Brad and his wife are homeless in Winnipeg, Canada because welfare cut them off for a year!

Brad and his wife are homeless in Winnipeg, Canada because welfare cut them off for a year!

– [Mark] Brad, we’re here in Winnipeg, you’re homeless, tell me about it. – Well, I mean, I came here, uh, me and my wife came here from B.C. Our family’s B.C, we get here
and had everything stolen. Because of that, when we went
and tried to get assistance, we were turned down. And for 16 years, we were told one excuse after another excuse not to help us. They were coming up with, you
know, everything imaginable and then some, but we kept
meeting their, the requirements, so finally after 16
years of fighting them, being on the news, having
the story brought forth by the downtown biz
here, having it put forth by Winnipeg Free Press. They said they’d start helping us, right. So, they did, and while we
were on assistance for a year, we were renting a duplex, but
we couldn’t meet the rent, we couldn’t meet the hydro
and water and still buy food, clean our clothes with the little funds that they were giving
us, so, uh, it turned out that we had to have a
couple move in with us. What people don’t realize is that when you sign those
applications to get assistance, you truly do need to read every
single, you know, word on it because if you don’t, you’ll
end up like me and my wife did, we even cut off for a year, and– – [Mark] Wait, wait, wait. Again, I… Just have to repeat it
because I’ve heard this type of story too many times. Took you 16 years to get the help,
– Yes – [Mark] got inside, got
support, but it wasn’t really enough to live on
– Right. – [Mark] So you took
in another roommates– – Couple. – [Mark] To help make ends meet – Yeah. – [Mark] But because government assistance has some crazy rules– – Major crazy rules. – [Mark] Then they
stopped your assistance. – Basically, yeah. – [Mark] That caused you to be homeless. – That’s exactly why. Yeah, it caused me to have to be out here at age 51 having to beg to
survive for me and my wife again, which we had to do for 16 years. And you have to understand
that when I mean beg, when I was doing it for the 16 years, I was 49 years old, I
would get down on my knees to beg from even children for sandwiches, half-eaten sandwiches, half-eaten donuts when they come out of a
restaurant with their father or their mother, and that
has to be very belittling and very demoralizing as a
human being having to do that, but there was something
that kept me going, something that kept
reminding me that, you know, at least I wasn’t doing wrong
things to provide for us. – [Mark] And it’s cold, where
did you sleep last night? – Slept in the parkade over
here underneath the Delta Hotel. – [Mark] You slept in a park– – In a parkade. – [Mark] What’s that? – It’s similar to these
parkades where the cars park. – [Mark] Okay, got it, got it
– Underground. – [Mark] Like a parking lot. – Yeah basically, underground. – [Mark] Yeah, got it, got it, got it. And, um, but I mean,
you know, it’s freezing, and it’s getting colder. – Yeah, yep, we for 16 years were out here in 65 below weather, you know, having to beg till three in the morning to try to get a home for us and not getting it. – [Mark] Oh, my gosh. Oh. – But, still staying positive, still staying sober and
clean the whole time, never once using, never once
drinking, that’s even harder. Me, myself, I have paranoid
delusional schizophrenia, severe depression, anxiety, and a multiple personality disorder. My wife, her being
anemic, that’s very hard, very hard to survive, but we do it, and I thank God that, you
know, that he’s on our side, and that’s what we decided. I’m a religious person, but
that’s what I believe in, I don’t force it upon you or anybody, but I will declare it to people. – [Mark] What’s your future like? – Well, we got four more
months of being homeless and then after that, we
will get reinstated back onto assistance and– – [Mark] I gotta stop you again because I hate black and white thinking. You know what I mean? Because people are, we’re
humans, we’re complicated. – Yep. – [Mark] So you’re saying
they cut you off for a year, and you just have to wait out for that year–
– Basically. – [Mark] Basically
causing your homelessness and then in four months
that year penalty is up, and you can get support again. That is–
– Insane. Fucking insane. – [Mark] I was going to use one of those more–
– Well, I used it. – [Mark] Yeah, those words are perfect– – It’s fucking retarded, and it’s wrong, but it’s the system, and
if you don’t work with it, then it’s just going to screw you longer. – [Mark] If you had three
wishes what would they be? – First wish would be
to ending homelessness in this city and every other city. Second wish is to make people realize that it doesn’t matter
if you’re (mumbles), it doesn’t matter if
you’re black or white, everybody is an individual, and you have to treat that person like that. And I guess the third thing would be for me and my wife to be
back on assistance right now instead of being homeless having to beg. – [Mark] Well, thank you
very much for talking. – Well, thank you for
listening to my story. (light music)

81 thoughts on “Brad and his wife are homeless in Winnipeg, Canada because welfare cut them off for a year!

  1. Just proves that the 'system' is very broken!! Thank God for taking care of them!! Thank God for taking care of us All!! Bless you Mark!!

  2. I've followed this page for a long time and I'm a social worker myself. At some point you have to cut people off that won't help themselves. Canada already gives you free healthcare and free college what more could you ask for in society.

