Bergen is Definitely a Roman City – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 7

Bergen is Definitely a Roman City – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 7

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So, we are currently in the middle of the war with Norway, which just started at the end of the previous episode, so let’s just jump back into it And what the heck is Japan doing? I don’t get it Is he planning to attack Norway anyway? I have no clue. He’s doing something I barely took any damage on that legion I thought I’ll take way more than that, but apparently not Well then, so let’s move in like this. That way my catapult will be relatively safe and I can upgrade to a pikemen Yup so let’s upgrade to a pikemen, get the bananas and we can attack… wait, what can I attack? Right here I can take out that longship Might as well do that So Yeah, I need to be careful with my crossbowmen. I would definitely not want to lose them. They are way too valuable for that But at the same time I want more experience. I cannot attack from here because this right here is a forested hill unfortunately Well then… we are not at war with Kabul. Let’s just back up Yup, this is fine. As for research, let’s get education. I need universities by now. I definitely do So do we attack with the legion? I will take almost 50% damage if I do that But I can pillage the tile to heal myself afterwards Still, I’m in range of the encampment and there’s a horseman coming in. It might not be a very smart idea That’s what I’m thinking Let’s not do it just yet. It’s not like I’m in a huge rush. As for the trade route… it will probably be better to send it from somewhere else – or I could use it for an internal trade route from my new city Yeah, to speed up its development a little bit because the city walls will take forever otherwise It will take way too long I lost my ship, but that’s fine. That was just a crappy low level ship Not a big deal. Yeah, this is what I’m starting concerned about. That he will go for my other city I could actually use a crossbowman or so, which is why I’m heading in this general direction with one crossbowmen. He is focusing on the catapult, which is definitely a smart move from him He still uses heavy chariots? Ok Whatever floats your boat Now I can move in an attack. That should be fine. Even if he targets the crossbowmen with the city bombardment he will not be able to kill him, and this way I can actually do 60 damage Sucks that I can’t attack through this forested hill, but oh well Let’s attack with the legion – he will take some damage, but he will be fine I need to take out the garrison ASAP. I’m tempted to attack with the other one as well How much damage is this? 11 Yeah, this will do a ton of damage, it’s just that I risk losing my legion I shouldn’t lose him Ok, let’s try Here… and then I can pillage this tile – as long as he actually survives, which hopefully he will Alright then… so one more mine for Rome And that’s that As for the trade route… right, what’s the safest internal trade route we can go for None of these are very safe – or we can just trade with Japan. Problem is, I do not want to embark This would be a little bit better – going directly south I can trade with Geneva, but that wouldn’t be a very good trade route I can try doing this but it will almost certainly get pillaged. That’s the problem I do not want it to get pillaged Not too sure about this. There’s no actual safe trade route at the moment – it just doesn’t exist Ok, let’s go for this one It might get pillaged, but oh well, I’ll just replace the trader if it gets pillaged It’s only a trader, it’s hardly a big deal. It’s not like they cost that much production so Let’s see. Yeah, he’s focusing on Mediolanum, which is fine. Mediolanum can handle itself So now I can pillage this tile to restore 50 health – and I can even attack again on the next turn He is heading here though I could really use the city walls faster, but I’m building them about as fast as I possibly can Now we need to back up with the catapult Unfortunately… but that’s fine We will take the city, don’t worry – and let’s replace the wounded unit I can still attack with this guy and then pillage the tile – let’s do that Yeah, the garrison is basically gone… it’s almost gone… not entirely kill that horseman and there’s a promotion. Well, I could attack it with my legion, but he will be almost dead if I do that I don’t think that would be a very smart idea No, it certainly would not be So this looks like a hill, which means we can chop the forest and then speed up whatever is going to be next Probably an industrial zone, but where? That’s the thing Well, this one would actually be okay so we could do this one I just need to delay this by one turn So… let’s just do it like this Then I can chop it and build the industrial zone on that tile