Brain networked society o Sociedad de cerebros en red (EN)

Brain networked society o Sociedad de cerebros en red (EN)

Good morning to eveybody We are here in a small committee. Aren’t we? So welcome to the fist lecture of the fifth course of Shared Sciences Today, in this opening talk we have Miguel Ángel Rodriguez who is an engineer and a lecturer in the Telematic Engineering Department of our university He will talk to us about brain society on a network or brain networked society so I will leave the word to him thank you so much Verónica thank you for inviting me thanks also to Shared Sciences for holding this event and for allowing me to talk to you about my works in this case about brains on the network I have been working for this project since 26 November 2002 it’s 12 years of research for the first time I’m making it public it might be the only one so this is a great opportunity for me to be here in the Marine Sciences degree room and share this experience with you so thank you so much for your invitation I’m glad and a bit nervous let’s see how it all goes I would like to start by saying that 20 days ago, on 29 September I received a WhatsApp message it was a three-word message that read “congratulations Miguel Ángel” I have to say that I’m not so much for congratulations neither on birthdays nor onomastics but that day I kept two words “Miguel” and “Ángel” my two grandfathers gave me this name my grandfather Ángel and my grandfather Miguel I remember my grandfather Ángel when I was 7/8 years old he taught me how to make grafts in a garden and there I used to play with flowers, colours… …species… so I began to deal a little bit with science as for my grandfather Miguel, I couldn’t meet him he died during the war they killed him dramatically so I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him. However, he must have been a good grandfather for he had 9 children my father was the youngest he was eleven we are talking about almost 80 years ago or 90, more or less between 1931 and 1936. We are talking about issues like fear… …surprise, anger… …happiness and sadness… these are the basic emotions with which all human beings were born they are cognitive aspects of the human mind and regardless of race, I think, and religion all of us we were born with them and these are the emotions with which we were born like a factory car all others are rather the sums of the emotions learned or acquired over time through experience. We have talked about emotional and psychological aspects… …as well as aspects of the human brain and mind. We have also talked about network… …WhatsApp when I received that WhatsApp message WhatsApp means “Hi, how are you?” “How’s it going?” this is the Spanish term for WhatsApp in English. Specifically, last month on 3 September received 900 million users it’s the most important social network worldwide over which all of us communicate that is WhatsApp. Last year, in February, if I’m not mistaken WhasApp was going about like this like 50% of the transactions or communication we had. Thus, we are talking about a network application, that is WhatsApp the most popular and the most used worldwide at this moment. On the other side,we are also talking about the Internet. Internet is the network over which we all communicate today and as in medicine or any activity it has some operational and working protocols Specifically, when we started the Internet at a domestic level in 1997 when the Internet was having access to our home when the Internet was beginning to be used in companies we were starting with a quite mature protocol already from its beginning from the ARPANET network which was the protocol number 4 the IPv4 we started with it then the IPv5 which didn’t get anywhere it developed and remained in the research field and in this moment we have other Internet Protocol version, number 6 the IPv6 so, networks… …emotional aspects of the human brain and mind networks, protocols we are going to talk about all that about connection about cognitive aspects of the human mind and brain, telecommunication networks, and about whats is going on right now. It’s necessary – I don’t want to forget it that also infrastructures are included in this network in particular the optical fiber and all the wire that connect us for example, those of the Canary Islands that connect them with the mainland they are called penca a term that derives from peninsula canaria penca 1, penca 2 and last month we started penca 8 that means that all the communication between the Canary Islands and the rest of the world pass through those wires penca going back to the cognitive aspects of human mind which are wars tragedies atrocities produced by the human being everything has a solid base in classroom I said “that is hate… …that incites all the conflicts between human beings and a student raise his hand and said “it’s hate and resentment” I asked him why as I’m not a psychologist I don’t understand such aspects I asked him “why resentment?” he answered “I’m a soldier and I have been to Afghanistan… …so I saw all the horrors of the war that had been and that was going to …so it’s resentment so I replied “I hate resentment” This is why this slide shows that hate and resentment are the fundamentals of all human conflicts. Somebody told me and I searched something on the Internet and I found a book entitled Los horrores de la guerra civil nuestra wrote by a journalist whose name is José María de Zavala it’s a pocket edition there you have, in case you want it I tried to read something but it was impossible for me to read about atrocities and aberrations that they made each others possibly to my father-in-law to my grandfather, sorry who interposed among them as they wanted to take away one of his brothers he interposed among them and they ended up taking him away and I said on WhatsApp they shot him and a