Bill Clinton Deserves the Credit For Welfare Reform Failure

Bill Clinton Deserves the Credit For Welfare Reform Failure

free wash since the Grand f ing bargain Obama is
determined to get his name in history books as the first democratically
elected president to take food out of the elderly and
disabled mouse well I mean frankly I clinton didn’t he is almost universally praised for welfare reform an we now know I think there was a story that I covered couple months ago the
implications are that 96 welfare reform I the reason why we have such Bowl Jing food stamp rolls is because I love welfare reform that essentially kicked a lot of people of a
welfare it’s one thing to do that when you have high unemployment but the point
of welfare is to work as a and automatic mitigate ur fact I i
interviewed James Galbraith on I’ll bring a fire for this past week when he talks about what are the reasons
why the United States was not here in mired in crisis like
Europe has been other we obviously have an unemployment
crisis here but we don’t have assertive 50 percent unemployment in
suicide rate is because we have automatic stabilizers built into
our system where if people fall below a certain
threshold we had stuff that will keep them from
starving in the in the streets and in many respects food
stamps has had to step in in pickup the ball that was dropped by welfare
reform so sad to say President Obama will has no opportunity BD the first democratically elected president
to take food out about doing disable mouse I sadly that that title really belongs to blocks to bill clinton and I he doesn’t get the credit he
deserves for in my estimation text

27 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Deserves the Credit For Welfare Reform Failure

  1. I love how right-wingers pretend that Welfare reform never happened, and continue to criticize it the same way they did before 1996, by claiming that it keeps generation after generation of blacks in poverty, even though you can only collect it for 2 years during your lifetime and only if you're enrolled in a job training program.

  2. That fucker was no savior for the poor and middle class. He allowed the way inflation was calculated to change to a methodology that makes it artifically low and screws people who need benefits that are adjusted by cost of living increases that are artifically low.

    Beyond that NAFTA was not good for the poor or middle class for too many reasons to list.

    The sad thing is that Bush and Obama are so bad that Clinton seems good by comparison. Chelsea just paid 10M for a place in NYC, afforded how?

  3. "for claiming that brown people are better than white people." When? Quote please? I won't hold my breath though because you lying cowards are usually hit and run exclusively.

  4. Are you a Robot? Oddly enough, I talk to people that consider themselves "POC" (people of color) that consider that minorities are UNABLE to be racist.

    Seriously, you are clueless to the placement of your own ideals. Is Clinton your GOD? Equality does NOT equate to "anti-white". You are playing the part of a fool…aka, you never REALLY thought about this. I am guessing (typically people choose to be one of two parties) that you are for helping the poor, but all poor people are lazy, right?

  5. You can collect welfare for more than 2 years. I have seen many people do it. I have no clue where you get your facts from.

  6. Ever thought they are starving because a system like welfare is ruining the economy, raising the cost of doing business or making a living and they can't get a job?

  7. OK I admit to ignorance. What did Clinton do that is the reason for food stamp rolls being so great? Isn't food stamps part of welfare. If you did a segment with more background info, I would be interested. I really could not follow this segment, because I do not recall what Clinton did.

  8. he also sent jobs overseas with NAFTA/GATT and repealed banking laws put in place by FDR like the Glass-Stegal Act

  9. and for the Iraq liberation act which helped lead to the Iraq war, and for the deregulation that helped cause the Crash in 08, it's like Democrats and Republicans don't want to give credit where credit is do, they never mention either of those things, I wonder why?…

  10. Clinton was further right than Richard Nixon and the only reason anyone was taken in by that sociopath was because he used feel your pain rhetoric and was preceded by an even worse sociopath.

  11. Bill Clinton is a coward of the first magnitude. He deliberately let hundreds of thousands of Rwandans hack each other to death – even though he knew full well it was happening. He also took steps to get the UN to pull out of Rwanda when those troops could have saved tens of thousands. No matter what good he may have done during his Presidency can ever make up for that. You disagree? You are wrong. And I am not a dem or a rep, btw.

  12. check the label, buy made in america, screw made in china, seek ads for products made in u.s.a. vote them out in 2014! later…

  13. Dumb idiot! Welfare reform caused people to be on food stamps in 2013? Really? How about Obama's failed economy is the reason people are on food stamps in 2013? Ever thought of that? Of course not because Obama is your God. Obama will be the 1st president in history to have less people working when he leaves office than the first day he took office! The REAL unemployment rate today is 11%. Lefties blame everyone and everything except Obama as if he wasn't the freaken president the past 5 years!

  14. if im am not mistaken NAFTA/GATT was in the house and seanate when it was controlled by democrats and he SIGNED it instead of vetoing it and he also chose to repeal the banking laws, quiting looking at political parties like your sports team, George Washington warned of this in his farewell address to the nation

  15. Please stop being alive, a good person could use the air you're breathing and any job you have. They are in the middle of blaming Obama for proposing a grand bargain and you say he's a god that never gets criticized? True stupidity right there.

  16. Obama definitely gets criticized from the far left-nutjob wing for not being socialist enough for you numbnuts. But when I speak I deal with reality not la-la-land. My facts get in the way of your fairytales! Imagine being dumb enough to think welfare cuts in 1996 is the reason people are on food stamps in 2013! LOL… If so, than that would prove for sure that liberals only want people on welfare and food stamps for eternity to ensure their votes. The results of your views would indicate this.

  17. G.W. Bush had a higher unemployment rate when he left office than when he came in. In fact, the change in how unemployment was calculated occurred under Clinton. Bush's unemployment numbers were as inflated as Obama's.

  18. Conservatives and Liberals, back and forth. blah blah. Like it's always the other side that screwed things up. Really? Each president down the line screwed something up and Clinton is one of the best. Ask N. Korea, China, oh they love Clinton, but let us not forget Bush…..Politicians all!

  19. The biggest question on this one is whether one is morally obligated to help all those he/she can. It's not as easy a question as it sounds because there will always be those in need of help and sometimes it is not worth the personal costs. I feel for those suffering in Rwanda but I do not believe that the U.S. should be involved in picking sides in a civil war.

  20. WHERE are the facts? Your word is far from a fact! Anti-human? umm, it's not conservatives who support baby killing in the womb. Your views has killed millions of babies! Yet, we are anti-human! If it wasn't sad it would be laughable! You "care" huh? Then why are blacks and the poor far worse off today than 50+ years ago when liberals championed education, welfare, food stamps, jobs, healthcare, poverty, social security, etc? Please don't "CARE" anymore for humanities sake! Liberals have FAILED!

  21. According to a UN report, he not only did nothing to help innocent Rwandans from being murdered…he tried to stop the UN from sending troops in even though it was proven that he knew about the mass genocide.
    It's simple; he got burned in Mogadishu and didn't want to risk another PR problem.
    He traded lives for political safety.
    He's a coward and a scumbag for doing it.

  22. There are many seniors and disabled (unable to earn susbstantial gainful activity) who are raising their own children or their grandchildren and who are welfare. If you cut them off you hurt the children more.

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