76 thoughts on “Bolton Slams Trump, Suggests Foreign Policy Guided By Personal Interest | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

  1. Only Centrist Dems, can make a guy like Bolton look like a good guy. Ppl must've forgot Bolton pushed for war against Iran, and was the loudspeaker to get rid of the Iran Deal.

  2. Is there anything that we don't already know. How is he saying this now. It's been obvious since before he won the primary!

  3. Interesting how everyone with an I.Q. of ten or more knows Trump is just out for his own gain. How is it that all his fired aides didn't? I thought smart people were supposed to be appointed to these powerful positions, not a bunch of dumdasses.

  4. Just remember this: register and vote against Trump 2020. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE(besides Pence), would be better at running our country than his majesty Trump.

  5. John Bolton Falsehood on Trump, as being guided by personal interest, show how depraved is this man after Trump has shown kindness to him. Bolton has become or has been very Evil.

  6. It's interesting to contemplate that geo-political policies on the planet are being decided by a reality T.V. host who is concerned about a few million he could be making off a hotel deal.

  7. Wow! So many of you are brain washed by the media you choose to let control your mind. I'm asking all of you to get your news from legitimate sources, or at least explore multiple sources. You will see for yourselves how you are currently being manipulated. Brain washing is a real thing. Please help yourselves.

  8. This is just my opinion…but anyone who signed the Project for the New American Century shouldn't be appointed to dog catcher.

  9. The "cat is out of the bag … meow," the stable genius … admitted he has some
    "conflict of interest," because he has … "two trump towers in Turkey."

  10. Trump stepping out of Syria gives his buddy Putin the opportunity to step in. Just saying. Quid pro quo works both ways for trump

  11. This guy should be stood in a mountain stream, panning for gold.
    There's no other excuse for having facial hair like that.

  12. Bolton would love to blow anything up if its not the world . Zio con through and through his interest is not the US

  13. The question at hand is, why did any US soldier have to die or be maimed now that Turkey refuses to hold any of the ISIS fighters. What the heck is going on !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yeah that's right! Trump's next move would be a pull out of NATO! WE SIMPLY CAN'T ALLOW THAT!!. We are in a very bad place of foreign policy and we are weaker on the world stage and we CAN'T AFFORD MORE ISOLATIONIST POLICY!! WE JUST CAN'T!!

  15. AMERICA!!! We’re Better Then THIS!! When WE’RE DANCING AMONG THE CLOUDS WITH THE ANGELS 👼!!! And you’re asked by our CREATOR-The Most High!! What did you do to re-store DEMOCRACY?? What will you say?? It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat or Independent!! We all have a moral obligation to our constitution of The UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 OF AMERICA!!! That nobody is above the LAW. If former President Barack Obama did what President Trump is doing!! America would feed him too a live stock of extremely hungry PIGS 🐖!! It’s time to release President Trump as Putin’s Commander in Chief of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You’re FIRED DONALD J. Trump!!

  16. Maybe if all the hedge fund billionaires on Wall St hear how dangerous Trump is, maybe they will pull some strings and force Senate R's to vote for removal. Party politics, patriotism – neither come close to their love to money.

  17. Hmm, maybe a disgruntled former employee trying to get even??? Nah, he's a real patriot!!!! Who would stoop so low as to discredit the boss who fired you??? C'mon people get real!

  18. Hey he is as dumb as a stick. If he can become rich then you should be able too. Oh wait a minute he did not become a self made man as the info and trust flow shows he acquired over 300 Million from daddy. And lost most of it back in the 90's and ended up with billions in tax losses on paper that he could then use to hide and mask Russian Sanctioned money. It makes Trump look like a billionaire on the surface hiding billions of Russia's mob money under the Umbrella name of Trump. But if investigated and exposed to be accurate all countries that signed the sanctions against Russia because of its invasion of the Ukraine will be able to seize Trump Assets for infringing on international sanctions by taken Russian money. What would happen to you and your family should you loose mob money held in your family name and tired to assets (RE) that get confiscated later? Don't you think you might be looking for a place on the Earth to go and hide your whole family? | All in All Trump is a Putin and Russian Asset and has been long before the 2016 election.

  19. Bolton surely knew enough about dumpty NOT to work for him. He was played for fool. The old German proverb, “We grow too soon old and too late smart” applies here. Furthermore, Bolton could run intellectual circles around the stable genius.

  20. How can our country re-elect this man? who in their right mind (unless their racist or part of the 1%) would want to CONTINUE TO EMBARRASS & RUIN AMERICA?

  21. Two Trump Towers in turkey….
    Additionally,how pathetic must an individual be when comparatively Bolton looks the hero of moral fortitude!

  22. visuals,,,,,,, I know this sounds bad,, but i see three blonds about to talk to me about important matters and my first thought was to flip the channel. now that I have not done that I wish I could this part of my life back. sorry ladies

  23. Jaw dropping is when someone anyone believes this president doesn't mix his own business affairs with that of American policy….he's a crook!!!

  24. NO one should forget that Roger Stone is currently on trial also. IF convicted, his conviction will confirm the 2016 trump russia connection for anyone out there who thought trump magically won the election unaided.

  25. Bolton is known for bringing down dictators . Wouldn't it be ironic that THIS TIME he might be wearing the whitest hat he has ever had !!!

  26. When are those Republican’s in the House and Senate going to stop backing this Trump? This has shown the American and world that they believe in God, is absolute bull!