friend, sorry one of my brothers told me “no, they didn’t shoot him” “actually, that day he opposed to those who wanted to annihilate him… …so they didn’t shoot him, they killed him in a another way I don’t want to mention it but in this book you can read about more than 200 cases of the atrocities that happened we are speaking only about cognitive aspects but about an aspect which is very important in all we are about to say I mean violence I’m not a psychologist there are some people who are I would define violence as something very human yes, human because it occurs in human beings and we are all violent what happens is that violence occurs at a given time one first and another one later so, in order to avoid violence we must not make use of armies, annihilation, people we must make use of reason to avoid here in our brain and find a solution to hate… …resentment so as to avoid war war cannot be solved with armies but at a cognitive level so this student was a soldier he was in a post-traumatic moment and commented some cases he had seen it came to light the topic of violence… …networks all of which are cognitive elements that will be useful for this presentation joining cognitive aspects -and the human mind- and networks is something difficult it’s something multidisciplinary technologies are involved as well as sociology… …psychology many disciplines intervene one of them, the science of cosmology it has to do with what happened, where are we from and where we are going so we should refer to what we are going to do according to this theory one and only one particle where all the fundamental particles are collected about 300 fundamental particles existing at this moment this theory states that only one particle condenses all energy time and an instant infinitesimally then it explodes and stars originates when stars join together they form galaxies there are billions of galaxies planets appear as well as satellites we are on the stars on the planet Earth this is us, a product of the evolution of about 14 thousands years specifically, 13798 more or less, 37 billions of years so we scientifically know where are we from and where we are it’s something like a bubble like it was a bottle of champagne with a lot of foam there is massive of it in the universe we could broaden it more I would go to the Champagne Pool lake which is in New Zealand it’s a 65-meter diameter lake and 62 meters deep in which something bubbles it could be a reference photograph of the worlds existing this would be the mission of this theory – explaining what we are, where are we from and where we are going. Analizing the case I observe that Enrico Fermi had a similar idea he is known for his project Manhattan about the atomic bomb in New York it can be noticed that in some works or discussions he had this kind of ideas appeared I say “well, they both match” in this case Jerome Friedman he’s a nuclear physician an electronic physics specialist I mean he deals with the atomic nuclear I had the opportunity to talk to him and I asked him what he thought about all of that he answered: “what is unknown it doesn’t exist” “if something doesn’t exist then it is unknown” we can extrapolate and say “what exists is what is known” “and what is known has no impact” so we know that it could exist something else in the world but as we don’t know it, it doesn’t exist I will give you an example if we access to the application that gives us all the information in real time it tells us, for example, that yesterday 7528 people died actually, this has been happening everyday however, we don’t pay attention to it because we don’t see it, we don’t know it despite this, we can see the photo of a little Syrian who died some days ago on a beach we got to know him the other 67 thousand people who die on a daily base don’t affect us because it is a world apart that we don’t know, therefore it doesn’t affect us “what it is unknown it doesn’t exist” all this is the process we have talked about it includes the Milky Way formation, as well as our planet creation 4500 million years ago and with respect to the planet we can see from 4000/5000 to 360 million years I suppose that you know the name of the fish presented here, don’t you? it’s the fish tiktaalik it is said that we all originated from it a fish getting out of the water, it starts to have legs, it moves and we are the result of 160-million-years journey then I deal with the origin of bacteria… …global cooling… …meteorites it’s something the science tells us, something we know and we know that we are there. There is an interesting theory according to which 3900 million years meteorites with saline crystals fell down they contained water from there the oceans originated for that reason, these meteorites which gave us life on our planet and that we search them in other places that happened 3900 years ago this theory has confirmed many systems within the biological sciences and in this department where we are right now there are Marine Sciences, biology, physical and chemical sciences we know that we take out a cell from a gamete for example, the male gamete is the sperm cell and the female one is the egg cell we have a zygote, that is a cell and something similar occurs in this theory in the sense that if we join the telecommunication networks with the cognitive actors of the human mind we can get theories cell theory in systems they are systems because they are related components both at a conceptual and material level I would like to explain to you what the concept IPO refers to IPO is the acronym of Imput Process Output the brain receives information through the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste I think I mentioned them all the brain receives such information it processes it and as a result it draws some conclusions the output (Imput Process Output) this is us we are a neural