Big Cats and Other Exotic Animals Rescued in Kansas

Big Cats and Other Exotic Animals Rescued in Kansas

It’s a big public safety issue the average person should not be able to own a God dang tiger a tiger is not a house cat these animals have been out here for a couple years now and nobody’s come out to check on them I didn’t even know they existed out here that’s terrifying literally anybody could just walk up here and unlatch that It’s an exotic tiger he’s a wild animal he can’t really judge danger until he’s challenged it could be deadly next door there’s a day care and the lady that runs the daycare doesn’t let the kids outside because obviously if these cats really wanted out they could get out we could have some exotic animals on the loose if the animal’s in the wrong hands it’s really depressing it actually smells pretty bad out here there’s a lot of feces build up the cats are just pacing in the pen so our team is here today to capture and crate all of the smaller cats and they will be headed to Florida immobilize some of the bigger cats and give them an initial health evaluation the bigger cats will all be headed to Texas this shouldn’t be allowed This should be prohibited in every state average people should not be able to have a tiger in their backyard and yet here we are for the umpteenth time removing a tiger from somebody’s personal ownership It’s a multi agency team really to be here and act in the best interest of these cats and this particular cat is very fortunate because he’s going to the Black Beauty Ranch in Texas well whenever we get an intake like this it’s always bittersweet for us this animal will obviously never know cruelty or neglect again but there’s thousands of other big cats out there living just like he was as backyard pets or in roadside zoos and uh… and he really does showcase the need for stronger laws and we need to work hard to get those laws passed so we don’t have more situations like this occurring across the United States

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  1. I mean, I get that they rescued the tiger and everything, and that's good. But all they really did was take him out of a small, dirty cage and put him into a small, clean cage. He's still going to be living in solitude for the rest of his life. I get that tigers for the most part like to live in solitude, but wouldn't it make more sense to let them live solitarily on their own, free in their natural habitat rather than living in solitude in a tiny cage for the rest of their lives? They may have set him free from that disgusting cage in somebody's back yard, but he still, will never truly know freedom.

  2. I’m glad y’all did rescue these big cats. But I don’t understand why you rescue them from a cage… be put back in a cage?

  3. A creature as "fierce" as a tiger they were definitely scared, thank god they are in a better place now.

  4. I can’t fucking believe someone is that disgusting of a person that they’d willingly lock a wild animal up in their yard like that smh


  6. That “black beauty” ranch is the same as the other just with more grass I feel that the 🦁 should have a bigger space to live in

  7. I love animals and if i was to ever own a big cat I would research and I would make sure I’m aloud to own it

  8. I so agree average person should NKY be allowed to have a wild cat or animal of any kind. Thank you for saving them!

  9. The average Human shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog, I have had enough of this bullshit Humans do to Animals. Give me a License to Kill and I will Erase all of these problems once and for all. Can't wait until Judgement Day.

  10. I hate your guyses openion when I get older I am going to have 100 acers and it is all going to be dedicated to tiggers everyone who agrees whith me like this coment

  11. Wow nothing angers me more than a person who isn’t capable or even qualified of taking care of animals!!! Stupid fuckin ppl!! Dumbasses!!! Wtf??!! Pisses me off!!!

  12. It’s really sad that he said “this is the umpteenth time we’ve removed a tiger” how the FYUCK do people get tigers?!

  13. First 5 seconds of this video and I can tell these animals are stressed and aggressive. It's that bad.

  14. People need to understand that wild cats are not pets. These cats are not well taken care of. This infuriates me.

  15. This big cat pen in Kansas looks muddy, it's too small, and it's most definitely NOT the life for ANY large cat; or even lions

  16. Guys i saw your channel and i was like omg this ppl are helping animals ….im a animal lover and i wil subscribe😢 poor animals .

  17. So They just moved the Tiger to an enclosure as small as the one He was in before! Enclosures that size would be illegal in UK! I just read that He'll only be in that tiny enclosure while He adjusts though so I hope that's true! Poor Baby. You can bet Your life that when He was illegally exported to the US with 3 other Tigers, the other 3 died on the Journey, stuffed inside crates with not enough air! Tigers are wild animals & should not be used as trophies of wealth like garden ornaments. Hope He has a happy existence now, no one forcing Him to perform tricks or neglecting Him. Just letting Him be apart from to provide His care!

