Billy Graham at the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Dedication

Billy Graham at the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Dedication

On April 2nd 1967 Oral Roberts
University was formally dedicated and Oral Roberts invested as a first
president the dedication speaker was dr. Billy Graham over 18,000 people were
present to witness this historic event 470 educators college and university and
learned society representatives marched in the procession music was provided by
the oru band and choir master of ceremonies was dr. JD Messick executive
vice president president Roberts dr. misek governor
Bartlet Mary Hughley senator Maroni Chancellor Dunlap distinguished guests
on the platform faculty staff students and everyone else who should be
recognized the informal part of the program now begins the story is told of
Andrew Jackson when he was president of the United States entertained at the
White House some royalty from England and they were having the first formal
dinner that President Jackson had and he was not noted for his formality and the
story is told that he took some very hot potatoes in his mouth and he suddenly
spat it out on the plate much to the horror of a royal personage from England
and she looked at him through her monocle with surprised horror and he
suddenly turned to her and said some fools would have swallowed that now today these distinguished guests on
the platform are dressed up in all of their beautiful gowns and robes and
hoods and I had one just as pretty as theirs
and I tried to put my hood on and somehow the string was broken and it
choked me and some fools would have tried to wear it but I am delighted to
be here on this historic occasion I do not know of a greater honor that could
be mine than to participate in this program on this afternoon I asked dr.
Roberts if the wind always blew in Oklahoma like this and he said no
sometimes it blows harder during the past 300 years many of America’s great
universities were founded by evangelist Jonathan Edwards was one of the founders
of Princeton University Charles Finney founded Overland do I tell Moody founded
the Great North field schools in New England and the Moody Bible Institute in
Chicago and now dr. Oral Roberts the founder of this great University
here in the heart of Oklahoma if I were choosing a text today I would choose
John 17:17 the words of our Lord thy Word is truth as has already been said
by the Chancellor a moment ago America was founded in a religious concept the
early settlers landing in New England formed a Mayflower Compact that
acknowledges God and Christ as master and all early education in America
was done by the church are we not here today to dedicate Oral Roberts
University to the very same thing that Columbia University was founded for
nearly two hundred years ago Dartmouth College was founded by Alicia
Avila an ordained clergyman who decided to establish a school where Indians
could be trained to become preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ
are we not founding Oral Roberts University and dedicating it today where
young people can study truth and search for truth in the framework of the faith
once delivered to the Saints the first objective of Christian education is a
quest for truth and in the text that we read the moment ago that Christ said thy
Word is truth education is linked with theology but
it’s also linked to evangelism we’re not just to educate youth we’re to educate
young people with the purpose and Christian education is it the center and
must be at the center of an awakened revived Christianity the future of the
entire missionary program the future of informed witnessing Christians the
future of an enlarged Christian Concern and influence are all it states in
higher Christian education today our purpose at this university is a search
for truth but in the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ the second
objective here and the second purpose is to train what the whole man
man has a mind his mind has been affected by sin he must be trained and
one of the things that I want to congratulate dr. Roberts and the faculty
is their purpose and objective of high academic standards the mind must be
trained and we should have in Christian education the highest academic standards
possible to compete with any secular university in the world we’re going to
train the body athletic fields I walk through the gymnasium a few moments ago
a beautiful unique gymnasium with its basketball courts and it’s swimming pool
I almost feel like enrolling they didn’t have all that when I went we trained the
bodies and our bodies are the temples of the Spirit of God the Bible has a great
deal to say about our bodies and in secular education today we are training
the mind and we’re training the body but here this we’re secular education is
stumbling and floundering we’ve forgotten the spirit man is a spirit and
if his spirit is neglected in education he can become one sided and Theodore
Roosevelt once warned an educational institution you’re in danger of
educating a savage man must be educated the whole man must be educated the
purpose of Christian education was expressed by John Calvin
he said that Christian education is to give spectacles to make judgments when
you only have partial information I’d like to talk to the father
and mothers a moment thousands of young people go to college because they’re
expected to obtain a bachelor’s degree as part of our American culture as job
insurance are a part of the Great Society generally speaking a young
person draws his ideas of purpose from the home the church and the classroom
and the home and the church in the classroom must cooperate in America it’s
true that we’re a pluralistic society it’s true that we have separation of
church and state but I don’t believe that the founding fathers of this
country ever meant to write into our Constitution total separation from God but here at Oral Roberts University you
won’t face that problem because whether the institution is Jewish or Catholic or
Protestant a private institution has all the Liberty to teach the Bible and to
teach God and to teach the gospel and we should be doing the last point the
problems of Christian education this week if you look in your Time magazine
under education you’ll find that the great foundations are giving their money
primarily to just one group of educational institutions and the problem
of Christian education today is how to finance it now I’ve learned a great deal
since I’ve been out here dr. Roberts was in Berlin he received a standing ovation
from the people there the delegates who appreciated his presence and his spirit
and he got up and made a statement that he had been out organized
I want to debate that statement today from what I’ve seen I have been out
financed I can assure you that if we have a build an institution I want
to come here and learn how to do it by faith Lily he said faith I’m rebuked but today the government is giving great
subsidy and rightly so to secular education but many Christian schools are
suffering we cannot compete unless we too can get tremendous financial
resources and that’s why it’s so important for the people that are here
today to recognize that this institution will need your financial support for
every young person that comes to Oral Roberts University they pay eighteen
hundred or two thousand dollars but it’s going to cost about five thousand