network, like this more or less 100 billions of humans connecting with each other and this is us depending on the network available and the possibilities that exist, a person generates one person or another this is we all are different as the possibility that there are two equal neuronal networks is practically impossible, isn’t it? we now come to the topic of the telecommunications network that we’ve mentioned before the optical fiber we talk about the brain, processes and healthcare these are the brain inputs I mean of the human being we could mention the topic of sight we can’t see the whole radio and electromagnetic spectra as to say that the human being is in some way blind with regard to hearing, the human being reaches 20 Hertz this means that dogs can hear ultrasonic sounds, for example whereas the human being doesn’t so we are different from other species for our senses – smell, touch, smell that means that this is the human being one more of between 5 and 6 million species on this planet. According to experts the 95/96% of them has disappeared the human race is the one than still lives by 4/5% will we still be living for much time? perhaps it is the question we should ask ourselves. Now, I would like to speak about technology we mentioned the IPv4 and the IPv6 they are Internet protocols the IPv4 can make simultaneous interconnections as it has 4294 million directions we started with it in 1997 I remember that at that time we were responsible of a telephone engineering unit and we had to give the new services to our clients and the company the new service was called Internet InfoVía we had to tell the that there was a new service, that was Internet which would be available to companies and had 4294 million simultaneous connections considered it after many years of experience with other networks and services, the first conclusion we drew was “this will break of the business structures of the moment” “it will break all the social structures that we had and we will going to have” this happened 18 years ago Internet began to work, it continued and we could already notice its consequences today, we all comment about the crisis – in the radio, TV, newspapers someone says that we are emerging from the crisis, others that we have already emerged, others more that we are doing badly from this point of view, what is happening is not a crisis it is rather a worldwide social and business change what we are seeing is the tip of an iceberg like when a building is going to fall down and we begin seeing cracks we are seeing cracks why? because this IPv4 protocol of 4294 million addressess ran out in February 2011 5 years ago and there the new protocol, the IPv6, developed the IPv6 has 340 sexillion communications that is a figure that costs hard work to the human being, or we wouldn’t be able to decipher it the student told me that it’s 2 elevated to 128 that’s correct and the IPv4 is 2 elevated to 32 well, we can’t assure it either if we take the IPv4, that has 4294 connections and we compare it to the 6000/7500 million inhabitants in the world it results that at that time we could give to 80% of the inhabitants on this planet the possibility to communicate over the Internet perhaps it is an unattainable figure, and we saw that it ran out so it was exhausted in 2011 and if we managed to put this 4294 in the volume of an 8-centimeter orange that is a volume that we can humanly measure, quantify, see, imagine the question would be “how much should the volume of that orange be to put 430 trillion directions of the new protocol?” or the volume of that hypothetical relationship to know where we are if we could put the simultaneous communication Internet protocol number 4 into an orange in order to put the IPv6 protocol we would need a sun-sized orange it should be one thousand times bigger than the Earth we are in a situation in which simultaneous communication still transcends bad personal communication to move on what is about to come with the new Internet which is the Internet of things it has already been working this means that we are going to interconnect, for example cars will have thousands of controls to avoid that it crashes or to avoid that it passes certain speed we can control what we can imagine we will be able to develop the Internet of things having made these observations – cognitive elements, networks we shall ask ourselves “in what situation are we?” what’s happening? so, let’s go to the World Bank and ask “how many people are there in the world right now?” we are approximately 7500 million people let’s take 10 test tubes each test tube could contain 750 million people let’s join them underneath we are speaking about communicating vessels communication vessels theory well, we have those 10 tube tests 750 million people in each of them so let’s go to GNI it collects the data of a country’s gross domestic product the services we have at our disposal it is not enough to say “well, I have a per capita income of 5000 euros it’s not like that I mean, we have a healthcare and education system, as well as a road infrastructure they all are services we must pay for so, with that per capita income we have some services and, obviously, a salary if we put the USA and Europe in a tube test we would be 11,5% that is that we could fill a test tube a well-filled one the gross national income of the USA and Europe is currently 47,5% 50% of what we do on this planet I mean that 11% of the people living on this planet benefit from 50% of the wealth produced in the world and what does it imply? let’s see what happens let’s put a shut-off valve in each tube test, so as to have one of them with all that is produced on the planet and let’s divide the other 50% into 9 parts that means that one tube test has this level like this, more or less and we would have a smaller level on the others there would be a