Beyond Earth in 9 Mins – Interstellar Insanity – Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth LP Summary

Beyond Earth in 9 Mins – Interstellar Insanity – Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth LP Summary

The first Beyond Earth… in 5 Minutes…
bear with me here. This is different. I’m going for the Pan-Asian
Cooperative An Artistic Pan-Asian Cooperative And the Alien Nests shall be revealed While Machinery begins farming immediately How ‘bout the Beach-228 g – or just, The
Beach Oh it’s like WALL-E Select a landing site – it’s good to land Presenting the first T-Town of Beyond Earth There’s our opponent – Levar Burton Hello Levar – big fan Explorers channel Archaeologists Up north we’re waiting to know about Genetics And we’ve gone Industrial – meaning there’s
production bonuses and a bit more energy at home Here’s some aliens – they look like vegetation
but they are aliens Here is a worker – the icon is some type of
Bat’leth – hardly for labour Remember when Worf had a lady friend? Then this little goober showed up He was a Cultural Burden – but I don’t remember
the Enterprise picking an affinity I will try to leave Star Trek out of this
– meanwhile, upgrading our soldier dudes This land would be Settleable? I really don’t
know what’s bad or good I know the architecture can be standardized,
so build more buildings and the next Virtue gives a Synergy Bonus With the what now? Purity – and now Explorers
are safe from Aliens When it comes to science we’ll go for Physics
to get Notre Dame! Just kidding – it’s a web and there’s
no way to get 10 happiness It’ll get less confusing with time, right?
Until then – trade! And build a Gene Vault – because the colony
is hungry How about we win then destroy everything? The foresight is appreciated – as is the 10%
science boost Into the 2nd tier of Industry – for yellow
is like gold The Gene Vault, aka Beyond Earth’s Temple
of Artemis, is here Trade will get annoyingly tedious to manage
– yay This planet is rather flamboyant The explorers had a group hallucination and
decided to devote themselves to a cause – uh, good job, guys? A unit was killed! Whoops Ectogenesis Pod – not a whoops, it’s like
the ultra-farm The east side of the river is alien territory Actually all territory seems to be alien territory
– this Siege Worm killed my Settler. 2730 AD – a Marine waits for something to
do while Q-town builds – something – not sure, I’m not used to the icons Oh it’s a Pharmalab – that’s for labbing
pharms Not sure if we should be attacking aliens
or not They are a bit of a bother Finally a new colony! No idea if this is a
good place for it but why not? I’m never sure – this game is not familiar I like Harmony And trade… because I can’t wait to manage
more routes Computing – soon the people will be able to
play this game and manage more routes With Liquidity we can afford even MORE trade
– things – what’s the word they use? Trade convoy? Too long, didn’t read Yay – forced surveillance – the part of Civ
V I turn off And look! 1000 dollars that I don’t know
how to use wisely Unhealthy but there’s several cities Slowly learning how to communicate “A Tangled Web”, eh? Bottom line: culture
from Networks Xeno Swarm for swarming The Worker can construct a plantation – what,
they couldn’t find a synonym? I have no money, err, energy, so the units
disband – whoops At this point we’re just building culture
and a covert agent goes unused Must get in the habit of ensuring the spies
have somethin’ to do Trying to get Healthy so I used the Health
filter to see what techs give Health but it’ll take some time to remember what does what Transgenics happened – don’t judge Intrigue level increases while the aliens
continue to pretend to be a problem Over here is the enemy – we’ll destroy them
once transcended Apparently there’s an alien within the planet
– I can only imagine the graphics they have planned to show it! It’ll be epic! We’re basically pro at being Industrial
– makes me miss Gatling Guns Chose Miasma even though I’ll need Xenomass
later – whoops Levar has gone full-blown La Forge and he’s
mad that I’m using a game mechanic that I really never use so now I feel like I’m
being punished for playing this game – but Star Trek is cool Oh – I get to be condemned too – it’s like
being denounced except they changed the word in the code Unnatural Selection – unnatural like the leader
poses – I need to turn up the leader graphics I got Prometheus – where’s Charlize Theron?
