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  1. This is the fourth and last episode of our Lore Essentials series. You should now be ready for Assassin's Creed Origins…
    We hope you enjoyed watching the series as much as we enjoyed making it ! 😉

  2. If u dont know the lore, maybe play thru the games. Worst fans are the fake fans. It took real fans years and a whole ton of work to understand what the lore was and what the "truth" was. Dont feed it to the plebs.

  3. so juno has been the bigger threat this whole time and abidys been cartin about stabbin templars cos they stole a biscuit from a farmer

  4. Great video, but I was under the impression that Juno intentionally placed her consciousness inside the grand temple, rather than being imprisoned there by Jupiter and Minerva. Can you please source that one particular point?

  5. Thank you so much for making this series. I love the AC lore and I feel like it deserved well made videos to explain it all!

  6. This is what this big companies do, hype up the game and then at the end is a disappointment. I am tired of listening about this game. At the beginning I was intrigued but now I am tired of listening about this game man

  7. thanks for this series! My brother and I are huge AC fans but I have to admit we have a hard time following the multiple parallel stories in each game. I will be forwarding these videos to my brother now so he can make some sense of the games too.

  8. Is Juno not considered to be the Isu version of a Templar? So with both Assassins and Templars oposing Juno, why do the Templars not see the danger of ultimate controle over others?

  9. Really love the work thats put into these lore videos and love watching them as well, there isn't really anything missing from them, please keep em coming 😀

  10. Alors le fils de Desmond est un Sage qui sert Junon c'est ca ? 🙂
    Jpourrai avoir une piste pour comprendre tout ca sur internet ?

  11. In Assassins Creed: Origins there are Giant enemies. Could they be remnants of the Ancient Esu? What do people think?

  12. Bad move on Ubisofts part to kill off Desmond, but when I heard that Juno will become the main antagonist I thought about how great of a conclusion it would be for the assassins and Templars to work together to stop her. Alas, Desmond's son turns out to be a sage and with that Ubisoft threw away a perfectly good character that should've been the new protagonist. Hopefully Desmond will return from the grey.

  13. Nice video, but I don't understand why didn't Minerva warn Desmond about Juno plans when she first contacted him through ezio?

  14. Since the Isu themselves don't even know about their own origins and has actual superpowers, are there any other paranormal forces outside science exist in this franchise including the afterlife??

  15. Wait a minute…. desmond has a son?????? Which comics are essential to the story? And where does that video with the body in that water tank come from? I played every game and i dont remember seeing that, please help me out

  16. So far, one gripe I have with Origins is that you activate the Isu devices and Bayek doesn't even acknowledge what he just witnessed. He interacts with something he can't even begin to comprehend and just merrily walks away like nothing even happened.

  17. Dans watch dogs 2 le bruisseur c'est Junon car la saga assassins creed et watch dogs sont dans le meme univers , on le sais grâce a laila dans assassins creed origin . voilà n'hésitez pas a aller voir la chaine de WARIOX sur le fameux bruisseur alias Junon 😉

  18. I think its really sad that since AC4 the Isu werent really mentioned in the games…including Origins! I mean, Juno wants to enslave humanity since AC4 and Ubisoft doesnt bother to tell us anything anymore about her or the Isu. Now they had a great opportunity in Origins to tell us something about the Isu but there are mere decoration! >:(

  19. All of this all just reminds me how bad they've mucked up the sci-fi part of this series. I've always loved the dual storytelling of the modern day mixed with the period piece. A small band of modern assassins hiding from the big bad Abstergo while they try to find a Piece of Eden to turn the tide was a great template.

  20. The story of assassin's creed is so interesting but ubisoft fucks it up making it the most inconsistent shit ever. I started playing since assassin's creed 1 and was so disheartened to see how boring and shit syndicate was and to see a franchise with so much potential and never reach it cos of ubisofts' poor excuse for story writers and game designers. Origins is a breath of fresh air and the only hope of the future of the franchise so ubisoft better not fuckk it up.

  21. Wow I hadn't played Unity, nor Syndicate and I didn't know what Juno was up to after being released in AC3. The final minute of this video really helped me get back on track. Just finished Origins today and the present day storyline looks promising!

  22. so by juno and scientist grab juno dna and implanting it into a synthetic human dna, shell basically be reborn each time she's murdered as well, like aita but in human form every generation, so assasin's and templars will have generations of battles against her for centuries, maybe at some point there'll be an ending to juno and her devilish plans against humanity, one thing is for sure i've read the comics of assassin's creed and templars plus played the games as well, it is true assassins and templars are working together behind the scenes to stop the followers of juno and juno her self from ever returning in mortal form.

  23. It's funny cuz that's my theory how humans came to be being part alien and part ape not made by them but a similar looking superior alien species

  24. Origins was such a disappointment literally no progress in the real world story thanks to ADD kids complainin' they can't kill shit for 2minutes to sit through a story that spans 11 years.

  25. Ok so where is this story in Origins. I only started playing the game after I got into the story of the Esu or Isu. But it's like Ubisoft forgot about this story why? What happened to the daughter of eve? What happened with Juno? Is this info in a comic?

  26. Could you make a new video about the audio messages you can hear in the tombs of origins?
    I understand nearly nothing from it. It appeals to me that Ubisoft had no real clue where to head next with the story and so they only included very little fragments to the story but utterly complicated. Almost like: If they can't understand it, they won't notice it's literally nothing. 🙁

  27. The isu is our master and always be therefore juno is right, she is the master therefore she can claim the life of slaves (human).

