Bloomberg to Ban Soda for NYC Welfare Recipients

Bloomberg to Ban Soda for NYC Welfare Recipients

that’s absolutely right that is what you might
think what goaded by dot com slash the white t for your free trial membership d family and their bloomberg from new york wants
to ban welfare recipients from using that money on soda now why do you want to do that it turns out that annually welfare recipients
that one hundred thirty five million dollars on soda spelled out well sugary substances one of the thirty five million dollar-plus you guys mark incredible amount of money non-violent at one point seven million people
in new york that are on welfare which is also as a huge
statistic that’s amazing but of course they allot of them are spending
that money on startup and now there’s this whole debate in the country
as to whether or not banning them from purchasing so that it makes
sense isn’t that an interesting debate right it’s
bad for you it you know and he should be really be spending money are
you getting on her food stamps to survive on stuff that seems kind of optional and is
bad for you to begin with and they go on the side of uh… yet you should be able to come in let me what’s next a band karo casey you know
they’re banning cracked you know yet what i can’t put my food stamps i cracked apply apart no seriously though company by
the way of course food stamps there are things you can find cleaning up and and actually there were people to a sense
of the country’s overwhelming p p lol knows about one in six americans are
on food stamps that’s a chilean figure so thats as part of the recent another maybe some that
i say none of them up on the hotel one six americans on until those people in new york but they can’t can’t find them out micro manage their shopping list you know although don’t buy the by the actual raw vegetables instead now under laughing stock prices lower pricing
is you only thing that’s making me agree with you because that is the preschool we don’t
want the net in state we don’t want people this cell you know welfare recipients
know you can eat this you can eat bad anne banning them from practicing certain things but at the same time food stamps are supposed
to be used for food is sold at considered flute nelson has not been but you know and and in the world where where
dealing with this obesity epidemic unlike everyone so fat we’re gonna do about it i mean i think that in the cell that and just
keeping it at that makes a lot of sense you know it’s funny because we the only and over the only country but it’s
in problem that we have here that were worried people who need food stamps in need assistance insurance that milan that this is true of
all of them are and the reason why they are is because they don’t have the money to purchase fresh produce to purchase the
healthy food because healthy food is a lot more expensive now you are fast food chains
like jack-in-the-box accepting uh… what you call it footsteps
right and jack-in-the-box is super cheap so it’s amore economically a_t_t_ and i think that that’s
a huge problem units i’m telling you met which is funny are poor
people too fat rightfully if you’re told us you know in the middle of
the great depression let’s say seven eighty years ago that we are proper main problem
is that not made one of our programs in twenty ten is good to be are poor people are going
to be too fat acting at the airline right do you know leads to do it picked up a time but the same time looked at the garrick like jam us is if you don’t know
it’s on the west coast is a fast-food restaurant right and if you’re poor i’m not gonna charge you
for going to jack-in-the-box and getting you know filled up on two ninety nine three nine
and whatever it is ability to start doing that you know it makes it even harder from them
to get back that you’re going in the food stamps in the
foods sparked a on this e-ticket spent on our call setter
make outside of that woman detector eating habits and their weight in their nutritional their
health balances the issue about my issue that’s way too much that he said so you agree that out we should be able to
banned them from using that uh… money on alcohol of court well what about when it comes
to gambling cuz i remember we did the story a couple months ago where uh… casinos had a record of food stamp recipients using
money on even family manatees super foods himself on food you bought a petition casino i’ve
had doubts about drama let it go opportunity because you say you know food in this study
about playing poker all held no of course not no way yet fair on that extension by the way did something wrong with that you
can’t you can spend it’s gotta be on food anne people find g annexure gary possitive
miles without because of that you squash that everybody agrees to that and the reason why
and now it’s much easier to use that money on other things is because they’re putting
that money on debit cards now if you’re not saying that that man is going
on something else in the way scott for up on that that the kids in the whole at this places were flown but the thing is you cannot uh… nation a yearly on the personal thing it wasn’t
ready for that that back no we’re talking about how desperation and her it’s contagious the fact
that i would print of it what was your week been quarterback msnbc rupert specter five will also really yes that civility if if the problem is that
this is all you know that the people on food stamps you
know we have to make sure this is certainly eating in buying do certain things because of health issues or it goes back to
the conversation about the insisting the to the office of the
kid if someone with you too much heat the wrongful confirms that you got to start that’s
their fellow jim and i i’m not going down that road as i mean among i’m consistent on
both i don’t want to be making a poor all your a drank the wrong so that itself with the wrong cousin i noticed and i agree with you guys on that
i hate the slippery slope that’s the one thing that’s telling me no you can’t ban them from taking something
right but i think the went west on this right well entrenched in this is the fact that you know all this assistance is paid by taxpayers fragment
i don’t want the money that i’m contributing to you know food stamps or whatever videos
on sunday by the way shit okay like you are why do i do you care use only jews these uh…
coca gives a shit because i want to use the money on food that’s
gonna make them healthy that’s their business not my business begin to get it now deborah ann and mike altho
i have an issue with the fact that all of this money is basically a government handouts is sort
of companies i hear you on that but if that’s what i mean
you can call it a handout to the cereal companies today by syria with because she really gets
to you know ten twenty breakfast there for cheap pacific’s you know
subsidy to the mac and cheese industry issued by now you know is that mac and cheese
none alpine unruly on it change people don’t know this about me but
i mean underground in favor idler i’d love to play video games well then
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100 thoughts on “Bloomberg to Ban Soda for NYC Welfare Recipients

