the content featured on this channel is something very much like hunting for Easter
eggs. I would never call any scientific work mundane,
any work done by scientists helps to advance our understanding of our world around us,
but I might say that most subjects one sees in scientific papers just would not make for
good YouTube videos unless done by a creator far better than I. But several times a week I find papers, or
easter eggs if you will, that excite me and then I go make videos on them. Occasionally, however, I will read a paper
that absolutely blows my mind. That definitely happened this morning. This paper is entitled “Prior Indigenous Technological
Species” and was authored by Dr. Jason T. Wright of the Department of Astronomy and
Astrophysics and Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds at Pennsylvania State University,
link to the paper in the description below. It’s a good read folks. But first some back story. It might surprise you, but it is fully scientific
to consider the possibility of alien life having visited our solar system in the past. Carl Sagan and I.F. Schklovskii pointed this out in their book
“Intelligent Life in the Universe” in 1966. This is independent of the question of whether
the human race has ever interacted with an alien race. I have no problems with those that have concluded
otherwise, but I have personally seen no compelling evidence that would lead me to conclude that
we have. I have only seen material that leads me to
more questions. But the universe is a very old place, certainly
old enough for other technological civilizations to have arisen long before ours did. It’s also sufficiently old enough for an ancient
civilization to have explored the galaxy end to end without exceeding the speed of light. Earth too, is sufficiently old enough to have
been explored at some point in the distant past. And, it’s also fully within the realm of solid
science to look for evidence of that as part of SETI operations, and indeed I’ve made several
videos on this channel on the possibility of Bracewell or von Neumann probes hidden
somewhere in the solar system. The tough question though is how likely is
it that such a thing might exist? This subject was tackled in a 2011 paper by
Jacob Haqq-Misra and Ravi Kumar Kopparapu entitled “On the Likelihood of Non-Terrestrial
Artifacts in the Solar System”, link to the paper in the description below. They concluded that we simply have not explored
our solar system thoroughly enough yet to detect such probes, if they exist, and that
we should probably keep our eyes open for them just in case. Dr. Wright in his new paper takes an interesting
approach to the question of artifacts of other civilizations present in our solar system. He points out that while astrobiologists focus
on searching for present or past evidence of simple life in our solar system, it may
well be the case that artifacts of advanced civilizations are easier to find. And, going further, he suggests that the origin
of such an artifact does not necessarily need to be another star system, but could be the
solar system itself. It is possible that advanced civilizations
may have developed in the past on Earth, or even Mars or Venus which are thought to have
once been earth-like. But Earth and Venus are geologically active
worlds that renew their surfaces, so any evidence of an ancient civilizations is likely to be
long gone on these planets. But you might find evidence of them on less
active worlds like Mars or the Moon. Another possibility is that we might find
an asteroid that was clearly mined at some point, perhaps by a von Neumann probe passing
through. Dr. Wright points out though that if we do
find evidence, which we currently have absolutely none that stands up to scrutiny, then you
must consider that the origin might not be another star system, but instead may be more
likely to have originated from our own star system, especially considering that Earth
would be a sort of elephant in the room since life has clearly arisen here. While I consider it unlikely that there were
ever precursor civilizations in our solar system, it is possible. And it’s also possible that some day in the
distant future others, perhaps from some formerly frozen moon made habitable by the brightening
sun, might find evidence of us. Thanks for listening! I am futurist and science fiction author John
Michael Godier currently with a new book in the works, it’s called Supermind and a 5000
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100 thoughts on “Are We the First Technological Civilization in the Solar System?

  1. I am prety sure before our civilization of earth was exsisted another alien civilization ,which have used our earth and has evolving to type one civilization or two ,and has leave the earth and has travel to find another habitable planet much large for them advanced civilization .Of our earth exsist a lot of evidence which reveals, they may could be the true builders from almost india ancient temples like the Kailasa, which are made from a single granit mountain, or the temple from kailasa nathar or Ramappa which was made with a artificial stuff the geopolymers and that two thosand years ago.Moreover there exsist a carved stone in the temple from Hoysaleswara, which show the arival to earth from first star travelers , they all have the same space suits same like our modern astronauts, even they have in them own back the air tank for life support .Them Vimana commander was the lord Vishnu , he have carried of his shoulder, the kackra the energy weapon ,this carved are over two thousands years old ,i thought this are very good evidence ,i do not understand why almost indians ignore all this evidence ? who want to see all this evidence and much more, can watch it of the phenomenal travel channel , sorry for my spelling !