  28. I find it kind of hilarious that you labeled Juno a Supremacist…lol! Is it Supremacy to want your species to live on?…. If computers and robots become self aware and try to destroy us, would we be considered Supremacists if we tried to shut them down and rid ourselves of the problem we allowed to prosper? – I think not.

    Who's to say Juno isn't right in what she's doing?

    I still like your video. It's a good overall I analysis of the Assassin's Creed backdrop. But I wouldn't be so quick to say that Juno is wrong.

  29. My theory is that the Isu were the original Humans that God created and history went on as normal and then we advanced so much that we created more Humans then we thought of ourselves as superior to them and we called ourselves Isu.

    Then the Great Catastrophe hit and most of us died and then History repeated itself the exact same way it did before except the Humans in AC are now the ones we made, and the Templars want to do the same thing!

    In Modern Day AC the Templars want to use the Pieces of Eden and become the next Isu and then there will be another event and it will repeat itself!

  30. Which comics or books should I read to know the story od Desmond's son or Juno followers? I've read only first 6 Olivier Bowden's books

  31. “Thousands of millennia”… seems like dramatisation of millions of years. Also, the isu existed around 80000 years ago, so that’s not really valid.

  32. So much potential – and all has been for nothing now that Juno has been killed off in the comics. Can't believe they've decided to just drop this after so much buildup. I know people are not really fond of the modern day story – but c'mon – they could have at least killed her of ingame somehow. With all the time-bending powers of the Isu they surely could have thought of something interesting…

  33. This was really well done and the Toba catastrophe is a real thing! I will always love how AC makes amazing fiction out of real historical events. When Origins had documents talking about Jesus using the shroud it just about blew my mind!

  34. i know desmond is dead but i jist really want to see him make a return and make the present day great again. id love to see him return and form a new assassin brotherhood to stop juno and the templars

  35. Every isu sight in ac origins I visited and played the message things it literally made me question the human race like it almost felt real the dude in the recording was pretty convincing

  36. Your kind see this game as entertainment, as a child might see a toy.

    But as toys are inspired by reality, so too was this game.

    We created your species in our image, as you created the canines from the wolves and your livestock from wandering beasts. And as the chimpanzee resembles a human, so to does a human resemble the Aitaki. Taller, sleeker, grey while your species is black and white.

    We made you – and just as you breed your animals for docility and bulk, we bred you.

    You are our slaves and we control your fate. As your delinquents and deviants flee hopelessly from your flying vessels, so to will you flee from us… with no chance of escape.


  37. Assassin's creed origins shed some light on how the Isu are able to reach out through time the Ancient mechanisms segments recorded by the Issue for Layla. They reveal that with they are able to percieve time and space differently due to their high intelligence, it's like language with different tunes, They are able to calculate future events by interpreting the language and the different tunes.

  38. Fun Fact: Jupiter, Minerva and Juno are also known as Zeus, Athena and Hera to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans

  39. Not exactly president died out completely The Descendants physically use the artifacts but have no prior knowledge of them and humans cool braids with descendants house children with extraordinary abilities who usually find themselves in the Assassins Brotherhood

  40. I really wish theyd touch on south america with the Inca Mayan and all the massive structures that legit predate them

  41. okay, Isu are nothing but archons for gnostics, jinns for middle easterns, demons for christians. they lived on this earth before the advent of men and they are here still now. I love it how games have incorporated these ideas into them. the satan/iblis/lucifer is a jinn and he rebelled against God when The Almighty wanted to make Man(Adam and progeny) to inherit in earth. They are the enemy of mankind. All the occult rituals are basically done through the help of this entities. They have been morphed from heat energy as we have been morphed from the earth(wet clay). So, they are energetic in nature as we are matter. They lack the intellect though (almost incapable of forming wise decisions).

  42. Too bad tney finished Juno's story, one decade of lore build up, in a miniseries of comics that idk how many people, even gamers devoted to the series, know about. And the ending itself is so lame. Spoiler, but really, it's so dumb it will save you from 12 pointless comics issues: Juno is reincarnated and a group of assassins drop a goddamn building on her. Vamoosh, son of a bitch! It's like she could've been indestructible as a digital sentience but as soon as she made herself a body… Kaboom! The story set in ac3 and teased in Rogue, Unity and syndicate is done. The new Aletheea storyline seems promising but idk… I've kinda lost hope. Good thing the game is so much more than this…

  43. i screamed at the end i thought this was a movie trailer man like

    juno: Ill save you…. iLL SAVE YOU ALL! with that scary robotic internet face lol

  44. Sentience is not Sapience. Other than that, nice video. Ah, transhumanism, unomundus, physical gods, you too can be immortal, and other luciferian symbolism is prevalent in AC lore, I've always love it since the inception. Even Al-Mualim is modeled after the "Dajjal" with his lone eye. The Black, White, and Red colors of both the Assassin and Templar order and Game Art. Reflecting their practice of White and Black and Red Magic, the Kaaba(listic) artstyle of Isu temples, yup. I love the subliminal messaging of this game. Remember, only a few select of you have God dna, everyone else is built to serve you. No amount of spiritual practice can change that. It's all physically imbedded into you, who's a sage, and who's not. 😉

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