  3. If you get housing assistance here in the states, the same rule applies. You can't have anyone stay at your place any longer than two weeks.

  4. it's remarkable, is there literally zero jobs? what is the problem there? 16 years begging? what? just, what? he's remarkably clean looking. I'm trying not to be a pessimist here but what's the deal with that

  5. I have empathy for everyone, that being said, 16 years fighting for welfare? Come on man. Thats alot of energy and time to put into fighting for welfare.

  6. With all the mental illnesses he and his wife suffer from they should not even have to bother with welfare. A psychiatrist long ago should of helped them get a disability pension. It's not much more then welfare,but at least it's something.

  7. Instead of your 3rd wish to be back on assistance, how about a job? I'm not trying to be heartless, but this is part of the problem. Even something like at Walmart stocking shelves isn't that hard of a job to get. I get it, the mental health issues make things difficult, but when I see people only wanting to get back on government assistance, and not ask for a chance at a job, I get a little annoyed. And before anyone says anything, yes, I've done that type of work, and am currently working for minimum wage, doing a menial job, but it's better than being homeless.

  8. The fact that they are not using either and are still being punished for trying to make ends meet, this is disgusting and our government should be ashamed of themselves!

  9. Winnipeg winter's will make Duluth Minnesota's feel like Miami. i can't imagine how in the hell they can survive a winter there.

  10. This people are homeless cause they want to.Fucking mexicans come here illegaly with no legal help from the goverment or non english and don't see any mexican asking for money or either homeless

  11. It is sad… may be you guys could move to Ontario? Here is truduoau 🙂 governmen pays back 10.5 milllons even to terrorists… It is a shame

  12. Sam i am ..Id like to see this guy say the same thing about the Muslims flooding into Canadastan as we speak.You would not dare to.

  13. Unfortunately this is a pay-to-be-alive system we live in.  Either YOU pay your way to stay alive or OTHERS pay your way.  If people don't help themselves, at some point OTHERS will end up cutting you off, especially if you are able bodied.  Even in the tightest, poorest traditional communities in parts of Asia, people CONTRIBUTE to society, even if it means sweeping the street corner or peeling potatoes 7 hours/day.  A lot of these people just to want take, take and take.  Some have been given more than a fair go, and continue to take.  I financially assist a family member to prevent them from being homeless because they are elderly and not able-bodied.  Problem is that families are often not strong anymore and communities are weak – all of which exacerbates the pay-to-be-alive nature of this world.  It sucks, but not everyone can be a winner in this system.

  14. As a documentation effort, what you're doing is very important. Please continue. These are human beings and deserve a record of their stories.

  15. 16 years? Sounds like doing the same thing everyday and expecting a different result. Winnipeg is about the worst place to live in Canada, most folks on the dole never leave BC because that is the promised land of welfare. I have an idea, during those 16 lost years, a job might have been helpful, but you decided not to work. He is lucky to have not been banned from welfare for life. Oh how much a week does he make from panhandling on the streets? Lots of tax free money for not much work. Welcome to Canada folks it is the best place to live, and not have to work.

  16. Move to Ontario. They will give you welfare in a heart beat. Try Brockville. I'm not lying. The town helped me. Set me up with an apartment, for free for a short time. helped me find a room in a house. It's a nice house. I have a job now. Everything is going ok. Saving for a car now.

  17. You do not show the ones on assistance, The ones who are healthier than I, and laugh at me when I run out the door to go to work on night shift and chide me for being late. This while drinking beer. Ya. To my face. Grinning. Go to work boy, we need your taxes. Might affect my attitude towards the whole system. Starve you bastards.

  18. wow this guy's excuses are amazing, government denying him of assistances, begging for half eaten sandwiches, wtf. If he wasn't so lazy he wouldn't be in his situation. Survival jobs are everywhere, heck be a dishwasher, resturants are always looking for dishwashers, at my last job dishwashers were paid 15 bucks a hour. if he took a dishwashing job he could easily afford a 1 room basement apartment. sure the job sucks, its exhusting work, and you come home smelling bad. But its better than nothing! i supported myself this way before i saved enough money to go to college. i dont see why he couldn't do it.

  19. JT must be really working hard for his people, not going after just for photo opportunity on some famous fast food in the philippines does he? oh JT i thought you be bringing your trash back home what ever happens? #Trudeau

  20. I've met and worked with a large number of homeless in Winnipeg and their stories are heartbreaking. So many have debilitating mental afflictions and many have been abused. Their wants and needs are just as valid as anyone else's. It sickens me to see some of the judgmental and ignorant comments on this video. Anyone ever heard of the Good Samaritan?

  21. @InvisiblePeople Mark, continue to allow the #Homeless to tell their stories so that people will SEE and HEAR that most are NOT looking for a hand out but Hand Up out of their situation so they can move forward into a better life. Thank you, Mark, for all you do because what may seem like a little thing to you is huge to them. Somebody is listening.

