Bayside: Humane Society of Pinellas (8/20 & 9/10)

The Humane Society of Pinellas is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that’s been caring for animals in our community since 1949 not just an adoption Agency the humane society of Pinellas provides life-saving care, and services to help keep pets and people together Their mission is to strengthen the bonds between pets and people by offering an enriching environment for our animals providing learning opportunities For our community and matching the right animal to the right forever home you can main society of Pinellas is up next on Bayside Good morning, and welcome to Bayside. I’m your host Shelley sanders We have an old friend of the studio here, miss twila. Cole. You are here again. I love it We all love it every time you come I swear which just make this a regular every month occurrence I mean you’re on often enough not as well. We should we let’s make a date for sure okay? I’m in and all those that say yes, yes, and everybody in the studio agrees, so okay Twila let’s start a little bit broad you always bring a friend and in this case you brought Jimmy Yes, I’m in love with Jimmy and the smile is Ridiculous, but we’re going to get to Jimmy in a minute I just have to address them though Talk to me a little bit about the humane society of Pinellas I know I talked about it in the open but but elaborate a little bit if you will for those that haven’t heard for sure humane society of Pinellas we are we’re fortunate to be the largest no-kill shelter in Pinellas County we’ve been caring for the community for about 70 years and we are the Go-to for for rehoming animals so about three-quarters of our pets come to us from owner surrender Situations and the other 25% we work with local shelters as through our shelter transfer program So that we can help our community and getting those pets also into our organization, and we’re really lucky dogs right now they’re getting adopted in an average of only eight point nine days a while outstanding and Captain an average of just over 28 days wow so animals really are Adopted really really fast through our organization, and it’s for being homeless it’s a great spot for them to be and the other part of our focus is to really help keep pets and people together as You touch that so we have a wide variety of programs and services dedicated to helping the public Helping own pets to stay in their homes really and truly Speaking just personally you guys should I mean you should be what epitomizes the humane society? I mean you guys go above and Beyond and again just to remind you at home or even enlighten you each humane Society Chapter you are run Yes, you’re part of the national organization But it’s run independently but that’s absolutely true sighting of me by the ocean yes And your budget is quite significant correct Yes So it speaks volumes for for you in the bay area you’re doing a fantastic job because you’re able to make that remarkable budget Over two million dollars if I’m going off memory you are going on an annual basis yes, but you imagine But you but you do it year after year, and you don’t do that without Like you that step up come in and volunteer offering up financial donations I mean the programs that you have between camps during the summertime you have the senior Connection you have pet pantry I mean the list goes on and on and on and on and this is the one of the main reasons We have you on so often it’s because you have entirely too much going on there to address in one particular episode So let’s get down to the fur right let’s talk about Jimmy. Tell me about Jimmy What is this order lately so Jimmy came to us not the traditional way? He was actually found as a stray right down the street from us So our shelters right off with McMullen booth right in the center of clearwater So it’s very very busy road right down the road. It’s drew in with Mullen booze intersection He was found running the streets So it was actually on 7-Eleven, so that’s an easy date to remember So he has been he came into our organization we held him for that Applica Tory straight hold So if his owner truly was out there hunting for him He was available to be found once that hole went up our doctors took a look at him And he actually had a horrible paradoxal disease. So fortunately we have a full medical staff Actually two teams in our shelter one that cares for the public service and our pet clinic But a veterinarian and technician team of animal caretakers that just care for our shelter pets So through that Jimmy was able to get all of his blood work done expensive senior blood workup And then a dental so they they laughed and they say that the left side of his smile is open But that he had quite a few extractions so his teeth were actually in really bad shape So he’s still on the soft food hold in the next couple days. He’ll be released and available for adoption and Much better and I have to say for a stray you would think they’d be a little timid or nervous, especially where he was found this dog is Completely relaxed and as a matter of fact look as he’s flying. I love this smile, it’s oh, it’s crazy You can’t resist a pet. Oh he hasn’t been nervous since he got here look at that. I mean clearly he’s so Relaxed he’s actually sleeping. He knows where you belong. That’s what a shelter pets like So fantastic so now you’ve got a lot of exciting things a lot of a lot of the monies that you raise don’t just come In through financial donations, but they also come through Fundraisers, so talking about some of the things that you have coming up well we are we’ve got two major things happening right now first of all we have our challenge Match Grant which is a Member an anonymous member of the community has challenged us and our supporters to raise $100,000 before the end of the year and he’s going to match that hundred thousand dollars and these are dedicated funds that are going to Help us Increase a few different specific programs so our senior pet Connection which delivers food to Shut-in seniors throughout Pinellas County we are we’re