  1. @Freedan111
    Very civilized of you to leave the "fuck" out of the conversation Freedan! As for your McDonalds comment: Yes…I did apply and you know what came out of it Mr.SmartAss? I was told that my degree in Accounting made me an overqualied candidate for the positions offered. What next? I am presently traveling two states away from my family and home just to see if I can find a job out there.Meanwhile, food stamps will continue to put food on the table! This is America.Luv it or leave it.

  2. @Freedan111
    That's quite a surprise….you….happy? I very much doubt your happiness. I already worked my ass off and paid my due when it came to taxes…now it's my turn to struggle. While your ignorance encourages you to question my actions I collect my due and move on. Everyone has to face the grim reaper. Some…earlier than others. In the mean time we continue living in a world made worse because scum like don't have the time to protest corporate welfare……yet, here you are?

  3. @Freedan111 Your happiness is found here…in the illusion that you think you have made my life much, much harder. It's quite sad spending your days entertained in another's struggle. If I could …I would share my foodstamps with you, so you would not feel left out. I need to work on my resume so I can move on. I know you will be here today, tomorrow, etc…I am sorry but I have more important matters to attend to and I cannot afford another second with a loser like you. CARPE DIEM…CARPE DIEM

  4. it is not a money problem! it is cultural.
    ever heard about the thing about the fishes on the bible. Please stop those truckloads of free fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America is turning americans into f…ing…..

    "look at me, im a fat slob! i watch tv all day, the government pays for all the shit I eat. I could get an other job but I would rather seat on my ass and complain about mexicans that actually work while Im drinking soda and getting fater."

  5. Food stamp,s are repugnant , THEY create a class divide Denigration of the poor BAN FOOD STAMPS, ,, WHERE,S FREE CHOICE,, Stupid dis empowered american,s , Remember Bloomberg is a zionist jew,, LONG LIVE HAMAS.

  6. I like bloomberg. And I agree there should be some regulation. Oh and stupid reporter, you can cook food at home that is cheaper than fast food. My boyfriend I did the math one day. A double whopper value mean cost him more than for the two of us to eat Cornish hens for dinner with rice and veggies that we cooked at home.

  7. Let's use logic. Probably 85% of adults on food stamps have paid taxes for years ,which paid for them to have food stamps for themselves at a later time. Yea, there are some who abuse the system, but it's a minority. Better to use the funding for the hungary rather than pay for politician's vacations! If you've been laid off, and need assistance tell peole to fuck off! You've paid plenty of taxes in the past ! Soda is cheaper than juice or bottled water, IT'S SMARTER BUYING ! Stop regulating !

  8. I agree with the girly. Food stamp purchases should be limited to only the bare essentials. It is not a way of life, it is meant to assist families in transition from a job loss or something to that effect. The idea is that you leave the program ASAP.