Mr. F. Super Engineering – things in the sky get
longevity Fully industrial but not exactly sure if it
was the right decision No but if I press No I have to make the decision
over again and I just want this to be done – how do you win? Oh – you read the tooltip – uhhh there are
several ways to win – great – is one destroy Levar Burton? I played Hilary Clinton and she kicked my
astronauts into a new world of hurt That game shall be forgotten Perking up the Cruisers Now gotta send a Military Unit into the Uncovered
Tomb – again, can’t wait for those graphics of the tomb Just press the button and… Some text – oh – and I have to read – tldr! More tedious upgrades where you can’t easily
see the two options – amazing Knowledge is power but these days power is
lacking We know what’s going on in the big cities
though – culture! Culture from people without knowledge! Yay! Power Systems – the Systems of Power – again,
people without knowledge Free techs are too enticing Panopticonolly correct – gives us sight because…
I don’t know Nanotechnology is apparently the last part
of winning a Transcendence victory And a Surveillance Web means Big Brother – Holla
Derek Holodeck? Nah – that’d be too cool – here,
everything is real but reconstituted and regulated But what else is expected in 2946? Anyway… More condemning and no idea what’s being
built down here – something important, that’s for sure Here is a Mind Stem – it will add one point
per turn to Transcendence Victory progress – so there’s that Also have hybridized the aliens – don’t
ask how No Reservations – like the best restaurants Why can’t I build McDonalds? That is one beautiful sea-going boat thing This is the city view – it gives us the ability
to buy holodecks Applying Aesthetics means more Culture, make-up
has excellent profit margins This is the Mind Flower – it is how you can
win – and why are the aliens orange now? One turn until Victory – what, how’d that
happen – it just did, I’ll go to war in a second here Here’s a bug – this list was endless and
other people online have mentioned it Oh look – a text box, what’s going on? Oh
I won… and if you take the time to read that you’ll be amazed at the… text. It
describes something. Basically I r winner. Great. Oh look – it’s another screen and it’s
the same information as the last text screen but there’s a picture of Krang – let’s
go after Levar, forget this happened Artillery is a familiar term Orbital Lasers could be useful Minotaur units will wreak havoc and Rocktopuses
sound cool Here is some laser satellite alien extermination This is Shredder – lots of TMNT references
on this planet One movement or whatever that other option
is – you can’t see the option unless you click on it so that’s not annoying at all
– can’t this just say +40% in Miasma? Redundancy is great. Armasail – city hit points – great, I’m
sure Levar Burton will be a huge threat Ahhhhh actually he’s scary now Need an Ansible – it gives +4 of some stuff
I don’t know it was available and really, this game is strange Where’s Gandhi when you need him? These are the Poseidons – very dangerous if
you are in the ocean Gonna build a few more Put them near the enemy Evolved Xeno Titan – it’s Ultimate …and recently liberated! Goodbye Burton Gonna need some Melee Units to actually take
the towns Note: these things seem reliable Stealing enemy outposts is satisfying This is familiar He offered some land but I’m not done yet Grab and smash anything we can find Then throw it all in the fire Hey look – we took all but one An Anti-Orbital strike will take out whatever
Levar has floating in the sky And other strikes take care of his last outpost Which is now a puppet No idea why the game wants me to keep playing
– Beyond Beyond Earth? Strange. And I’ll leave it at that.

5 thoughts on “Beyond Earth in 9 Mins – Interstellar Insanity – Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth LP Summary

  1. I played the game at its launch, and all I can say that victories are so anticlimactic that I fell asleep instantly because of how bored I was when that happened. Man, I had really high expectations for that game…

  2. I thought Beyond Earth was gonna be great with lessons learned from Civ 5 and all the momentum it gained. Watched a few LPS and it definitely seems rather boring and graphically unpleasing. Base Civ 5 was better IMO.

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