One thought on “Bibb County animal welfare making progress after ‘stop order’ issued

  1. Why they couldn't let my son have the opportunity to clean he going through court mean while I'm calling everyone I can and filing complaints guess he ain't got rights to fair treatment either.fair
    Is fair.and everyday that goes by still no hope for my daughter in law she still in jail.and doesn't even have a criminal record never locked up.people should be told the whole situation they was doing something with good intentions just it had a bad outcome .because my son has been assaulted twice already due to his picture and name and charge all over the news and I'm a 100 mills away he was assaulted twice because they said he was a animal abuser people point him out in public and confront him abaut being cruel to animals and cause him you the m–ther f–cker on the news for abusing them animals and he never abused a animal well their dogs all them cats was his mother in law She never let them cats,out that room at all she didn't have that many cats whenshe moved in with them they just stay in that room and had kittens I guess without them knowing.But I'm a mother whose voice will be heard they bring done wrong but it's ok for animal control to do the same and nothing happens.

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