Big Brands Want RCS Because They Are Tired of Mobile Apps

Big Brands Want RCS Because They Are Tired of Mobile Apps

You deal or SAP deals with some of the largest
companies in the world. What are you hearing nowadays behind the closed
doors from the brands about mobile messaging, about what their needs are, why RCS kind of
might fulfill those needs? What are you hearing from the big brands? William: Okay. Some of the big brands are becoming tired
of mobile apps, right? Derek: We’ve heard that a few times today. Yup. William: We’ve heard that, right. Everybody has a mobile app [crosstalk 00:14:28]. Derek: And insight into why, why are they
getting tired? William: They’re expensive, they are difficult
to maintain, people will download them, they’ll use them for three or four times, and then
they may be abandoned. Or they may shut off notifications, because
everybody has all these little numbers and notification alerts on their phones that you
can get overwhelmed with those. So you don’t pay attention as much to that. You can move a lot of that content into the
messaging client, as just an entry either a brand or an enterprise entry into your messaging
client. And then you can deal with those brands and
industries through the messaging app. RCS enables you to do a lot of that. You can, of course, push rich content to your
consumers, you can give them actionable options that can move into a conversation. This is where you hear about conversational
engagement. Derek: Yeah, [inaudible 00:15:27]. William: Yeah, things like that, through bots
or even through live persons if you’re doing a customer service thing. So it just moves things into a different channel,
a channel that’s more…to put it simply, it’s easier to maintain the consumers. Derek: Yup. And it is true, we’ve heard that a few times
in these interviews is that, you know, maintaining the app. And then the fact that there are so many apps
out there, you know, it is kind of confusing.

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