country with a higher level and a country with a lower one but this would be its gross domestic product what happens? that we put a shut-off so it is closed, there’s no problem this is what Jerome Friedman said “if don’t know a world, it doesn’t exist, there’s no problem” what would happen if we put a shot-off like this? what would happen if we put the gross domestic product of the USA, which is 50%, in contact worldwide? a social aspect towards a worldwide level what would happen? all countries in the world would rise a little bit the USA and Europe would drop that is correct, isn’t it? as we have that shut-off it doesn’t happen anything we wouldn’t know it we wouldn’t even know that 60 people die every day or they give us the figure but not everything would be mentioned on the news well, a dog biting a person would not be a news, but if a person hits a dog it will be broadcast we all would know that that is what is happening it keeps like this, but if a crazy man opened that shut-off, what would happen? let’s imagine a communicating vessel the little one, hope for the whole world a little hope and it would drop all that is part of the USA and Europe which is the planet situation, radiography at the moment this theory assures that it will happen in the coming years what will be the shut-off that will open it? they will be precisely telecommunications what shall we do with telecommunications? what shall we do with WhatsApp messages that are still arriving? with which we communicate worldwide, we all know that we talk with another person in another place in the world and we tell them “I’m eating an hamburger” or “look, it’s snowing here” as well as “look, I’m on the beach” it is nothing that seems strange to us nowadays as it did before we have been getting to know each other and now we are going to get to know what it didn’t exist before for we didn’t know it now, for example, in Syria there is the tragedy of million families who don’t have anything to it they don’t have a roof over their head we all know about the exodus we know about it because we see it on TV if they didn’t inform us we wouldn’t know anything about it and there wouldn’t be any problem but in Syria they have a mobile phone in Africa they already used to use it, didn’t they? as I commented before – you confirm that in poor countries people don’t earn enough to survive but they all have a smartphone an intelligent mobile phone over which they can communicate there’s no need to go to sub-Saharan Africa it is enough to see this phenomenon in our society when we go to the slums we can see what a poor people live there but maybe we see a car or a plasma TV they will always spend their first euros for a television set and even if it may seem a lie, also poor people is anxious to get to know and communicate with the outside world and that represents the only possibility to communicate with the outside world be it something related to the football, Barça or Madrid, or to what is happening here or there it’s their way to communicate so they spend the first euros they have to buy a television set maybe they don’t have a place to sleep but they do have a plasma TV they have the same need as the people who can afford such things in sub-Saharan Africa and all the poor places – where they earn 1,25 dollars per day there is a great deal of people it seems that the UN wants to eradicate it but things are that way right now but what happens? that if we analyze all the countries in the world in each country almost 50% of the population can communicate over the Internet, the mobile phone and they know things we all get in contact each other telecommunications do two things perforate the national sovereign States the perforate them so that knowledge spreads someone here in the room told me that he/she was going to do a master through telecommunication today many of you know that many universities like those of Harvard or Stanford offer courses that can be attended from any place in the world the University of Stanford, for example, displaced people they give classes in London, Paris etc. They are expanding. Now the world has changed in the field of teaching we have been going on almost like 8 centuries ago when universities studies began in Bologna what’s happening? telecommunications are like a storm especially those who proceed from two classes, like me from the Telematic Engineering Department and the Telecommunication and Electronic Departments all seems to be simple and quiet whereas we are in a full blizzard some researchers of the seventeenth and eighteenth century who said – the frog paradox, which many of you probably know – that if you put a frog well, some of you may tell me if this paradox is true or not there were some researchers who claimed that if you put a frog into water and ice it will jump but if we made operations of 0,0 at all degree centered per minute the frog wouldn’t notice it and would die it’s something that all of us experiment when we have to follow a therapy the temperature rises a little bit that is the situation the human beings on this planet go through a feeling of calm as the frog does “hey, there is a crisis, isn’t there?” “oh, let’s see if we can get out of the crisis” “of course we can get out of it” “no” – the pessimistic “yes, of course” – the optimistic but everybody must go through some crisis we know that they are temporary that they come and go away we aren’t experiencing a crisis we are entering a crisis but we will not know it it’s a national change in all rules through telecommunications we are going to put in contact all human beings this is dramatic as we began to know it we began to notice if 3 Syrian children or a couple or an old people joined our family we would get to know them, they would be part of our family our life would change we would get to know them and they would get to know us too they