currently at about 175 homes we’re going to be going up to 300 We also and that is completely donor supported donor run volunteer delivered But he’s going to wear this grant is going to allow us as we increase these homes We’re struggling right now to keep enough donated food in stock So we know that we’re going to have to cover that gap in expenses, so it’s going to allow that The Angel fund is another avenue of that and the angel fund will allow for Funding to be available so that the pets that are in the homes of these shut and seniors they couldn’t get out to get food They then next steps. They’re not going to be able to afford or get out to and afford veterinary care for their animals So we will be able to care for those animals provide that veterinary care in approved situations But actually have funding through this match challenge, so that we can provide that care But it will not have a direct impact on that operating budgets that were already responsible for we can’t take on anymore Sure and then the third section of that This effort and project is going to be to replace our mobile medical unit So the mobile medical unit allows us to take the doctor along with a room The vet the the exam room and everything to these different locations not only for these shut and seniors throughout the community But we will be able to reengage in our lower socioeconomic Efforts where we would take our unit out park it in different areas where people have a lot of pets But maybe do not realize that we offer these shares in the public, and they themselves can’t get there as well How incredible and big things happening? I wow kudos to that man if you’re listening out there gosh Speechless, it’s Incredible truly humane society of pinellas org. That’s the website you’re looking at it right there That’s how you can help out volunteer your time Volunteer some financial Assistance any way you want to look at it. Maybe even adopt a pet all right check it out while we go to break That is fantastic Welcome back to Bayside I’m your host shelly sanders and I get the privilege to see this precious little space Jimmy You were just looking at him and yes he will be up for adoption at the humane society of Pinellas Which is what we’re talking about here with miss twila called good friend of the show Twila we were just talking about an Absolute Angel A Blessing to humane society of Pinellas when we left out on the braid talking about his anonymous donation he’ll match dollar for dollar for anything that you donate to the humane society of pinellas between now and the end of the year up to $100,000 I’m curious. Do you have an estimation of do you know where you’re at at this point? We’re not mad at quite a third there Yeah, quite a third there We’ve had some other things that have come up in the last type of we’re months so with the expansion of our pet clinic We we had to dedicate some fundraising first, so there where I move the pet clinic up the road and get that ball rolling But you know what they did citizens here in the Tampa Bay area and Pinellas are Amazing and I have seen miracles happen, especially when it comes to you guys you guys are incredible That’s really not a whole lot for them to raise for humane society of Pinellas. I mean, so the challenge is on up to $100,000 so you still you need still about 600 yeah what? 600,000 Hahaha, right. There’s more supporters there there for that that incredible, so that’s your your challenge match Grant Yeah, okay, you got another big fundraiser coming up. We are tell me about it our Golden paw gala. This is our signature Annual dinner where we bring together our donors and supporters? For a night of really letting them know how their every dollar makes a difference We say it all the time, but we in one evening. We wrap up a program to share with them What their dollars have allowed us to do the lives of the that they’ve allowed us to save Share with them the upcoming activities things and needs and and really let them know what the next year Holds, so that we we need them to continue to help our job is never done So the Golden paw gala wraps all of that in together also We do some awards, so we love to thank you touched on it volunteers We have over 50,000 hours are donated every year to our shelter, and we couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers So every year the peers nominate one of their volunteers to be the volunteer of the year so we can’t wait to Announce and pass that along we have our community volunteer of the year this year It’s going to be miss Laura fletcher a lot of people know about Laura. She’s been working in the transport industry not industry But helping with transports for pets for at least a decade Not longer and it plays an imperative role in helping animals get to the Tampa Bay area where we do have resources here We’re not the only shelter that is able to help animals and so we have a great community here both internal again in the sheltering side of it and All of our shelters run on donations and none of us could do it without that so miss Laura and her team are very Responsible and bringing many animals here to the Tampa Bay area And into Florida across the board so we can’t wait to honor and share more about her story And then we also have a youth volunteer of the year award So that allows us to share the impact that we have with children over 4,000 children every year are connected with the humane society of pinellas to learn about being kind to animals and Really teach them about responsible pet ownership and it’s interesting the stories all very much intertwine and this year’s youth Volunteer first got connected with a story about the senior pet Connection started to as a child Get food donated to help the seniors and to hear his story about putting that together from a child’s perspective To think about the elderly Not everybody makes that big giant leap And he really recognized the importance yang and has made a big difference this year, it’s amazing What one child can do? It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it our awards