I’ll try to get back into my territory, the scout will probably get killed But I can’t really send him anywhere useful anymore Okay, so 5 builds on this guy – let’s go help Antium a little bit Yep, let’s go and do that… and we can also remove the marsh He’s demanding gold from me, are you crazy? Clearly, he’s smoking something. Okay, that was a little bit too close on that legion But we should be fine Kill that longship… and first let’s pick up the promotion Echelon is fine I don’t think we can take the city just yet But we can heal ourselves We can attack the horseman We can definitely take out the garrison, so that won’t bother us anymore yeah, I clearly can’t take the city on this turn but that’s okay Repair the catapult I don’t have enough gold to upgrade a spearman just yet But we’ll get this, don’t worry The important part is that we got rid of the garrison – and now we need an industrial zone for Rome What’s the best spot for that? Probably like this one, honestly That’s actually what I’m thinking. It’s a flat tile, I can chop the jungle It has two quarries adjacent to it that’s what I’m thinking and then I can still get a mine on this tile So… and then I can get a district on this one… in the future I think that’s actually the best. So let’s save production Okay, now I can chop this one and then build the industrial zone there. So right here Okay, works for me So there’s the other catapult, that will speed things up It should be ours in a few turns, and you will help Antium So let’s try to go through here – it’s probably not going to work very well, but whatever He is coming with more Obviously… he’s defending his city. Something got killed Your pikemen was bombarded blah blah blah Oh yeah, this was the Scout. That’s fine What’s happening Aid request for somebody we don’t know. Alright, fine. Yeah, my Scout got killed, but that’s okay He did his job Now we need to back up And move in with the pikemen move in with the catapult Right. I need to be on this tile, because again, I can’t attack through this forested hill sadly That’s okay. Nice warrior, bro What are you planning to do with him? probably not much Just kill the horseman and that’s it and stay fortified we should be okay, but I don’t like that encampment Still… not a lot I can do about it. I can however attack the pikeman and almost kill him. He has one health left Well then, alright So, about that industrial zone Yep, it was supposed to be right here And then… just get a few more mines, can’t go wrong with that He’s still trying to attack Fortunately, he was not smart enough to go for Durocortum or whatever that city is Yep, Durocortorum. What kind of city name is that? Come on now And there’s renaissance era, nice So that gives us a golden age, because I had enough points for a while now. And we finished education What do we want here? Well, I got a few options Let’s take a look… I could grab monumentality. I do actually have a lot of faith saved up 1200 faith This is probably worth it – that will give me +2 movement for all builders and it will allow me to purchase civilian units with faith, and builders as well as settlers will be 30% cheaper to purchase That’s probably worth it. Honestly, I could still get a settler and and settle a city in this area I could even settle a city down here, because why not. You never know, there might be some strategic resources over there in the future There’s no reason not to settle that, honestly Let’s pick up monumentality. This seems like the most obvious choice here It really does, doesn’t it Yup, it does Monumentality it is then. So first, let’s actually attack He is doing a decent job attacking Mediolanum, but it’s fine I’m not too far away with my ranged units, so I’m really not too worried about that Let’s just back up a bit more. In fact, I might send the crossbowman there First, back to our siege – so move over to the jungle, and let’s get some experience You can heal up for one turn, and let’s just stay fortified. If I attacked with everything right now I might be able to take it. No, I will not be able to take it Astrology, because that’s literally one turn and let’s get industrial zone first and then university Yup, let’s do that There Okay back up, away from the encampment I could go this way… that might not be entirely safe. Like this should be fine So… maybe a mine for Antium, to give it slightly more production. And we are about to unlock merchant republic That will help our income There it is. Let’s change our government to merchant republic Oh wait. No, that’s not merchant republic. We still need one more civic after that… right, exploration is already queued up That’s fine though We can however pick up medina quarter and I might We could use more housing for sure, and I’m nowhere close to getting neighborhood districts Most of my cities currently have two districts, but I will be