  9. He is a nasty old fool.He couldn't clean 20 inches of snow.babies died,people died waiting for ambulances.I hope he runs for president.I can't wait to watch him lose.

  10. It's weird that Cenk say's "it's their business what food they buy with my tax dollars." Why is it their business if it's not even their money??? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we have programs like food stamps but that seemed like a moment of cognitive dissonance for him.

  11. I think it is ok to ban soda. People can get milk, juice or tea instead. Soda is unhealthy. If people want soda just use their money.

  12. Hey Cenk, I have no problem telling your terrorist looking ass what to do. SHUT THE FUCK UP FAT ASS!!! I wonder how many people in your family wish your mother had went through with that abortion.

  13. It's bad enough that they need the food stamps, some politician worrying about purchasing soda from welfare seems rather nitpicky compared to the massive economic issues even in NY alone.

  14. soda us undeed food and a drug supplement. it's their money to eat what they want not yours. people pay into the system every day and when they need food stamps $114 million is nothing in the larger scheme of things.

  15. Thats not what shes saying. Shes saying that poor people do not have healty opitions. Where i live their isn't ANY healthy options like Whole Foods. The only healthy option is Subways and its not even near me. I don't think banning soda is that bad. You don't need it. Why should i pay for it for you? Poor people (when it comes to grabbing a quick meal out) only have fast food opitions. A lot of people don't have time to cook every meal. We don't even have healthy snacks. Its all chips and candy.

  16. First World Problems. Complaining because they can't have soda. You don't need soda anyway. Drink juice bitch!

  17. also, another factor we have to look at is, exercise…….. you can eat shitty food, and not gain weight with exercise.

  18. Trust me around here. There is no SAMS Club or Cosco. It sad. All we have is basic grocery store. Everythng else is fast food. If i want a healthy meal i have to make it at home. Only place i can get a helathy meal is when im downtown on 42st or something.

  19. What does this has to do with welfare??..obviously he's only banning the 16oz sodas in restaurants movies carts stadiums places were ppl spend money not foodstamps!..most likely we gn end up paying 4 a lil soda what we used to pay for a big 1..except we not sharing now every1 gets a soda each wich means more money to spend

  20. Dont bother arguing with these stupid fat jelly heads. They will always have an excuse or a reason to shuve their face with cheeseburgers and soda. They are idiots and a waste of time/space/resources

  21. Sorry, but the girl is STUPID if she thinks Soda is the problem. It is flavored carbonated water with sugar. Juice and milk contain sugar. All the drinks can contribute to obesity. The real difference is SODA IS THE CHEAPER OPTION… BY FAR. Why??? Because the government subsidizes corn –> corn syrup.

    People demonize soda because they are sheep. Congressmen blame soda because they want people to think they are doing good.

  22. these people are so uneducated about what they are talking about…this is ridiculous. if you're going to bring something up make sure you at least you know all the facts instead of speculating

  23. Lol, this does kind of show you that saying 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty is a bit of an overstatement.

    People in real poor countries would laugh if we told you we were worried about our poor people being too fat.

    If that's the case, you aren't really poor.

  24. Soda is from the devil! No, but seriously, soda is horrible, cause it has SO much sugar in it. If you don't mind being a fatass, then go ahead. On the flip side, I know slim people who drink soda, but I know a lot more fatasses that drink it.


  26. I say ban soda altogether! It's so dangerous it peels paint off of airplanes, it's poor garbage! But they make it addictive so ban it completely otherwise your just driving up the prices on this crap by making it harder to get- I'm hip to the game 🙂

  27. So here is my question: How much power do you want to give the government, over the common stuff you do everyday?

  28. She is not stupid, and she is right to target soda…because it has ZERO nutritional value. Juice and milk have vitamins and calcium, etc…and have, overall, less sugar. Soda is nothing but refined sugar. Our bodies need nothing that it gives to us. NONE. It's an empty calorie.