    If they truly believe in God they should be terrified for their souls for the afterlife. This is the biggest moment they have to be battered with continuous and relentless, stop being soft with these angry ignorant people like Jim Jordan! That fool on hearsay and its lies nothing happened as aid was released, yeah you stupid smug A-ho*e. Doesn’t mean they where planning it right up until the story on aid held back, was illegal to do for personal gains!

    For them to deny this was breaking the office of President is totally destroying your constitution which will have to be rewritten over this! When the forefathers who made this illegal isn’t understood by Republicans really shows the low level of respect they have to you and your family’s. It’s clear to see that these reps of the house haven’t any real grasp of the document called the Constitution, when they refuse to uphold when swearing in allegiance to its PROTECTION!

  27. It's freezing outside, the richest country in the world has 1/2 million homeless & democrats main focus is impeaching Trump over phone calls

  28. It's freezing outside, the richest country in the world has 1/2 million homeless & democrats main focus is impeaching Trump over phone calls

  29. Bolton is playing footsie and tootsie with Trump. Will he or won’t he…..? Yes he will. He is keeping mum for the moment, to avoid appearing vengeful. But he has no choice. He doesn’t want to go down in history as a wimp. Bolton won’t be bolting. He can’t bolt, history is chasing him in his worst nightmares.

  30. Treasonous Traitor Trump sells his country for Trump Turkey! For a song he sold his country and his countrymen! And to line his own pockets, he let in America’s enemies. Will the mighty USA ever recover from the abyss ?

  31. tRump's protection from indictment vanishes on the last day of THIS TERM of office. If tRump's co-conspirators who HAD no protection from indictment are currently in jail serving time for their crimes, then tRump IS a felon. The GOP is attempting to run a felon for a 2nd concurrent term of office in 2020. How can that be possible?

  32. John Bolton needs to be taken down with trump and the rest of the republican senate , Bolton is as criminally involved as the rest of trump"s staff .

  33. But, why would Bolton be speaking at a Hedge Fund conference. I understand he wants the speaking fees now that he's unemployed. But what do Hedge Fund people need from Bolton? What value does he provide them?

  34. C'mon,…you should be aware why Trump suddenly and with great haste moved US troops from (that shouldn't be in Syria in the first place, cuz it's not mandated by anybody relevant btw) Syria !

    The Turks have, according to some US government sources, an alleged call made between Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law, and the Saudi Crown-Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in which Kushner oke'd the Saudi's to eliminate the Saudi dissident Journalist working for the Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi.

    If true, it would explain why the outlandisly sudden move from Trump in regards to Syria after the call with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

    Because that would be a way bigger story and more damaging than even the current Impeachment procedure started by the call with the Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky.

    It would be soo damaging that no Republican Senator could defend it, infact, most would even be outraged at this, and Mitch Mcconnel would have choice but to let Trump fall.

  35. Bolton should testify if he knows things that could help in getting this doofus out of office. My guess as to why he dose not want to testify is that it would reduce the value of his book which he wants to come out next year to derail trump's reelection with a scathing account of the doofus' corruption and abuse of power as well as his incompetence.

  36. I think either Bolton, or Pompeo, or Barr is the "Whistle Blower". I base my opinion on one of them wanting to save their career or anything that's left of it.

  37. I don't understand why everyone thinks that Trump's relations with Erdogan of Turkey is a surpise and that its motivated by self-interest. I'm sorry did they not hear Trump when in an interview following the removal of US TRoops in in the area where the Kurdish Syrians were he openly admitted that his relationship ties to Turkey are ALL "conflict of interest" because he had Trump Towers already in Istanbul. My jaw dropped to the floor then. Who would ever admit to that. Well he did to normalize his long-standing unethical if not criminal behaviour .

  38. …send in Botlton, Mulveney, Sondland, Giuliani and lastly the dumpf himself…. lets see how far they get with FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE!

  39. Do Republican crooks in congress and herd of "Make America Great Again" sheep still think their Bellwether cares for anything but interests of TRUMP Organization? If there were an enemy to this country that won’t be Donald Trump but those who voted and put that crook in the White House.

  40. Remember that Morgan Stanley has been in the news very lately…..quoting: "Leaked Bank Records Confirm Burisma-Biden Payments To Morgan Stanley Account" You can't really trust Bolton right now. I really, really liked him but he is a a war monger and we don't necessary want to go to war right now. Trump knew this so in a way, Trump might have used him a little bit and Bolton is angry about that. His personality is angry-like from the beginning. I had MS as my broker but right after Trump won, I realized Morgan Stanley hated/disliked Trump. Why, cause they are very very global and not national at all.


  42. Mr. Bolton here is your life long moment to be an important historical political figure. Testify and show your patriotism and love of country, it will be more rewarding personally as well as financially than holding out for book sales, by the time your book comes out whatever you have to say in it will no longer matter as it will be too late, no one will buy the book out of losing respect for you for not being a stand up guy and doing the right thing by your country. You’ll be an insignificant figure in history and an unimportant author.
    Testifying and you’ll be in history books, and be in demand in the speaking circuit and not only will democrats appreciate and respect you. But so will many traditional republicans who are in need of a true republican unafraid to stand up to trump and trumped repugs. You could be the one man that saves the Republican Party

  43. It's hard to believe Bolton was naive enough to think Trump would be a good person to work for. Comey maybe, but not Bolton. 😂😂😂

  44. Three brainy, blondes in primary colored sweaters — MSNBC is giving FAUX a run for its money (well, maybe except for the + in brain power, here…)

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