Behind the Science: Cancer Prevention & Early Detection

Behind the Science: Cancer Prevention & Early Detection

The cancer prevention and early
detection and 2011 its an annual publication of the American Cancer Society and it is
the most comprehensive publication on cancer risk factors
suggest smoking obesity environmental ultraviolet
radiation exposure as well as the use of cancer early detection test for breast cervical and colorectal cancer screening with
tobacco we are seeing that now we have stall smoking rates among
adults and adolescents have changed very little and this is a little troubling since
we’ve known that we’ve made incredible progress in smoking reduction
since the 60s but that these reasons trends in
installing of tobacco indicates that perhaps we need to strengthen our tobacco control strategies and
opportunities and look at new ways that we can address certain gaps in expanding our approaches to tobacco control in many
communities that still we have not yet made important in facts another important finding in
the cancer prevention and early detection report is it relates to obesity we know that obesity plays an
important role in cancer mortality and so what we’re
seeing in terms of the finances that 18 percent
of adolescents are obese and 34 percent of adults are obese they data in the report now indicates
that mammography usage has remained unchanged therefore that means that
we’re really not progressing that much and other aspect of cancer screening
that was still there still remains a lot to be done
is on colorectal cancer screening we have on the positive side important trending upwards in the uptake of
colorectal cancer screening but their current levels are still
indicate that it’s about that two-thirds of adults 50 and older who
have gotten a colorectal cancer screening in order to
continue our progress what we need to do is figure out better systematic and coordinated ways
in which we can effect action in cancer prevention and control

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  1. Read the book Alive and Well by Dr. Philip Binzel. The full text is online for free. Google it. Also read World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. There is a video by the same name on Google Video. Cancer is a deficiency disease, like scurvy (which is the result of a Vitamin C deficiency). One of the primary deficiencies in the case of is Vitamin B17 aka amygdalin. Doctor's who take a full nutritional approach including B17 have amazingly good results compared to "orthodox" treatments.

  2. Vilma Cokkinides' message is so important to understanding causes and early cancer detection testing. Thank you for sharing this video.

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