  2. We tend to put too much emphasis on this thing we call time. Time to us is a series of periods measurable in units. However,this system bears no relevance away from this planet. Time in space is meaningless,every "moment" being the only point of existence,"time" being infinite. Every moment is the exact "centre" of infinite "time". Similar to "space",being infinite,there is only the exact "centre" wherever you are. Everything is summed up in the two words,"here now",which reversed and merged become the word,"nowhere". No matter where or when you are in space,you are "nowhere".

  3. wouldn't be surprised if we are the most advanced civilisation in the observable universe. you probably get intelligent life only a handful of times in every supercluster, and almost none of them ever go on to become a technological let alone spacefaring civ. We're ~1 billion light years away from the nearest intelligent species would be my guess, altho life itself is probably common

  4. The latest estimate of the universe's age is 11 billion years old. If Earth is 4 billion years old, that's just less than half of the universe's age for life on Earth to get to where it is today. That is of the Earth's 4 billion years, it would have to cool down, get a moon to stabilitize its spin, have a magnetic field to protect life and then the dinosaurs would have to die off before mammals could even start to take over. So for another life like ours in the universe would be quite a low probability but due to the high number of stars it's likely to be another one. As for newer worlds that have or will have earlier forms of life, that's a better probability. However, I would also expect many may not come to fruition.

  5. It seems probable that a probe from a minimally advanced civilization passed through our solar system. It is an aspect of the Fermi paradox, which is essentially 'unsolved' that when an electronic/information processing civilization has discovered indirect and direct evidence of planets then it is highly probable that probes will be sent to potentially habitable worlds(in my opinion).  Interestingly, if we were to intercept one of the probes or receive contact or communications from one of the civilizations that sent a probe in the distant past we could potentially receive a treasure-trove of scientific data that we could never get otherwise. I can imagine a deep space probe from Earth locating, orbiting and finally landing with sophisticated robotics on a planet whose 200 million year old society had sent probes to Earth. We would finally have visual and perhaps even DNA evidence of ancient ocean life, amphibious mammalian and dinosaur and flying reptiles. It might be our only reasonable hope of gaining a more complete census of at least one epoch of biological life in the distant path.

  6. I've always been fascinated with the possibility that any number of asteroids could harbour ancient artefacts locked up inside them from a world that existed before our solar system formed. Not hard to imagine when one considers how much stuff can be pulled by a forming protostar.

  7. There could be Millions of " advanced " tech civilizations, but are restricted by the same parameters. ( ie. Propulsion, Time, or SJW's hindering their Society's, etc )

  8. I don't think we are the first human civilization on the Earth…the mega structures built all around the Earth show there were more advanced humans on this world long ago. Some sort of world wide cataclysm destroyed their civilization and we are what was left just now relearning what they knew…but we still haven't achieved what they could do.

  9. Another view is to ask is 14 billion years really that old?
    Just because life evolved quickly on our planet doesn't mean that the gold standard for life every where else.
    We could be something like the Engineer race from the Aliens franchise.

  10. Considering that a species can go from throwing rocks to nuclear bombs in about 10,000 years, it is pure click bate idiocy to think that the human race is first at anything.

  11. i would say mars was , its evident in nasa's rover images that there are numerous ruins, structures , bones etc on mars, so in the distant pass i believe mars once had a civilisation, then something horrific happened..

  12. If we as a human species could actually address our collective issues we might actually have a chance to survive longer than we think.

    1. Overpopulation (the biggest issue in our world is to many people and not enough resources to distribute evenly enough causing dissent and wars)

    2. Improper waste and usage of technologies destroying our ecosystems and further polluting our own food and potable water supplies

    and finally

    3. Religious and dogmatic differences in government and societal control.

    We'll NEVER advance more than a hundred more years if we dont address those three things as a species. We have the potential to last and advance as a civilization, but we wont with all our differences and killing each other over what amounts to petty religious texts and beliefs

  13. One thing we know when looking for extraterrestrial life: once life takes hold somewhere, it's extremely difficult to get rid of it. Here we are coming up to our 6th mass extinction, and life keeps going. I find it difficult to believe that Earth is the only habitable planet so lucky.

  14. I do think there are compelling reasons for governments to hide evidence of alien contact, not least the advice of the 1960 Brookings Report on withholding such information. As there seem to be equal sightings of UFOs around the world, its possible any tech advantage will be distributed evenly, so the whole "secret technology" thing seems an unlikely motivator at this point. However I'm sure there are a great many countries on earth who really would lose their collective shit and go on some rampage / collapse society as we know it if it were known there's someone else out there. I could see new Heaven's Gate groups cropping up, religious extremists who want to wipe the "false gods" out, or just billions of people sick of their jobs who just found out that star trek's replicators are now a reality and "who needs money, here's my notice".