  29. your incorrect.sugar in any form is a carbohydrate and has nutritional's just not a good one just ask a diabetic about it.I just love TYT

  30. We're operating under different definitions of what is "nutritional." Our bodies need carbs, but mostly complex carbs like whole grains. We don't need added sugar because it is so abundantly available in healthier sources like fruit. Our diets are overloaded with simple sugars, and soda is the main culprit.

  31. couldn't agree more,processed sugars are terrible but still have carbs.i've been a veg eater all my life and love em."an apple a day keeps the doctor away"and there's nothing better than a tomatoe right off the mom always kept a bowl of cut of veggies in the fridge when I was young.I ate very little candy.I did this for my kids I eat a lot of Blueberries,BlackberriesEct

  32. Good for you! I wish I could say I was as diligent with fresh vegetables and fruit, but I've had too many bad experiences just letting them go rotten. However, I have no problem staying away from soda and (most of the time) candy. I think most people would if they knew what was really in it and how it affects us.

  33. you know I understand.i'm so fortunante to be just one mile from a farm fresh mkt and one mile from a24 hour great store.I have some nice just gotta love the stuff.I seldom used to let food go bad when I had my kids with it's like whatever!I love cucumbers and radishes.raw potatoes chilled and sliced to.every year I grow a tomatoe plant.i brought my yellow pear tomatoe produced tomatoes for months and my daughter had tomatoes in her lunch thru April.

  34. Raw potatoes! That's pretty hardcore! I used to love eating raw tomatoes, but I've gotten out of the habit. I don't live near any farmer's markets unfortunately. 🙁

  35. I am not in favor of a soda ban, but I do think it makes sense to not allow welfare money to buy soda. Of course, they'll still have access to soda, but the point here isn't to stop them from drinking soda, but to prevent tax dollars from buying something with no nutritional purpose.

  36. Welfare is nothing but fare to all the people that work there asses off,i have welly's that live beside me and all they do is screw and make little bastards that are not wanted by dom the world is over poulated and the only one's that should be allowed to have kids,and that means working your ass off to support them,GET IT YOU LOSER's,if you have no intentions to ever work to support them stop making them,im getting tired of working and having you and your little bastards as pets tha

  37. I'm actually okay with this. While I totally support welfare, food stamps, and helping the poor (we should actually probably do more for this), I don't see why our tax money should go towards encouraging the poor to eat unhealthily. Then again, it does seem like it's getting too far into people's business to have the government control their diet. I'm torn. I suppose if it's on their own dime to buy soda, so be it. If it's the welfare money, maybe not. I don't really know how it works, though.

  38. We give them money and tell them, use it wisely. If they want to use it on soda and screw themselves over more, hey, we did our part.

  39. THINK about why they buy the soda. juice is $1.99. milk is $5. and soda off brand- for 2liters is $1 and brand name is $1.50. they are working their asses off, and they are trying to get the most they can of whatever they can to feed their families on $29 a week.

  40. It's also a great way to cause medical problems down the road which admittedly even out the price differential. Especially when it comes to the fact that parents will buy their children soda as well (via the food stamps) and they'll end up incredibly unhealthy children with half their teeth rotting out. Money isn't everything.

  41. hey, um, Cenk? you realize that food stamps are the government's money? if you're going to hand out money, you decide what they spend it on. if you can't buy certain things, than that's a good incentive for people to get off of food stamps and it would make sure that the government's money is being well spent on necessities. come on.

  42. Ok. So if they are gonna ban soda, then I guess that means they r gonna ban, tea, kool-aid, cause they require sugar to mix with and drink. So I guess that means they gonna stop up from ever having sweets, at all.

  43. How the hell are there 1.7 million people in New York on Welfare? Oh my god what is happening to this country and my tax dollars? I support welfare as a TEMPORARY means of assistance for people who need a second chance, but it is far too exploitable and unfortunately too many dirtbags are living off it because they are too lazy to work and would rather have illegitimate children to keep the checks coming in. Please do us responsible tax payers a favor and leave the country.