helped to share our story also. Oh that’s fantastic So if you’re wanting more information about that of course you can get tickets and solo tickets order 100 and then throw $100 apiece yeah sponsorship start at 250 and go up So it’s amazing for businesses to be able to show and feature that they want to help homeless pets and save animals lives But for the individuals that come also, please common if you know about us You need to really get the story and the meat behind of the story, and you don’t know us It’s a great way to be introduced absolutely and if you need more of an introduction You guys hold open houses all the time you can come out and tour the facility and you can find all that information? Online at their website humane society of Pinellas org you’re looking at that site right there I encourage you get a ticket to the college so much fun. I imagine you’ll have silent auction items as well It’s always a good time But you can also learn more about how to take part in one of these open houses or volunteers. There’s always donations Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be back you go log on to the website to main Society open hours Data work Welcome back to bayside. I’m your host shelly sander here with twila cole of the humane society of pinellas and of course. It’s adorable Jemmy oh my goodness he is His he is all about just being comfortable isn’t he he is I know my pal behaves I mean really and truly from the moment. He got here. It’s like he he belongs here Yeah, and okay So for this is just a perfect example of what your money’s go to what your time and volunteering goes to help? Little puppies like this and other animals as well of course but today we’ve got Jimmy here, and Jimmy is a hoot I mean, I can’t even means the showstopper. Isn’t it yes and Emmy doesn’t do anything? So how can you do it you know, okay? So so we were talking about when we went to braids we were talking about your fantastic Golden paw event that’s coming up September 29th by the way from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.. At the Fantastic what a great venue Sheraton Sand Key resort yeah, so okay Wow, do you still need silent auction items absolutely we’re still collecting that final phase of silent auction items For live auction we really focus on experiences, so if somebody has something really cool out there come and talk to us about it We’ve got a few things laid out so but but we’re always open to new ideas more ideas. So if there’s a live auction Experience out there definitely hit us up handsome for sure, but yeah certainly donations We do accept those up to that last week to help ensure. We’ve got great packages We want something for everybody because it is about raising money to help care for these animals it cost about $500 for every animal that comes through the door and Then for cases like Jimmy where he needed a dental and blood work and other things we’re looking at at least 300 $300 more on average for those extra cases And we take in a lot of extra cases sure so at the end of the day it truly is about ensuring that we can raise money so that we can continue to Help as many animals as we possibly can absolutely and you guys do a phenomenal Phenomenal job I cannot say it enough. I encourage you to get out and take a tour of the humane society of Pinellas I mean there they’ll take you through there show you what’s going on you get a real full understanding of just how everything works over there and Frankly you’ll fall in love You’ll fall in love with not just the animals that you’ll fall in love with the people as we have witnessed twila cole every time She comes he or she brings somebody else another little animal that we fall in love with so big things are going on over there and don’t forget about the Challenge match Grant from now on to the end of the year every dollar that you donate specifically to that particular challenge up to $100,000 I think my math was way off earlier, but who cares let’s bring it to the camera. Don’t come in but either way, I wanna just I will take a $600,000 get right either way now. I’m not my forte, but we’ll take the money correct I mean it goes to benefit good things You know one thing about it that I love when people talk about you know well animals I don’t know it really becomes a people thing. I mean at the end of the day because when you bring them to Connect with the senior pet Connection. It’s been proven time and time again it extends the life of those it helps people with illnesses with terminal illnesses children with I mean so it becomes at the end of the day it becomes a people issue as well, so Big things going on over there. I love when you come. Thank you If there’s one final thought you want to leave our viewers with what would it be? Let’s get involved there’s so many ways to get involved you may be looking to adopt But as we keep talking about we’re way much more Helpful Never mind. Just adopt Look at this guy smiling. He says I got a final thought check out this face, right see me here Oh my goodness if anything to add another smile to these little touches Face of us where it’s killing me just killing me so get out get involved like twila said I tell you week after week all right. How do you do that? Well you start by logging on to? Humane society of Pinellas or Jemaine society of Pinellas org of course we’ll have a link for you on our website see W44 calm as well. Why don’t you check it out? We’re going to bring as Always I want to thank you at home for joining us this week on bayside, and of course Twila. Thank you for bringing Jimmy I mean this dog is ridiculous I love him who doesn’t who wouldn’t love that face okay? Get out get involved in your community I tell you every single week the golden paw gala coming up on the 29th of september get your tickets now Volunteer to Beat play part of the Challenge Match Challenge Match Grant dollar for dollar up to $100,000 before December 31st All right humane society of Pinellas org or link on Cw 44 Com gotta go we’ll see you next time

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