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  1. First of all and most importantly, its my birthday, so I will not be available much to check and respond to early comments much today. Secondly, I will add the Arabic subtitles to YouTube's Close Caption system later sometime during the day.

    I know this is a very serious and mainstream topic more suited for Bright Insight and those type of mystery and archeological channels, but this is a subject I have wanted to look at since forever. It deserves to be an hour long episode, so a lot of this is truncated and summarized. For a different tone, the next episode will be set in Turkey and go full on Lovecraftian Horror (with real documented footage), as we will do a deeper dive into a topic I looked at before.

    Finally Amjad is narrating this episode so yay. This is his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-C6VOQwSACTjE2skDKhhg. Also thanks to One Nine Seven One who help assist on my new videos. Link to their channel can be found in the description. Also sorry about the audio level. It sounds ok on my hard drive, but there's a little loss of quality when uploaded.

    The thumbnail is of the Greek Titan The Hundred Handed One painted by Shahab Alizadeh. This is his website https://www.artstation.com/shahabalizadeh

    BTW, thanks to the Patreons who not only pledge, but a few who have even increased their pledges over the past month. It's a real motivation to keep working on growing and advancing this channel. One day inshalla Netflix…. or at least Netflix level productions. :-p https://www.patreon.com/PMME "

  2. WOW 69k+ subscribers congrats mysterious middle east 👏🏾👏🏾 been here since 5k your bot with attitude was the only bot I could stomach lol love this new guys voice.. keep em coming ✌🏾 oh n Happy Birthday 🥳

  3. Yaaaaasssss!! I clicked so FAST on this !😂😍😍😍 Love your voice Amjad, and so HAPPY u are back , Always great content. ❤️ Well I remember one of the Spears King Tut had was made out of a piece of meteor since they tested it and it wasn't of this world , so the glass makes sense! It says in the Bible he made it rain down on Sodom and G. As it shall be once again in Armageddon!😱

  4. My great grandfather was in charge of training the Hiroshima and Nagusaki bomber pilots. Went most of my life not knowing that.

  5. What makes everyone think the ancient nuclear capability was weapons? Perhaps it would normally would have been used for something else but an accident occured occured. Just a suggestion.

  6. Something I've noticed about this whole Atlantis connection is that the Minoan culture seems to match… That's not to say it's not a separate incident… I have some theories on Antarctica as well and it's actual location that has to do with a massive shift of the toroidial field aka pole flip and current maps being inverted… Also objects that exist above are reflections of what is below In other words outer space is really inner space… Keep in mind also most likely mankind had nuclear energy as far as creating electricity and/or possibly various other kinds of technology that needed energy to power it so basically it doesn't necessarily mean nuclear war but could mean a Chernobyl type of event… Most historical documentation being written by the victors of conflicts leaves at least cause for questions as to the accuracy of events that's not to say they didn't happen but rather the means and the cause thereof… Fear being the greatest weapon of all and wielded by narcissistic socio/psychopathic tyrants to control the people

  7. Once again you have done an amazing job of giving us more fascinating and thought provoking information. Please keep teaching and I pray you have a safe and very happy birthday!!
    Thanks again for all you do!!

  8. Hello. I think that 7 civilizations have lived before us, because in the Bible there is something of 7 ages. Greetings from Germany.😎😎👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  9. Sometimes I wonder how many times Earth has been "destroyed" and most inhabitants wiped out, only to start again and re invent the past? Very cool. Y

  10. Happy Belated Birthday my good man. Thank you for this needed insight. Any logical thinking human being surely understands that these lessons from our past ring true. It explains much where modern science falls short. It is so badly needed and we should all be grateful that you take time to help us understand what has, in my opinion, been deliberately kept from us.

  11. Interesting. Never dissatisfied to watch your videos. Always enlightening. And Senah Helwah to you,may Allah bless you and your family always..Aamiin

  12. Really why would it be that "we do not know" why can't we know this? Which year really was the Quran written down?

  13. Love your videos!! Happy Birthday ~~ P.S. where can I find the music used at the end of the video? (you only put the music creators chanel, but not the actual song)

  14. *Standing hand clap* Outstanding episode and the content was great! I have always wondered about the green glass that is found in the middle east. It matches up to well with what the makers of the atomic bomb found after the first test. Cant wait till the next episode!!!!

  15. i was talking about this to a friend the other day he did not believe me .Well done awesome video.and thanx for adding subtitles…lol cant wait til next upload

  16. Absolute favourtie channel on YT! I could watch a new episode every week, so please keep doing what you do. A full-length documentary would also be fantastic, and I am sure in your future. Amjad's narration is simply the icing on the perfect cake. Bravo!

