Bill Clinton’s Ugly Welfare Legacy

Bill Clinton’s Ugly Welfare Legacy

many times many times i have referenced president obama’s designer to cut social security to forge a grand
bargain because my belief uh… in his administration they
perceive this has part of a silo that needs to be filled to ensure a legacy and i’ve used as an example the clinton welfare reform which to the extent that is every referenced as part of his legacy in the media it is always reference as a positive and people of asme when you talk about why it’s so bad why that welfare reform turned out so
bad and as if i owned q jason depart all uh… and the new york times wrote a piece uh… two days ago welfare limits left poor addressed as
recession hit now the irony is as at all times i hear about clint
welfare reform out of president clinton’s name is being
used in this one in the end of fifteen page story well i could about it but he does right perhaps no law in the past generation
has drawn more praise to the dr to and welfare as we know he quoted there was no repeated many times by bill
clinton which joined it late nineties economic
boon to send caseloads plunging however this program built it is
reputation when times were good he writes arizona is one of sixteen
states that have cut their welfare caseloads further since the start of the recession in two thousand eight contemplate this it just shows you how bad this welfare
reform was we have almost double the rate of unemployment maybe even more if you want include
uh… the uh… excessive numbers of people leaving the work force in the past four five years yet sixteen states have cut their welfare rolls how is that possible even as a turned away the needy arizona
spent most of its federal welfare dollars on other programs because the federal government change the way it offered poor people who were dropped from cash
assistance here mostly single mothers topless surprising openings about the desperate sometimes a legal
way they make me ends meet it’s old food stamps sold blood skipped meals shoplifted doubled up with friends scavenge trash bins for bottles and cans
return to relationships unbound partners hall with children in tow the old program was aid to families with dependent
children he gave states unlimited matching funds
and offered poor families extensive rights with few requirements in no time limits the new program temporary assistance for needy families created time limits and work rules cap federal spending and
allows states to turn poor families away so you fall the dynamic that’s different
there states used to being cards to help poor
people now they’re being discouraged rules that allow poor people we’re desperate to sign up have now been tightened to
make the requirements that much harder him out of time they could spend on welfare was capped peter album law professor at georgetown university
who resigned to the clinton administration a protest law said my take on that was states would
push people often i let them back on and that’s just what they did it’s been even worse than i thought it
would be when jobs were plentiful in nineteen
ninety six in the early days of the program a subset of families appear disconnected
left with neither welfare or work those numbers have surged since that
time one-in-four low-income single mothers is
jobless and without cash aid roughly four with uh… million women
and children one prominent supporter of the tough
welfare law ron haskins a guy who helped write it for the
republicans is worried that it may i think uh…
increase destitution among the most disadvantaged families i’m sorry this piece is renewed year ago in twenty twelve the biggest problem welfare reform we ought to be paying attention to it he
said he’s back in ninety six issue is can you create a strong program
as we did without creating a big problem at the bottom and we have what appears to be a big
problem obama none of this program has worked in the
way that it’s busted recession began in two thousand seven uh… opposed a new test to the claim that welfare reform works even the five billion dollars in new
federal funds caseloads chiz rose fifteen percent for the lowest level in
two generations compared with the nineties national welfare rolls are still down by
sixty eight percent we’ve kept people off welfare but we have more poor people more people who are even more
desperately poor more people who are how did you go on for tickets to substitute in some way because that’s where the federal
government still gives the money that’s why we’ve seen surges in welfare
and food stamps substrates took new steps to keep the
media way p shortened time limits tighten
eligibility rules and reduce benefits so they would have to spend more money the states get fixed federal grants for
uh… for the the poorest people so any case load growth comes at their
own expense federal government pays the entire food
stamp bill so states in courage applications they
re just push them off so this is an example of how uh…
clinton’s welfare reform failed us and in fact it simply being used now as obliging to
certain people are busy food stamps roles in that it is part of clinton’s legacy that is
hailed that’s why the au bar maid ministration
is seeking to cut so scary because they know they will get praise
for regardless of its implications regardless of how much it devastates
people’s retirement please any reduction soc care you also
that the fact that the productions in the private elements of people
security uh… so all we’re going to see is social security constituting a greater amount of seniors
income in their retirement in the future and that amount being glass in real dollars uh…

47 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Ugly Welfare Legacy

  1. Well, we need to move the Overton Window to the left. That's going to involve having all the conversations people have fought so hard to avoid. There's a reason the left gets demonized, you know? They know we're actually stronger.

  2. The only thing more pathetic than the republican idolatry of that shitbird Ronald Reagan is the democrats mis-guided love of Bill Clinton (or his vapid cunt of a wife for that matter), And I only say 'more' pathetic because democrats should know better, right-wingers have a well known need for hero worship.

  3. I agree about the Overton window. America's window is so skewed to the right that somebody described as a leftist (like Obama or Clinton) is still technically on the right. True leftists (left libertarians/social anarchists) are simply denounced as extremists or radicals.

  4. Even though it's more than 50 years. I totally agree with you, he was a true Republican with actual progressive values (Which used to be the Republican way), even though we was a wise conservative, not an Wall Street conservative.
    And at the end of his Presidency, he made the most accurate prediction ever made on this planet: "- It bothers me, but one day the military industrial complex are going to hijack this country".