  15. There have been multiple instances in which metallic objects of apparently artificial origin have supposedly been found inside rocks that are hundreds of millions of years old. Maybe they were left behind by alien explorers that have long since disappeared.

  16. What if an ancient civilization existed here that was created by another species of the genus homo? Perhaps Neanderthals created one 100,000 years ago and for some reason it burned out. After that long would we be able to find any evidence of it? Even if they built huge structures such as pyramids would anything be left?

  17. Just curious. But why not the first civilization in the galaxy…or the universe. It’s believed that the universe will go on beyond one trillion years….that is one thousand billion years. The current age of the universe is 13.6 billion years…or something very close to that. Think about it. Could we be the actual first advanced civilization? That has to be a start somewhere and why not is. Food for thought.

  18. No, we're not the first. 350 million years ago, about 5000 light years away, was a similar sized planet that developed exactly like earth did.

    This advanced civilization achieved great success. Sadly about 150 years after putting a man in space, their civilization destroyed itself. They fought over power and trivial nonsense.

    All their detectable electronic transmissions have long passed us by and one of their spacecraft's, telling the universe of their existence, passed us by, just 1000 earth years ago.

    But fear not, after earth's destruction, there is another up and coming planet. On the other side of the galaxy, 22,000 light years from earth. It's looking promising. Its hominid inhabitants are using tools to make life easier. They have many years to evolve. Let's hope this time, they get it right.

  19. There’s definitely nothing categorically impossible about either of those notions — that deep-past intelligences emerged on Earth, or that deep-past extraterrestrial civilizations visited our Solar System. However, it’s still pretty unlikely.

    In terms of older technological civilizations emerging on Earth, that clearly could not have happened before the Cambrian Explosion, ~500 million years ago. Before then, Earth had nothing “better” than algae. Based upon the fossil record of times since then, no creatures seem capable of Technology as we know it. Some could have been headed in that direction, very-arguably Raptor dinosaurs, but none appear to have even “gotten close,” so to speak. So, that’s possible, but very unlikely, based upon the best fossil evidence we have.

    As for deep-past alien visitations, again, that’s certainly not impossible, but far from likely as well. As we know, it’s really hard to evolve intelligent creatures on any one given planet; a whole lot of things have to be exactly right and go exactly right for intelligent life to emerge. However, yes, given the extreme abundance of planets in the Milky Way, there is almost certainly at least one other intelligent civilization “out there” somewhere, right now.

    While it’s also true that the probability of intelligence emerging increases vastly when you open that possibility to deep-history time scales, there are at least two further confounding factors: First, the farther back you go in time, the rarer are the chemical elements needed to construct complex life. You can’t construct intelligent life from hydrogen and helium! Second, we must remember that interstellar travel is just simply really really really hard! While we can imagine that, given tens to hundreds of thousands of years of STEM, intelligence will find a way to travel to the stars, we can’t base our assessments of what’s likely upon fantasy! It’s certainly possible that our knowledge of the Laws of Physics will eventually prove General Relatively wrong, but for all we know, the Theory that finally replaces General Relativity will show us that interstellar travel is even harder than it already appears to be! Until such a Theory emerges, if ever, we have to speculate within the boundaries of the best Theory we have, and that Theory says that the sheer amounts of energy required for interstellar travel are stupefyingly large . They’re on the order of E-equals-m-C-squared-ing (if that’s a verb) entire planets! That, to the point where it’s really unlikely that civilizations would ever go to the immense expense of galavanting about the galaxy for fun, or for resources, when it’s far easier, and consumes far less resources, to get both within their own solar system!

    (That, of course, given the probably-all-too-unlikely chance that intelligent societies even last longer than 50K years before self-destructing.)

    So, the question of whether deep-past civilizations have come to our solar system seems to be whether the vastness of deep time — probably not extending much more than a billion years in the past — can exceed the extreme difficulty and inconvenience of interstellar travel, and then, decide to, for whatever reason, come here in particular as opposed to billions of other solar systems.

  20. Those are all stars their sons just like ours. What you're looking at is a star micro nova throwing its dust off the surface creating a dust shell around it that's what you're. and looking at. In 1958 our the Sun had a pretty big solar flare. And it scared the s*** out of everybody. You should look into this 1958 solar event and see where it leads you. Biggest human being ever are governments kept a big secret about what they found out about our son. Waiting till 2018 release unclassified documents. They put us all are all of our lives and a shity position. By keeping this knowledge we could have had generations of scientists working on this problem. Now we only have a few years left probably. It's time to get busy. Every problem has a solution

  21. I dont think we qualify as civilization. We are primitives whose sophistication has gotten away from us, and we are just barely sophisticated enough to do some great works and then basically LIE to ourselves constantly while indulging our basest nonsense. We don't deserve to call ourselves a civilization. We are savages who are barely out of the mud who happen to command a few patterns and tools. We are a joke!