  44. We liberals love to control the lives of everyone because, after-all, individuals don't know how to help themselves. They can't make smart decisions so Big Government needs to make the decisions for them. The Government officials will decide what, when, why, how and who gets the entitlement. We've been successful in banning high dives at the pool. We banned hotel window from opening. We've restricted the individual from eating fatty foods in California. Afterall is about fairness

  45. We liberals have restricted the gas MPH of autos. We forced businesses to hire union workers even when it made no sense to do so…We liberals love control. We want to have Goverment funding of Wind and solar companies so that we can feel good about ourselves…even though the companies can't survive without the taxes from the people who make real money.

  46. please someone explaind to me why we need welfare and food stamps at all when we need illegal immigrants to do jobs that Americans won't do. please please explain this to me.

  47. i dont think they should ban anything because one will led to another work get them off them not playing big brother

  48. You should NEVER be "o.k." with government telling you how big your soda, sandwich, or anything should be. That is called the NANNY state. And it is dangerous, it leads to all out Tyranny! It's none of anyone's business what kind of food you eat or buy. This is ridiculous. America is FREEDOM, it's our own right to do what we want under our constitution. Academia Elites in Washington think they know "better" for everybody. They do NOT. They can keep their opinion to themselves.

  49. Slippery slope arguments are a logical fallacy and it discredits your opinion. It's not the government telling you, and by that nature, every American that they can no longer enjoy abnormally large beverages, it's simply the direction of federal funds on an individualistic basis. It's tax-funded money going into the pockets of those who need it and restrictions should certainly be in place.

    You need to rethink life and maybe relax a bit. You'll think clearer with a lower heart rate.

  50. Your missing the entire point of AMERICA! It's "freedom" The freedom to choose! It is against everything America stands for to tell someone if they should have a 16oz. or a 12oz. pop. That is ridiculous, I can't believe you actually support this type of Nanny control over the people. Bloomberg said "We will force the people into making the right choices"….ummmm……NO! Bloomberg, YOU, or anybody does not have the right to control other peoples basic choices like that. It's wrong! Left=wrong

  51. The hope I have is for people like you to understand the true meaning of America. FREEDOM. Especially when it comes to personal things like the choice to purchase a bigger soda.

  52. While I personally am skeptical about any form of gov welfare, I'm glad that we can at least see eye to eye on this one. My idea is to reduce it so that it ONLY pays for food, rent, colthing, and anything I missed that's a must for survival. Make it cover enough so that anyone who genuinely needs it can survive, but meager enough so it's still as miserable as possible. Maybe that'll take away at least some of the incentive able bodied people have to get on welfare.

  53. my guess is that these americans wont do the jobs that illegal immigrants are doing simply due to the fact that the jobs dont pay too well, or its too dirty, too tiring

  54. The answer is simple, we don't "need" illegal immigrants to do anything and they're certainly not jobs "Americans won't do", they're jobs Americans can no longer get due to greedy employers that want to save a buck. Common sense 101.

  55. It's amazing this discussion is taking place in America. The land of the free. Where people come to escape tyranny in their home countries. Where people run in droves to find opportunity.
    Here in America we are having a discussion about banning things because it isn't the healthiest for you. Telling Americans what they can and cannot drink.
    Welcome to the Fascist States of America people. Get used to it.

  56. These people know nothing of poverty; damn yuppies. Also Bloomberg is just a rich, micro-managing piece of shit.

  57. This show is so retarded sometimes and Ana is starting to piss me off. I need to get off this damn fake news channel and get back on RT.

  58. Ban Genetically Damaged Food, Silicone & soy laden ground meat, cloned labratory food and Ban high prices for real food.

  59. I can see why making it so food stamps can only purchase food everyone can benefit. This is a government service, so I don't see why they can't make the rules for using it.

  60. I just got on food stamps (after years of applying for ANYTHING and not getting even an interview) and am shocked to find I can buy candy and soda. I don't normally drink soda but sometimes I buy a bottle of ginger ale with my food. I'm 100% in favor of restricting what you can buy so non-nutritious items aren't covered by SNAP. I wouldn't mind being greenlined for some kind of work now that I'm "In the system."

  61. At 6:48 SHE say's SHE want them to use the food stamps on food that's healthy.  My question is do SHE really give a FUCK? hell NO!!! and btw plz take a good look at her ARMS…. they are wayyyyyy too BIG and she look bloated in the face it is way too fat!

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