know the Internet and they know that the world has become smaller and they would like to be like us and we are afraid because all this will go away here I have some data exactly these ones I think it happened 2 years ago in a building it was precisely called Rana and it was in Bangladesh it was a four-floor building a lot of people worked there in poor conditions there was a short-circuit and 800 people, I think, died and 2000 more were injured there were 28 companies among which Prica Prica – Prica …Prica that possibly sells this garment for 6,00 euros and this one for 4,00 it was made there Prica was one those 28 companies all those people died because the building’s conditions were not like ours we could experience a short-circuit too but their working conditions are very poor and their salary is very low when we spend 5,00/7,00/12,00 for a shirt we are supporting them they have a different livelihood compared with ours if we gain 6,00/8,00 euros per hour they gain the same for a week or maybe a month in dehumanizing conditions so 700/800 people died thus, Praica gave 1 million dollars to meet the needs at that moment and then gave about 13 million dollars to the families affected and their relatives so they could do what they wanted with that money another Prica measure with regard to the banks in Bangladesh and the university of Dasca was to encourage them to invest that money in their future, in their businesses and to continue working at that price or a little more to have a means of support that wouldn’t end with those tragedies so the spent about 20 days making them become entrepreneurs businessmen and offering them a job they told them what kind of problems they would have – that is that they could have lost everything they could earn and go on that way but they recommended that they didn’t leave their business like that and that they continued investing because they would be required for more work after all those meetings 96% of them opted for reinvest the investment that was given to them for their future and job 96% why do I say 96%? or what value does it have? what evidence does it have? some days ago I was telling to the students that, for example, this faculty’s computer – which is not mine – has a price if I say that this computer costs 1200 dollars in some place 2000 in another but – I don’t want to advertise – it seems to be one of the most innovative and competitive and someone manages to buy it for 320 euros I mean, something which costed 2000/1500 euros as it has just been produced can be found for 320 euros I asked the students where would they go to buy a computer and everybody said “well, 320 euros…” I answered “Don’t you feel sorry for those people in China that produced it?” or they made it in Bangladesh “…and they are exploiting them?” “Would you make an act of solidarity by giving it back?” “No, I would buy it” let me see if I have it here I want to say that people are caring with the money that is not theirs with the efforts of others sometimes we are caring with words rather than facts there are people who say what they do I don’t like doing it because there are missionaries who help the poor without saying anything they do make acts of solidarity with love so I see the tragedy and I say “what happens?” “what does exist?” we all are waiting for the crisis to end from the point of view I’m presenting the crisis doesn’t exist it doesn’t exist things are known or unknown things are implied or not implied things can affect something else or not and it’s not a temporary crisis it is rather a total national change and in this case, the expansion of knowledge imply the movement of capital “You, workers in Bangladesh or China, are working because I’m bringing you investments, as in Gran Canaria the demand for clothes is rising” last week, on the big street number 34 in Madrid I think it happened in a 5-floor building I think it was a a 10,000-square-meter building, according to some information and the whole Madrid collapsed because everybody wanted to go shopping to Prica but nobody said “don’t go there to buy as you are helping the exploiters to put at risk the life of those people” but people didn’t care and went, and died so the movement of capital exist worldwide capitals move to where it would be more competitive there is something, I don’t know if you know the article 63 of the European Charter the article 63 states that there is the freedom of capitals and people movement throughout Europe but if read it, I will repeat it, article number 63 of the Treaty on European Union it not only allow the freedom of capitals movement among member states, but also with third countries and for those that don’t do that in a simple way there are thousands of tricks on how to do it from head to iron in how to move capitals among shell companies what in the end every expert knows it when you go to a bank and you ask if there are private banks oh yes they have, every bank we know has a private bank there are those that work internationally but you must have at least half a million euros otherwise you can’t join it all of that exists, all of that can be observed some people know it and what happens if a knowledge transfer occurs? and that would be allowed by the telecommunication networks what is going to happen? among other aspects, what is going to happen is that the social and public powers existing at the moment if we analyze the world, those are generally a constitutional democracy, as the Spanish one, a liberal democracy a Christian democracy a social democracy a popular democracy a direct democracy a mixed democracy ultimately, there are a series of democracies in the world that choose their political representatives through the universal suffrage but what is going to happen from now? let’s imagine that they appoint me as the president of the Canary Islands hopefully! and I