  22. I mean what are the pdds that we exist with our conditions, basically nada.
    Out own sun has inly been around for what 4-5 bilion years? And we (humans) only have been around for at most 250k-300k years
    In galactic time 250k years is not that much. To put things into perspective 250k is only a quarter of a milion years and you need 5000 times 1000000 years to get to 5 bilion
    And thats not even how long our galaxy has been alive for.

  23. Blah. Pointless speculation about the solar system/galaxy/Universe when we don’t even know what’s going on in the depths of the ocean and under the ice in Antarctica.

  24. I discovered your channel about a month or so ago and, I frickin love it. Sometimes I use your videos to help me fall asleep, since your voice is calming.

  25. No venus and mars were ours tell we abandon them due to global warming on one and devastated event/war must have happen on mars.

  26. There is evidence that many mainstream scientists dismiss out of hand as pseudoscience. There is evidence that the megolythic civilisations were far more technologicaly advanced then we give them credit for. And that they prospered up until the yonger dryas mass extinction event 12,400 years ago resetting civilisation back to the stone age. People dismiss this without even giving clear data or reasonable argument that it couldnt happen even with all the trace evidence that is out there of the Mu empire in the south pasific. The Atlantian empire of the east atlantic and western saharan sea. The empire that once ruled where russia is today. The lost civilisations in india, south africa, paru europe, and pre egyption egypt. The race of giants. The truth is out there and its being hidden from the world by the governments and religous centers of the world.

  27. It is interesting to consider that perhaps Venus had some sort of life or even intelligent life. But then the atmosphere got so polluted with greenhouse gases and killed everything. Perhaps Venus had a civilization that caused that runaway warming effect like what is happening here. Probably not, but still an interesting thought. Would be cool to write a sci-fi novel with that premise.

  28. The earth is too big for people to comprehend let alone the solar system. The issue with the discussion of extraterrestrial life or intelligence is one of time and distance, both of which are incomprehensibly against us.

  29. Who knows because it's been over thousands of years. Some people even speculate there were other civilizations on earth non human that were advanced.

  30. 0:33 the shape of the other matrix , the white matrix(womb) , one of her elements is cement used to build giants (skyscrapers) , the moon and her daughter , this matrix (white woman) brought to life Optimus prime

  31. In the overall picture of the solar system time frame, the time spawn of life on earth is very very short. Possible that Venus was like Earth when our planet was just a molten rock with 0 ocean.

  32. I actually don’t mind us being the first technologically advanced race. It means that if we live long enough. We will be the first to populate the galaxy.

  33. I know that this is kind of a fringe idea, and I understand skepticism toward it (I'm not entirely convinced myself), but I think it's entirely possible that we aren't even the first (relatively) technologically advanced human civilization on Earth. Humans have been "modern" for somewhere around 200,000 years, and yet we only know very much about our history for the last ~10,000 years. That's a lot of time for a civilization to exist and then be inundated by the ocean when the ice caps melt. Of course, there's not much evidence for such an idea, but I think that can at least partly be explained by academic bias: we're simply not looking for it, because we think we know our history, and if we did find it, we might interpret it incorrectly. Who knows? I think it's at least an interesting idea.

  34. Well evidence for prerecorded history era Civilazations (12,000 years and older) is available and right under your nose… all around the world. You just havent looked well enough or dismissed something significant out of ignorance. Or perhaps you've seen some of it, but without the smoking gun proof, you're afraid to be labeled as a looney or a joke amongst your target audience and peers. Ofcourse its not one enigma alone, but many together tied together by the common factors between myths and religions around the world that help paint the picture. Hell even the show ancient aliens has so much material to work with that they have countless seasons going. Also as you may begin to notice if you look deeper into the esoteric, science is slowly catching up and validating their wisdom.

  35. Speaking of sounding crazy ill comtinue my little rant, you should actually look into UFO phenomenon. it starts to get kinda freaky how much the government is telling us without saying it outright. Like theyre letting those who are ready to see it follow the bread crumbs, there are alot of declassified cia documents you can read too… Like the one titled adam and eve story, as well as government officials coming out and admiting theres some crazy shit out here we dont understand. It was even on the news not that long ago about the navy confirming a couple of videos shown by "academy to the stars" was real footage

  36. If we are the First Technological Civilization in the universe, we will be the last. Unless World Leaders and Denier stop calling Climate Change a Hoax and BS, we are doomed to be gone in the next 100 to 200 years. I am Australian and our current PM, Scott Morrison walked into Parliament with a hunk of coal saying, do not be scared, it is harmless, just a bit of rock. Then you have Trump claiming it is a hoax by the Chinese. As Greta stated at the UN.