building a lot of industrial zones right now, so Yeah, let’s grab it Replace serfdom with medina quarter I still need professional army I could swap it out and then swap back in once exploration is finished, but I think I’d rather keep it for now but let’s get medina quarter and that’s that I suppose I could switch professional army for… caravansaries and then switch it back in once I get enough money That would be slightly more optimal… and we got yet another governor title so I could work on Magnus I could promote Liang to build fisheries, I think that would be worth it Where’s Liang currently? Right here I could move Liang to my new city right here and build some fisheries over there That would actually make it a pretty decent city That’s what I’m thinking I think I might do that Okay, let’s do that – fisheries are worth it now that we have Liang Alright, let’s do that then. And we’ll move Liang to our newest city over here yes, I’m sure and Victor can go elsewhere. I’ll probably move Victor to Bergen. He will probably be needed Maybe not with the Golden Age, but I’ll move him anyway, once I actually take the city and ignore the horsemen, I need to do the damage We can kill the horseman anyway, that’s not a problem. Yep. With the spearman I can’t quite take the city just yet, but it will be mine soon enough. Nice archer, bro Just attack the archer As for our research, we can grab stirrups to unlock the knight Let’s get celestial navigation because I still don’t have any harbors I never actually unlocked them with them to begin with. And now we can get started on universities Possibly a workshop in the cities that are building industrial zone first oh and here’s a promotion. So that’s also a heal. Let’s move and then promote also, before we end this turn let’s faith buy a settler that’s 280 faith and he can be escorted by a spearman I’ll probably settle right here, because then we can get jade, we can get both the deer we can get furs we can get 3 tiles with sea based resources. It will be a pretty damn nice city actually definitely worth settling and now I could maybe switch to a different civic to get serfdom, before we faith buy some builders We can get theology really quick. That’s only 4 turns It will delay merchant republic a little bit, but I really don’t want to faith buy too many builders without serfdom because I will be missing out on a lot of builds And you know what? I’m going to grab one more Legion in Rome Yeah It will delay the industrial zone and the university but I want to make sure we will actually capture Bergen and right now, I’m not 100% sure I can do this in a reasonable time frame He is still defending it, as you might expect There’s civil engineering boost. We can grab a pasture and now I should probably back up with the pikeman So, how about we do that? Now, we are very very close to some really good promotions like for example, this guy is 7 experience away from getting one extra ranged attack That is going to be very helpful let’s kill that archer over there and this fella and also, the Legion is pretty close to a promotion, because he was only level 1 to begin with Let’s send the crossbowman to Mediolanum, because it might be needed if Norway sends more ships Yep, that’s fine. One thing I might do is still faith buy a builder here to remove the jungle. Although we are only three turns away from theology This will be a workshop Okay, let’s just heal the legion back to full and that’s that. The settler will be escorted by the spearman and we’re fine So, next Show me what you’ve got Norway There’s the promotion and we should be getting the promotion on the crossbowman right now, yep basically right now So kill this guy and I’m going to back up slightly, maybe swap these two Yep, to heal up the other crossbowman This is fine. The catapult is also about to get a promotion. There it is, and we can move in with the legion Yep, we got some ships coming and he went pillage some of my tiles Well, that’s okay. We’ll repair it as soon as we pick up serfdom It’s not a big deal Next research is going to be What? We should unlock the dam because quite a few of my cities could actually really use one. And that’s a hurricane coming in our general direction Let’s maybe wait one turn until it goes away Because I don’t know in which direction is going to move We can however get started on a harbor but let’s wait to see where it’s going to move – towards us or away from us Let’s grab a lumber mill, I still need one more for mass production boost and yep, we got a pikemen and a horseman coming and here’s another pikeman. This is getting a little bit annoying Well then Yeah, I can’t do much about that pikeman to the north but we got expert marksman, that is going to be so useful right now Do we attack or do we back up? I feel it would be a little bit smarter to back up right now Probably. Let’s move