  18. There should be more or very wide scale legal sweeps all over the place and environment inspections covering the whole country to stop crap like this. So many animals would be rescued and places put in far better conditions

  19. Black Beauty Ranch I have 2 worda for you Bless You ! We need to get the message out there that exotic animals should NOT be sold as pets and captive breeding for the exotic pet trade should be illegal and people who are caught captive breeding these animals should face charges.and or jail time .

  20. I don't agree with these conditions for the animals, but where do we decide what's wildlife and what is a domestic animal? Because any animal bred in captivity can be considered a domestic pet. None of these were wild animals, they are captive bred, u have a good friend who owns two cougars and takes amazing care of them and treats them like family, he has over 3000 yds of enclosures for them to run and play around in. "Exotic" animals can make great pets if you know how to properly care for them and tailor to their specific needs. I own two wolf hybrids and a full blooded coyote that I rescued as a pup and they are amazing pets, but they aren't a regular dog and have different needs than a domestic dog

  21. These animals are beautiful. Thank God for these kind, compassionate humans. The enclosure is sadly small for the tiger, but at least there's soft grass and he'll actually be taken care of….

  22. I love your videos, there is no big rescue center where I live but when I get older i'm going to work to change the rules and make a nice place for the rescued animals to go!

  23. Pretty small cage for a Tiger to be rescued to. He was called fortunate, now I know why they never showed where the poor other ones went! SAD!

  24. What is the matter with people that keep large wild animals near children?
    Are you crazy or just stupid? And what about the misery you are inflicting on these creatures for your entertainment.
    For shame.

  25. Tiger's in the wild will roam miles every day cover their territory keeping a beautiful tiger or any large cat in a small cage shouldn't ever be allowed it's cruel and INHUMANE!! The only people that should be allowed is a sanctuary rescue with staff and vets that know how to care for them, like Big Cat Rescue in Florida those rescued tiger's, lions, and smaller exotic cat's are treated very well fed very well a vet on hand they go out of their way to make sure they have enrichment and the cat's are happy and healthy!! Alot of zoo's also treat these bug cat's very bad.

  26. Human beings can sometimes be such Ignorant Arseholes at times(and more often than not? its 'wealthy' people who are the most STOOPID and Ingorant of all)

  27. That's terrible. In the wild they'd roam up to 100km a day. There are less than 6000 tigers left in the wild, we should be releasing to protected sanctuaries to breed not caging them.

  28. Keep wild exotic animals as a pet should be strickly prohibited in every country.Foolish rich selfish breeders must be put in jail.

  29. People who do this sort of thing and enclose them so the animals are not cared for and loved are purely sick and I personally despise them. It’s horrible.

  30. Who the hell got a tiger, a bobcat, and a mountain lion or cougar I’m not sure. They would have to go through lots of legal documents. It’s like that lady from the FunJungle books Flora Handcock

  31. Nobody should be allowed to own a tiger. They are wild animals not pets. Animal cruelty to own any big cat. We all know theyd rather be in the wild even if they have the 'proper care'.

  32. That's just nuts to try to own a tiger or comparable animal. That is a 500 lbs wild beast. Indeed, I would say tigers really should not be in North America at all.

  33. The lawmakers dont want to past gun control they dont want to pass a law were wild animals are only to be kept at a zoo but they want to shutdown government for some stupid wall

  34. you see on ASPSA & humane Society commercials of scared and abused domestic dogs and cats that are lonely and need homes yet people people adopt lion, tiger, cougar cubs and wolf puppies for an attraction makes me sick

  35. This breaks my heart! Why would anyone want to own these beautiful creatures? I just don’t understand the thinking of some people and I don’t ever want to. It is so sad.

  36. Why do people want these animals there should be protocols like you own one you get monthly checks. And a daycare nearby? Why can ppl “buy” these cats

  37. If they had been out there for years why hasn’t that lady across the street called the police saying oh I don’t know I hear a tiger near by I’m sure people know the difference between a cat meow and a tiger roar !?

  38. Wie,kann man tigers in solche käfigen halten,das ist doch viel zu klein gewesen hoffe das es denn tiger jetzt viel besser geht.

  39. So you took the animal from one enclosure to another..i dont think the tiger has been trained..its still let it out free in the wild where it belongs. Got these animals locked up in cages doing time and they did nothing wrong

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