    These people are destroying her future and ALL young peoples future. All for Economic Growth. What is money worth when the planet has gone to shit and we are all breathing smog and the sea levels are rising. Sorry, but any person with any brains at all can see it Climate Change is happening WAY to fast. I am 58 and I can see it with my own eyes. When I was 10, I saw farm paddocks full of sale because of trees being taken down clearing land. And the Amazon is being cleared right now for money.

    The Human Race is on a downward spiral and heading into oblivion and people refuse to believe it or even try to understand it. Well in 25 years or so, I will be dead, and the people left behind will suffer the consequences. I have no kids, so it does not matter to me. But to all the parents today, how much do you care about your children and their children?

  37. I am very skeptical about this ancient alien stuff, especially when peddled by Greeks in need of a haircut, but how else do you explain the Dogon knowledge of the Sirius system?

  38. Even if we are in a simulation, it still terrifies me to think that maybe we're the only simulated sentient beings in our universe. Or are there other simulated life out there

  39. I believe life has been forming or evolving throughout the Universe for millions of years.

    It is basically never ending. The closes life is probably so far away that our life on our planet and on their planet would die out long before we discovered each other.
    I am sure other intelligent life has discovered each other, but our earth could be so far away from others by the time they got here our earth would be a dead planet or would be no longer in existence.

  40. Existence is so absolutely absurd that this must be a simulation. I can't even imagine anything more absurd than the human condition.

  41. Who built the monolithic structures found all over the world? 100 ton stones moved and cut to fit each other with laser precision?

  42. Mathematics can provide sufficient evidence that there has been a previous technologically advanced HUMAN civilization on Earth…
    Assume for a moment that some of the Biblical Book of Genesis is true, namely that there was a Great Flood and that the pre-diluvian people lived extremely long lives. Now… using simple math, it is quite easy to show that a technological civilization HAD to develop in the 1556 years between the first recorded humans and the Flood.
    If a woman, today, is capable of safely birthing children for 1/4 of her life, and she is likely to live 75-85 years, that would be 18-25 years. A woman in pre-flood times would live 500+ years, so safe child bearing years would be 125 +/- years… Families in those times were often quite large, but let's assume that each woman would have 4 children and that each generation of children was separated by and average of 30 years… (yes, I am greatly simplifying, so please don't get pedantic)… That would allow for approximately 52 generations.
    start with TWO people having four children…. that forms two families with four children each, which then form four families with four children each… each generation essentially doubles the previous one.
    By the time of the Great Flood the population of the 52nd generation would be in the QUADRILLIONS. Even if we assume that 50% of each generation (average) dies from disease or war, the end result would be greater than the current population of the planet.
    With that great a population, a technological civilization MUST arise, since simple hunter-gatherer or primitive farming cultures could not support such numbers.

  43. We have fossils of lifeforms dating back to the earliest times. If civilisation had existed on Earth before homo sapiens, we would know by now. Venus, on the other hand, will keep its secrets.

  44. A conversation in a utterly diffrent language. Involving body movements combined with sounds and more possibly. About the clearly unnatural structures and devices they are finding on some of the moon's and in orbit throughout the solar system. Are they of alien designs? Where are these aliens. Could these have formed naturally some how? If not where are thier designers? Did they come from outside the system? Or did they inhabit one of the theorized 3 or 4 missing planets? Did they leave before the star destroyed them? Where did they go? Will they come back? They appear to have been hostile and greed driven. Will they pose a danger? He'll yes new little thinkers hide, run, they want to think thier smart, but jury is still out, even billions of years later. Billions of years we will be really greedy and dangerous by then. So hide little buddies.

  45. I still think, while it’s entirely likely intelligent life exists out there in the galaxy and universe, we may well be the first civilisation in the Milky Way (barring any new evidence, but even if such evidence existed governments would probably conspire to keep the truth hidden for decades or centuries).

  46. I’d like to think the earth would be the birthing grounds or mother planet, of many many human civilizations over 2-3 billion years it wouldn’t surprise me the previous generations would have had plenty of time and resources to advance far beyond us if they all worked to get her as one and maybe we are one of a long line of humans to advance far enough to make it to space but not advanced enough to have left to never return. And it just happens to be our turn? But instead of being one we choose to waste our chances fighting each other.👍🏻😪

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