the crossbowman into our territory and back up one tile and stay fortified with the legion Yep So in theory I can attack the pikeman, but I’d rather attack Bergen for obvious reasons This is fine Now in theory, I could also attack with the other catapult, but the only safe tile to attack from is this one I’ll probably have to use that one, because otherwise I risk losing the catapult I don’t want it to be in range of the encampment, that’s for sure Looks like the hurricane is gone. So let’s get the pearls, because I could use those Alright then Yep, this might still take a while He wants peace. Sorry. I’m not interested We can have have peace once I take Bergen. Now we can change policies let’s pick up serfdom, but instead of what? I really do not want to remove caravansaries, because I could use the gold… at the same time, I like having medina quarter I think I have to sacrifice medina quarter for now We can pick it up again later. I definitely need caravansaries though So this is it Yep. This is it. And now I can buy the builders… so one in here, obviously then one in Mediolanum and maybe even one in Rome. I could certainly use one in Rome So there it is And is that it I? I think that’s it for now This is going to be enough And then obviously we will get one in our new city When we settle it Next Civic is going to be exploration as before. And I lost Auckland. Here, it’s ours again So what’s next Probably a mine down here Yep, that will be useful. The new legion is done. I will definitely need him so let’s move him for the frontline right away and yep, we got a horseman coming Well then Not much I can do about that guy right now Let’s pick up the promotion for the catapult I’ll feel a little bit safer that way and kill the horseman here Yep You guys heal up? Then I can move forward one tile and attack the pikeman, and then kill the pikeman I don’t want him to heal up or anything like that and then we can swap the crossbowman for a catapult, and attack Bergen with hopefully two catapults If I can keep the other one safe… I might not be able to keep the other one safe I have to move out with the legion now. I can swap the two legions like this – that might be the best solution Well then… I can use my spearman, it might not be entirely safe but even if I lose the spearman, that’s okay. He’s only level 2, it’s hardly a big deal – and it’s good bait for the encampment Yeah, probably best if I move out with the legion. We can move in with the other legion on the next turn At least that’s the plan currently But what do we do here? I really don’t want to move towards that warrior Here, let’s just move like so – and then we can attack Bergen with both the catapults Hopefully that will make the difference that I need alright first Oh yeah, one more thing I could do is build a Warlord’s Throne before I capture Bergen, because that would give me a production boost – let’s do that. I can speed it up We should definitely do that. That is a good idea but anyway, that’s going to be it for this video – capturing Bergen will have to wait for the next one. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it – leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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  1. 14:51 , are you even looking at the screen Marbz? Japan has a lot of siegue units besides your weakest city. maybe you should recruit a legion or something, that doesn't look all that good.

  2. I would totally plan out the baths and dams before just randomy plopping down industrial zones or you'll lose out on a ton of production, dont forget each bath, dam or canal gives +2 adjency to industrial zones. Good job on controlling bergen though I expected them to kill more of your units

  3. Re: hurricanes, if you mouse over the notification icon, it tells you the predicted direction. Not guaranteed though, as it is customary with the weather forecasts…

  4. You need to put towns under siege, or significantly do more than 20 damage a turn… or the siege will never end.
    Not really getting progress on the siege so far.

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  6. You missed faith buying builders the turn you researched Medieval Fairs!
    The Serfdom policy was already in place and you could've swapped it out the same turn. Would've saved you the 4 turns spent on Theology.

  7. The AI seems to be markedly better at waging war and building troops now, though we've yet to see if they can retain this sort of momentum even in the late game like it could in Civ 5.

  8. Marbz is a very peaceful person. After all, how can there be war if he just conquers everything finger pointing to forehead meme

  9. Upvoted you because you are a great entertainer, but your sieges really take ages. You should really start considering encircling enemy cities…

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