dollars to keep that student here who’s going to raise the money now I’m not
working up to a collection if this were a Baptist meeting we might just take one it’s difficult to get professors who
have high academic qualifications and spiritual life and belief and the
professor must not only have the academic qualifications but he must be a
man of God he must back up his teaching with his life because many times the
student will learn more from his life than from what he says in the classroom
I don’t believe there’s any such thing as Christian physics or Christian
chemistry or Christian mathematics there are however Christian teachers who
present those subjects from a Christian point of view and as individuals
committed to serving Christ in their particular discipline Manning em
Pattillo of the Danforth foundation in liberal education December 1965 cites
the problem of devising a better way of helping college students forge a
philosophy of life he goes on to say what I’m suggesting is that it is the
business of college to assist students to find meaning in human existence and
to arrive at sound principles for the guidance of their lives
well Robert University wants to instill in the students of why to give them
answers where did we come from why are we here where are we going what is the
purpose of life the basic questions that young people are asking today to find
professors who give these spiritual values that many of our secular
education is too calling forth is not easy but I talked to the president of a
brand-new Baptist College recently I went there to help dedicated the college
is just starting he said I already feel tremendous
pressure to move this school away from the principles of its founding fathers Roman Catholic institutions Protestant
institutions are feeling that pressure tremendously today if this institution
ever moves away from faith in the Bible and faith in God and putting God first
then let us this day pronounce a curse on this institution was built by the
prayers and the dedication and the money of men and women who loved God and who
believed the gospel and who believed the Bible is the Word of God and its founder
and first president was an evangelist first and always of the gospel of Jesus
Christ whom God has used in many parts of our world that’s today we come to the
proposition of Christian education and to our dedication I propose that you
determine this day to keep a personal relationship between faculty and
students secondly I propose that you determine this day to keep the faith of
those who founded this institution thirdly I propose that you determine
this day to develop strong minds strong bodies and high moral standards fourthly
I propose that you determine this day to keep an emphasis on evangelism
fifthly I propose that you maintain this day and from now on that first love that
the Church of Ephesus left and was rebuked by all Lord than he said repent
or I’ll take my power from you let this university today including the Regents
the faculty the students be sure that they understand the purposes and
objectives of the versity many a school that was forged in
the flame exists today only in smoke as we’ve already suggested may Oral Roberts
University produce a holy enthusiasm for the will of God it’s still true that
people who get excited about the Scriptures and the will of God are
people that can change the world Peter said I go fishing the other said we’ll
go with you but Paul braced himself against the wind and said sirs I believe
God to this end we dedicate Oral Roberts University I want to say my personal
appreciation to Oral & evelyn roberts for their love and their prayers and
their affection and to let them know that i and all of those with me will be
praying daily for this institution and for them and i hope that they will allow
me to come here often and sit in a classroom and turn some of those
electronic gadgets and hear a lecture or maybe once in awhile say a word to the
students it’s been a high moment for me to be here now i want us to stand and
let’s make this the act of dedication i’ll read the small type and then you
read when we come to it the big time dr. roberts would you come and stand at my
side in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we
acknowledge the purpose and goal of Oral Roberts University to be a Christian
Center christ-centered university of higher learning dedicated to searching
for truth and to educating the whole person for a whole life
lori e to god – striving for spiritual excellence through faith in god and the
power of the holy spirit we dedicate university to pursuing academic
excellence through comprehensive programs designed to foster creative
solutions to the problems of man we dedicate this university to gaining
physical excellence knowing that stewardship of the body is a commandment
of Allah we dedicate this university we dedicate the students faculty
administration and staff of this university that they may be endowed with
wisdom and understanding for the performance of their respective tasks we
do so dedicate the students faculty administration and staff of this
university we dedicate the grounds buildings and equipment of this
university that they may be hallowed by the presence of God and used for his
glory we do so dedicate the ground buildings and equipment of this
university we dedicate the gifts which partners and Friends give in faith to
make possible the inauguration of this new University we do so dedicate we
dedicate the enlarging influence of the University believing it will be used as
a tremendous force in the world for the glory of God we do so dedicate the
outreach of this University we now dedicate Oral Roberts University in the
name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen you

2 thoughts on “Billy Graham at the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Dedication

  1. An august day in the history of Christian education in the USA. Dr. Billy Graham was very charismatic and a good orator. The Holy Spirit at work. Glory to God!

  2. God wants you to now receive and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus told His disciples to go into all of the world and preach the gospel, to teach them and to make disciples. He knew that the disciples would be ineffective without the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, Paul and the disciples all preached about this powerful experience. It is not an add-on for the Christian it is a necessity if you want to have a powerful effective life and ministry. Some teach that this experience is not for today but that is not what the bible teaches.

    Peter said on the day of Pentecost that the promise was to all even as many as the Lord our God Calls. Jesus said if you ask the Father for a fish you won’t get a snake, if you ask Him for bread, He won’t give you a rock and if you ask for the Holy Spirit the Father will not give you a demonic Spirit.

    Don’t be cheated or deceived by those who twist God’s word and tell you this experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Tongues is not for you or for today.

    Ask the Father to fill you and baptize you in His Holy Spirit and He will do it!

    Please let us know if you gave your life to Jesus or received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit!

    God Bless you!!!

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