Beautiful Lengths Haircut Stories: Tamara’s Makeover

Beautiful Lengths Haircut Stories: Tamara’s Makeover

I’m excited, scared– now or never. Ahh. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m a photographer. I like being known as the artsy kid. And I live in California, so
California girls are known for having long hair. I’m introverted. I’m hoping that, in cutting my hair, I
will gain more confidence but also give somebody else more confidence,
confidence that they will most likely be lacking at such a hard
time in their lives. I think it’s really wonderful that a
young person can be so selfless. It’s really heartwarming, and I’m
really, really proud of her. I really am. I was really self-conscious as
a kid about my appearance. And then my hair was something that
people started complementing. So my hair feels like something
that has grown up with me. As I’ve grown up, it’s grown out. I’m going to college, so I am going
to have to be more outgoing. I’m going to have to meet new
people all over again. So now would be a good time to come
out of my shell as I cut my hair. Maybe this was supposed to happen. [APPLAUSE] Are you ready? Yes, just do it. Don’t look so worried. [LAUGHTER] That’s OK. It’s for a good cause. Yeah, it’s good. Yes, it is. Everyone come and give
her some support. [LAUGHTER] Ready? Do it. just do it. I’m doing it. Ooh, that was fast. [SURPRISED CHATTER] Oh my gosh. [APPLAUSE] Oh my god, I feel so free. Ready? Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s go. [APPLAUSE] It’s really cool to think that, in
helping other people, I am actually going to be bettering myself. While they’re lacking in confidence
and having a really hard time, hopefully I’ll be able to restore
that and, at the same time, restore that in myself. It may be hard for me to imagine my hair
getting this long again, just as it might be hard for somebody to imagine
being the healthy, laughing self that they were before cancer. It’s beautiful how hair grows back as
a reminder that life does go on, and there is a time, other than the
present, that may be better. One, two, three. Oh my gosh, I love it. Oh my gosh. I look so different. It’s out of my face already, and I think
it’s definitely going to be a conversation starter when I get home. You look so gorgeous. I love it. You look beautiful. You’re beautiful, Tams. Thanks, guys. [MUSIC PLAYING]

24 thoughts on “Beautiful Lengths Haircut Stories: Tamara’s Makeover

  1. Are you kidding me? She's still beautiful and in my opinion, she's even more beautiful for doing such an awesome thing. She did it to help those with cancer. I think that is awesome.

  2. I think that is so cool! I donated my hair and I felt so good knowing that my hair could possibly make a little girl so happy. I hope to donate a few more times! =)

  3. I don't understand the obsession with long hair. A bob would be gorgeous on her, if you have the face to show it off why have a mop on your head.

  4. Last year when my daughter was 17 she was in a terrible accident, requiring multiple surgeries. Her hair was thin to begin with, but all the anesthesia and tangles caused most of her hair to fall out. Her hair is finally growing again, but it is programs like this that helped her keep her pride, she uses human hair extension clips to add just enough to her terribly thin ponytail to make it look natural. Still thin, but natural. THANK YOU.

  5. I need to kick the habit of reading comments on the internet. Always puts me in a bad mood. Cutting her hair for a good cause doesn't make her brave. You people don't know what brave is. She doesn't look any less beautiful with it gone, and honestly if she was going to donate in the first place I'd say donate more. I don't even see how they're going to use that tiny braid of hair.

  6. Some people just don't get it, I do. I had cancer and I lost my hair and I do think this is a brave and selfless act. You don't know what something like hair does to define you until you don't have it anymore. I didn't feel like a woman and it takes a long time for hair to grow. They cut off a LOT of hair. It took me 3 years to get my hair from bald to like hers when she got it cut. I love her attitude and this brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.

  7. What a great video! I just cut my hair also with stylist Justin German and will be donating my hair soon.

  8. I was just thinking that!
    I wonder how they could possibly make a wig with such short hair?
    I'm pretty sure they usually have to cut the uneven and damaged last few inches off, but either way it just doesn't seem like enough.

  9. Great Cause! My Daughter just donated for the third time about 2 weeks ago. She is 8, and loves to do it for those in need.

  10. They can't make a wig with that, to short, they must be making caps with hair
    coming out of it.  Is the most they can do with that.
    You need  to be cut to baldness for it to be a wig, lock of love always
    cut until bald but they don't do cancer they do baldness 
    Just hairloss but no illness, many people just lose hair.

  11. Oh my god! Her hair looks silly, beautiful and I always wished that I could get rid of frizz, hair fall outs and comb or brushy hair daily. Because I have been not always feeling so certain or sure about how I feel about my hair and how it affects my atmosphere around others. I'm turning 17 on September and I am still loving the videos I am watching now.

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