Behind the Science: Cancer Prevention to Lower Death

Behind the Science: Cancer Prevention to Lower Death

My colleagues and I looked at some data that we have been collecting over decades at the American Cancer Society to see whether
following cancer prevention recommendations could lower the risk of dying from cancer
and other causes over a fourteen year period. We found that people who followed all four of the recommendations simultaneously had a major reduction in the risk of dying from
cancer and other causes during this period. The American Cancer Society Guidelines
for Nutrition and Physical Activity include four main recommendations. One is
to maintain a healthy body weight throughout life. The second is to be regularly physically active. The third is to consume an overall
healthy diet and the fourth is to limit alcohol consumption. And what we did was we scored
individuals on their level of adherence to these four
recommendations and found that those who most closely followed all four of those recommendations had a forty two percent lower risk of
dying of any cause over a fourteen year period compared individuals who didn’t
follow any of the guidelines. If you want to reduce your risk of developing cancer and if you want to live a long and
healthy life, it’s very simple; don’t smoke, maintain a healthy body weight, eat a healthy diet, be physically active and limit alcohol consumption or drink in
moderation. These are things we’ve heard before, but
what this study showed was that it can have a major impact on reducing risk of mortality and death from cancer.

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  1. People need a better understanding of nutrition and saying to eat a healthy diet to many people means to opt for diet soda instead of regular, count calories, etc. Reality is people need to have raw plant foods as the main portion of their diets and meats that come from animals raised in humane conditions, such as free range grass-fed beef.

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