say “well, as we have a budget deficit I will charge all tourists coming here a fee of 20/50/100 euros or 1000 euros what would happen the following day? tour operators would tell me “if you are going to do that, tomorrow you won’t have any tourist” and would we close the hotels? Would we take away jobs? the following day would come another tour operator saying “if you don’t offer the all-inclusive…” (we know that all the workers in that sector complain about that option) “they didn’t include all in one and they want it all for a miserable price” and he also would say “if you don’t do that I won’t do that for a tourist” “and I will keep it in another place where it would be cheaper” this is the situation, capital and knowledge transfer the most important values in economics and telecommunications will create all this what does it mean? that in all sovereign States borders would disappear or would be buffered as a consequence of the process that is taking place the current political power would move to the citizen empowerment I mean that if I have a mobile phone and I buy a garment or I go to Prica or a certain center or country I would be giving them the power if I buy this for 5 euros I’m giving that money to those people to subsist but 96% of those people, as we have seen, have said that they want to invest in their job, even if it is bad I will continue working whereas we complain that we are losing the welfare state “what are we losing? we are constantly getting older” and as in Rana , “there’s nothing wrong here” or “let’s see if the rain stops, if the crisis end” that will not exist if they work like the Chinese (who do work hard) they will turn the tables but they won’t be the ones who have all the power and we haven’t and the Chinese would tell us “Do you want to live? Then work like a Chinese” I will tell you what the situation is so, firstly, summing up what we said the cognitive elements of the human mind and communication networks are very friendly I’ll give you an example the other day in Las Canteras a couple with a baby buggy and a 7/8-year-old child the couple was speaking and gave the child a magazine so he wouldn’t bother them and the 8/9-month baby, who couldn’t walk, started to move the magazine and saw a picture that caught his attention and he was trying to open it with his fingers as it was a tablet it means that from the younger to the older as I was telling you in the overview of this presentation we are all in the same world all we get to know each other there will be a world in which you and I both exist you will have the same opportunities the same principles as the other what does it mean? that in the end theory doesn’t say anything in the end we should prove what is happening and what is happening? well, well…all this that citizen will take the power so who can boost all this? no one who can stop billions of citizens? No one. There’s not any army that can do that until now, when there was a problem according to our planet’s geopolitics we sent an army or there was a very powerful man who could discharge the atomic bomb by pressing a button that won’t happen anymore if we were more powerful the army will be too the country will be so however powerful it may be we know that if a virus or bacteria attacks it it can affect just a few people or result in an epidemic throughout the whole country so let’s quit the big because there’s not any power in what is so big, like now “I have power so I will crush you” no, now empowerment comes and who decide what will happen? everybody we will be voting now, when we want to vote we have to go to the ballot boxes for the universal suffrage in order to vote our representative but things have changed “I will buy this one and that one because I’ll give power” in fact, when politicians want to take a decision the economic power comes out someone in this room, who wanted to be the president of the Autonomous Region, told me: “politicians are not pressured or manipulated by entrepreneurs” “politicians are set by the economic power” can you already say that? once a news came out in the press there was a collaboration of this kind and they told me “no, all the media have an editorial line and some limits that can’t be passed” and this limit can be passed he told me “not all that is right is correct” it means that that all editorial lines, all mass media have some limits we break the communication boundaries because we have the social networks and who stops? I would like to give my opinion as we are in the University of Las Palmas it’s the following one the University of Las Palmas check all carriers it’s a check which states the what competences the students must have in a certain subject of a certain degree and each educational program of each subject as you all know explains the subjects, the syllabus and the competences to acquire but there are some competences that are unknown I usually give it as I’m now teaching a subject that I love that is telecommunication and society engineering to the students of the first-year telecommunication engineering students there are some competences and it is said the the University of Las Palmas adheres to the human rights and there is a human right that we can’t respect that is that all human beings, as we are so, we have the right to freely think not only to freely think but also to publicly express all the ideas and thoughts we have those rights are supported by the University of Las Palmas and the human rights another thing is that you have an idea and someone who doesn’t agree blames you that is the principle of war, violence, suffering and atrocity science has to be costantly critical not only to those who work scientifically at it but also to those who propose, study, collaborate, manage or incidentally participate in it science must always be critical with itself and the different education