  5. Single mom welfare? How bout legalize polygamy? Polygamy is free market welfare for single mom. Why progressive think it's government job to provide welfare for single mom. Less government, more freedom

  6. But it wasnt needed to do that to balance the budget.
    In fact, it had to be countered with other cuts because welfare actually helps the economy.

  7. What the heck are you talking about?
    Your saying if welfare helps the economy, then welfare can be paid without actually having welfare?
    Or are you saying that if cutting welfare helps the economy then the debt can be paid without continuing welfare itself?

    Neither of which make any more sense than your statement though.

  8. Having a solid security net doesn't hurt the economy or individual freedom.
    What gives more freedom is shutting down the American empire, where all the money goes and eliminate the corruption at the federal government.

  9. The "security nets" allow for a bigger empire and the overseas activity also allows for longer lasting security nets. Politicians raid these "safety nets" to pay for empire building, in turn the empire building allows for the monopolization of currency that makes the safety net possible in the first place. If we can't dump a lot of our money in foreign markets, then the money here won't be worth anything. I'm not saying this a moral system, but you can't be against safety nets and anti empire.

  10. I support elimination of empire. But i still oppose welfare, because it take others freedom. Yes! Welfare provide freedom for the lazy. But it took freedom from productive.

  11. Agree! Progressive dreaming to have safety net. But the thing is, safety net allow government to extort public. Extortion allowing corruption. Let say we can create angel as our leader, then the angel dies. Is there any guarantee, that the next leader would not corrupt the power?

  12. Look, I'm actually a conservative, and I don't support a massive welfare system, all though I support social security because you pay into it with your own money, but it's being stolen by our corrupt government.
    All I'm saying, is that in a time of crisis, we should be able to help people more effectively.
    And it's not about being lazy, the job market are crashing the only jobs that are being created is low pay and way to many people fight for them.

  13. "stolen by our corrupt government" Good reason for not handing money. I believe power in nature is corrupt in every way. "pay into it with your own money" Actually Ron have idea of win2x solution. Use war budget to pay SS, but give young people opportunity to opt out. "Low pay" lead to "Low inflation" lead to "easy to save". If you believe in conservative economic like Hayek. Government spending post phone the cycle (cons view). But Libs prioritize welfare. That's why we don't like libs.

  14. Sweden partially privatized its social security system, fully embraces school choice and vouchers, and has a lower corporate tax rate than us. What a bunch of right wing extremists, right?

  15. I agree that Clinton seriously blundered in welfare reform, and I say this as someone who generally likes the guy. But I don't think that's why Obama wants to cut social security. I thing he just wants to cut it because he wants to cut it. He's in love with the idea of austerity. He thinks a "shared sacrifice" is the only responsible means of paying off the national debt.

    Mark my words, subsequent administrations will push for an end to social security altogether.

  16. Of course, and I totally agree that any power has a risk of being corrupt and that's why I support limited federal government.
    Low pay, low inflation and easy to save, fair enough. But the problem is, it's starting to be impossible to save with the way we conduct business these days. We have always been running on high risk in the private market, but never at the federal level like in the past three decades. If the federal government crash, the private market crash. Simple.

  17. How was he not good for this country we had major surplus when he left power and during his presidency unemployment was extremely low.I am a democrat but i believe in welfare reform.Too many people take advantage of it. I think he was one of our best presidents.

  18. A politician is a politician is a politician. Repub., Demo, Cons., Prog., Lib., TeaP. etc…it doesn't matter.

    They all are constantly shaping policy for their donors, unilateral wet dream legacies, or taking a bullet for the next guy for an appointment.

    There are only one or to at any given time that are on the level but as soon a career is made for them and they want to keep it, they are corrupted to the system.

    Change the system. Public campaign finance reform now

  19. So Sam, how are these people surviving? What survival pathways do they now employ? Not just guessing, but statistically backed studies. Why not interview some poor people to get a sense of this? I really think the poor are understudied. And poor people are likely to be secretive about how they survive because it is a popular sport to punch the poor-guy. Poor people are justifiably reluctant sharing how they survive for fear some will take that pathway away.

  20. "We've kept people off welfare and now we have more poor people who are more despretly poor"

    In the all mighty words of Derpy Hooves "I just don't know what went wrong"

  21. Clinton's legacy is nothing more than being impeached for lying to the American people about banging an intern…..he was almost as worthless as Obama. They both make Jimmy Carter look like a genius though.

  22. Yes, Clinton's welfare slashing and deregulation have been disastrous in retrospect and completely unnecessary.

  23. lets cut clinton foundation charity fraud what to cut people cut that fraud out shut it down close it out of business

  24. YES-that was BAD on Clinton. But-he had to DO it so the "Bubba"-Crats would elect him. It threatened to hurt his reelection in 1996, but with a Stiff like Dole, he still won. I'm Glad he Won, after twelve years of Reagan and Bush. Another GOP term would have been Disastrous.

  25. OK-get them off the Dole, but FIRST make sure they are Able to work. The severely mentally ill should not have to work, any more than the physically crippled do. NEXT-Train them to do something useful. I am going to reduce the amount of times I eat at restaurants next year, so those places go under and the workers are Liberated from the Plantation. This will make Trump look Bad, if we all do it.

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