  22. paint your self into a canadian native you might get away with i hear they get money …..STOP THE HAVE THERE IS ONE GOD FOR ALL UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF talk about bad comments and no am talking about my comment 🙂

  23. God bless him. He should have disability benefits if he has paranoid schizophrenia along with personality disorders.

  24. They use the wrong language to describe the system, the right word is not insane, it is criminal, because fundamental human rights are violated, and people who did not commit any offense or crime are punish and criminalized, that is criminal not insane. My guess is homeless people should joint and take a lawyer.

  25. Jesus Christ Almighty. Second biggest country in the world, and I bet most of us don't own a square foot of land. Crown land.

  26. Eighty-three people mostly americans own as much wealth as the bottom three and one half BILLION people in the world. Does it make any sense that older disabled people like this man should live like this?

  27. Lot's of money for illegal invaders and convicted terrorists but if you are one of those "white privileged" people you should have been successful and the government hates you.

  28. welfare's a hand up not a hand out. too many people forget this . spending years bitching about a system instead of preparing to join the work force and pay your share in taxes is backwards thinking.

  29. How can people in the government of the city and in the government be so cruel to let people be in these difficult situations? It is terrible to live without a house and some sort of financial support at the basic minimum. It is a human right to have a place of your own.

  30. If they were muslim invaders that hate christians Trudeau would give them a free house.

  31. I need to add my two cents. I have been dealing with Brad for well over 10 years. You need to take what he says with a grain of salt. When he said he is sober, that is far from the truth. I have seen the man receive a $50 gift card to Safeway which he imediately tried to flip for $20 as well as him abusing drugs. He is an agressive panhandler when he doesn't get his way and can be very unpredicatble. I am sure there is some truth to his story, but at this point I can not believe a word this man says.

  32. hey brad why don't you be a man and get a fuckin job because nobodys forcing you to be homeless except you its your choice

  33. Next time could we hear how a good looking man like this who was very young "16" years ago could not find any work??

  34. Ban muslims from North America. They have murdered over 150 million people since 600 AD

  35. A rooming house is better than homeless,,,if they couldn't make ends meet, a rooming house could of done just fine beats a parkade..they pay 750 a month so rent might cost 400.00 thats 350,00
    for food….clothing is almost free at thrift stores…I know they said you,re not allowed to have someone living with you and hide their income,,welfare is not for people to live on its a bridge until you get a job…casual labor 6 a.m make enough for food at least…..seems to me like some drugs may be involved…..people on disability must have objective proof from a doctor…like someone who had a heart attack…obviously they cannot work….even if they could employers won't hire them because they are a liability, if you had surgery for sure you cannot work but getting someone to live with you that's a no-no their income must be included and must be disclosed immediately or you get cut off for cheating and penalized…at least they get another shot at it…CASUAL LABOR UNTIL THEN..

  36. Every thing you and your wife had was stolen? Just curious what kind of crowd were you running around with at the time? So you were renting a duplex while being funded by tax payers and you couldn't pay heat or hydro,sounds like to me you and your wife need to live with in your means! Please don't be blaming the system a few words of advice,try getting a fucking job. Welfare is for people who are in need, not for you and your wife to make a life time career out of living off the system! The fair majority of us do work for a living, you gotta work to get a head and life..plain and simple!

  37. O yeah blame us for your sad lives. Instead of relocating to another Provence why can't he look for a job, sure he can't work how about his wife? She's too old. Uh got it put the crack pipe down please. We immigrants work our asses off doing all kinds of jobs but you people are here crying for something you refuse to do. Oh we steal your jobs too am sorry for that dear Mr little snow. Soon we are going to take your little Internet fingers too so we won't see your crackhead cry. These small percentage of white canadian would rather smoke crack all night and talk about immigrants are this and that without not even try to work. Go to any job agencies in your local erea and see how many of them are there. Even the few white Canadians who go there you can clearly see they are crackheads because they won't be return the next day. Do you know most of us immigrant people came here with money ? When we came here we had to work our asses off to one day open our own business and we did. 8 out 10 canadian people we hired turned out to be thieves some of them won't even show up to the job as soon they get their first paycheck, that's why we had to bring some workers outside of canada. Go to any coffee places or McDonald's and see who are working there.. it's immigrants, but these snow Canadian lazy lowlifers are rather to stay indoors do nothing but drugs yeah soon we gone take your country because you do not contribute anything to canada, you are just lucky to be white who born in canada that's all. Have a seat and shut up here is some crack smoke it and shut up please.

  38. Replace the welfare beurocracy with UBI. Lay off 100,000 civil sevants and youd be suprised how much money would be freed up for UBI.

  39. Okay this may be unpopular… But if there is so much mental illness / alcoholism & drug addiction… among the homeless.. rather than leaving them on the streets to rot why not have some type of *health facility*.. where they could be clothed / housed & maybe get the medication / counseling they need?

  40. This happens all the time. Tax payers pay for them to live for a year free , they end up sub leasing the place that we as tax payers are paying for and they pocket the money. He got caught.

  41. thats the reason i couldn't just go to another Province in Canada besides French Quebec , if i did i'd have no income for 6 months , how could i live like that with no job and no place to live ? , so i was trapped here being only English , sucked

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