Blue Promise – Protecting Kids From The Sun

MUSIC DAN: Hello I’m Dr Dan McCoy and welcome to Blue Promise, I’m here with Joy Donovan Brandon from the American Cancer Society and we’re gonna talk today a little bit
about protecting children from the Sun why it’s important? JOY: It’s very important
because what happens to a child as far as sun exposure, can affect the rest of their lives DAN: So what are some things that you could do to help to help protect a child from the Sun? JOY: Well an easy thing is to keep a child in the shade especially when they’re an infant they can’t wear sunscreen until they are six-month-old and so the American Cancer Society suggest keeping a child in the shade, protective clothing putting on a shirt sometimes even while
you’re swimming can be a good idea DAN: Now Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas has recently participated in some playground improvements, tell me a little bit about that JOY: it’s a wonderful thing Blue Cross Blue Shield has done and the American Cancer Society feels like that is a very important part for children at recess, on playgrounds Play all you want, they need to play but they also need to be protected from the sun DAN:So I know you brought
some sun screen Tell me a little bit about sun screen
what parents need to look for and what are the rules around sunscreen in children JOY: Sun screen needs to have a spf of 30 or higher and parents need to remember to apply it every day and to reapply if they’re outside sweating or swimming every few hours, do it over DAN: And there are some rules like for
kids less than six months of age You really just need to keep them covered but there’s some innovative sun
screens out there right? spray-on, gels, creams, JOY: Some of them are Powder DAN: even power so there really should not be an excuse not to be able to find a sun screen to put on children Now you also brought your glasses were those to make you look cool? JOY:Absolutely JOY: Well they make me look cool but they
also protect my eye from the Sun and parents can get some fun sunglasses for their children
and protect their eyes DAN: Well I think they make you look like a rockstar and you are a rockstar DAN: I like that acpproach, Joy thanks for joining
us today and thanks for joining us here on Blue Promise as we talked about novel ways to protect children from the Sun MUSIC

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