  17. Between Gen 1 verse 1 & verse 2, l believed there are many past civilizations on earth.
    This is before Time were created.
    But all these 'beings' were destroyed by Creator God before the most imperfect beings were created, humans.
    Lucifer rebel first b4 earth was form.

  18. If all these examples of "glass" found throughout the region are claimed to be from nuclear explosions from a ancient war, why is there not ANY radiation present? Would there not be any background radiation left over, or contamination? I would think that it would be all over the region and easy to detect with a Geiger counter. Just saying…

  19. Sound was a little off this time , voice over especially. Will let you off as it was your birthday and it’s a great episode 😁

  20. Sound was a little off this time , voice over especially. Will let you off as it was your birthday and it’s a great episode 😁

  21. Wish all Channels would edit and present their information like yours 💯. One of my favorite channels, more should be watching.

  22. I absolutely love your work guys. Please keep up the good work and get out more content, the perspective that you present is so valuable yet rare. You really help to enrich the debate.

  23. This channel is mind blowing . Please keep it up and continuing. U take time to bring out new videos but that is Wright if you bring out quality stuff like this. Thank you and I pray that your channel grows exponentially and you share what is true to your knowledge…Ameen

  24. take a look at the site Florida Maquis go back about 5 or 6 weeks ago and look for the Face in Antarctica and Brazilian RF Pentagons a world wide web of stargates

  25. Emery Smith said that when he was in the Vatican Library on the lower levels there is a mural on the wall showing 8 civilizations including a reptilian line that once existed on earth including Atlantis

  26. Qur'an, tells us about many lost nations. Since the time of Nuh(Noah), with the great flood. Then, the nation of Aad, the Prophet was Hud. After them, the nation of Thamud, the Prophet was Saleh. Then, it was Shoaib(Shuayb), the nation of Mad'yan. Nation of Abraham, of Lot, etc. All of them are mentioned and got destroyed, for the misery they have done. On top of it, is: Shirk. Associating Allah partners, equals in Creation, Worship and His Names and Attributes. May Allah save us.

  27. As it's written "Nothing's new under the sun" , it is clear that the invention of nuclear warheads is not an invention. I would say it was the Re-discovery. Humans just found the way to advance it with latest tech.

  28. All the signs, all the Gods. Why do you think people ,made up' gods who looked like humans, yet had Supernatural body parts and powers? Yet all these gods throughout the years and ages changed names. From the Greek mythology to the Nordic and the middle Eastern, these Beings were gods only for humans. In fact they were more advanced humanoids called Isu, aka annunaki. As the Bible states : we looked like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we have seemed the same to them .

  29. Aselamualeykum brother ! and HBD ! looking forward to a long and awesome upcoming videos ! Bravo ! Bravo !

  30. Middle east holds many secrets indeed. But the countries in the region is always at war, a perfect way to destroy and erase evidences of the ancient past the middle east holds.

  31. i cant tell you how much i enjoy your videos! absolutely amazing, professional research and video quality, not to mention the topics are my life blood. i anxiously await your next work. THANK YOU!

  32. Happy late birthday. Also I’d like to state what I’ve heard created the Sahara. I heard the ancient ones. The watchers came and mined the Middle East of all its gold. Therefore the vast mining would creat sand from the massive digging and grinding. I dunno. I could be just another dumb American. Or, I could be actually in to something we will never be told.

  33. Who is the greatest deceiver ? allahs the greatest deceiver .Everything in the koran is a lie there is NO salvation in it and no hope ever of it.Yes there were many ancient civilisations but GOD of THE Bible destroyed them because they were of satan.This will happen again when JESUS returns very soon in the middle east when islam is returned to the pit.


  35. In Morocco, there is a city called Safi on the Atlantic side.It is thousands of years of old. People of that region know there is a submerged city on the shores. Atlantis is believed to be on that side of the Ocean. Surprisingly, Commandant Cousteau never came to explore the waters of Morocco.

  36. Ron Wyatt found Sodom and Gomorrah along time ago. Where they picked chunks of the purest sulfur ever found on earth out of the desert. You can go and get yourself some. As far as I know there are no restrictions to do so.

  37. There is also evidence giants murdered by people stories of people going kill them because they felt threatened by them they found a bile of them children women man with arrows there heads bashed in by people

  38. Those people where evolved knew how this planet worked people moved in there home didn’t understand ,grave show story people felt threatened killed them,blaming them for what their still doing today.Giants where evolved people wasn’t long ago people where bad,only lately people stop killing everything look different some still do.people where not nice killing people different justify it calling them evil still do,hope people evolve more so world be safe.

  39. I don't remember the passage, but the bible speaks about a generation that will ask for a literal translation of the Word. Thanks for a chance to ponder them with the information you provide. 👍✌

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