rules that exist so we need to be free in order to create a free society because the solution that we must give to all of this is that someone come and say as we have said with regard to telecommunications reset of, owner of it’s like this when you a have a problem with your computer you have to reset it otherwise we have to switch it off reset, switch it off someone tells me “what do you mean with that?” I mean “swipe the slate clean” many understand it as a manifestation of violence this is why I was speaking about violence at the beginning because here violence may come out, and let’s see how we can stop it because there violence comes out because that is what we must stop as a war may come out from that violence and by 50% it may annihilate the other 50% and when five or six are left our time is almost up let’s raise another world that is what sometimes history tells us this theory has to do with the issue of violence because hate will generate as well as resentment and that kind of things can’t be solved through either an army nor by massacre the population or an army or a bombing it can be solved through education or with through the mind by trying to solve that problem fortunately, the 21st century is going to be the brain and mind century something that will involve all the universal system we have spoken about let us hope that it will find a way to eliminate hate and resentment because that is the origin there’s no way, the human being is like that we can’t do anything else there aren’t limits what are the limits of the human being? for those who have already completed their career where is the limit of the human knowledge? we have 340 million DCPs the brain and intelligence are nature’s products so I would make the following question: “can a duck create the same symphony of Beethoven?” it’s a simple question I think not, is it? No… why? because nature and its development endowed it with some arteries, highways and streets so that its brain system can’t do that kind of things but it does things that can’t be done but its intelligence has some limitations, hasn’t it? human beings are like ducks possibly better endowed with most things but not in some others so, as it is said the human being can’t get to know and overcome it we have our own limits too and there are nature terms that we don’t know I would ask you “what do we do when we want to get an antidote that we can’t find?” look for it and if you can’t find it, invent it! now, in these days, for example, in the University of Stanford they have created a research department where there 21 researchers that are trying to create, to imitate a silicon work it seems to me an aberration the brain is almost 12 million years old like hers or his all brains are almost 12 million years old it’s a natural intelligence computational intelligence, on the other hand, is not natural but artificial at the real level we can say that it doesn’t reach a century what is happening now? natural intelligence collides with artificial intelligence like an elephant with an ant what can the ant do? what can we do with the brain? we can do lots of things but I can’t compare a brain that I have been shaping to the nature to one which is only one century old we can’t but we continue working I have a friend, who was a student at this university and works at a research department of a New York university I asked him: “what do you do?” you know, there are people who are attacked for traffic or wars and they have no hands they are an interface of the brain and a bionic arm to pick up a glass and drink last week he told me that they are trying to send symmetric information in the opposite direction and there is another department in Miami where they are studying whether it is very hot or cold and a way to warm or cool it in this way we are helping someone to drink a glass of water or someone who can’t comb his or her hair we are helping them through a chip so as they can do such things right, that is great but now we are experiencing the contusion of two types of intelligence that will generate a new social model we could call it “social model of networked brains” it could be what do we do? what do we have to do? it’s very simple nature didn’t say that this is why I was talking about those 12 million years and the processes that took place and what does nature teach us? that we either change or adapt to it or disappear and die and that will happen to human beings if they can’t adapt (and we can’t) to the change we are bringing so, to conclude that human beings have to adapt both from a quantity point of view and the way in which they carry out processes and changes we have brought a radical change in telecommunications thus, the changes we have to produce at a human, organizing and social level must be as dramatic as the change we have brought otherwise we will be one of those 96 species and we can even disappear because hate, conflict and revenge will come out the next few years will be like that and the only way out in this theory is adapting this is the only way to act properly there is something else we have escaped from something more difficult, why not escape from this but we have to be aware and there is an animal that shows us how to do it I’m very glad to be in the Faculty of Marine Sciences because it has some relationship with that and you can confirm that or not we don’t know whether is true or it is a paradox the issue of the frog the frog is a friend of mine since I was 12/13 years old when winter arrived it disappeared until the following year and I thought it had died no, it came back so frogs teach us how to adapt to changes, something we can’t do there is a particular species of frog, I don’t know whether they are all like that, that when it’s freezed (I saw some videos on Youtube) it becomes an ice pack human beings can’t experience that yet I don’t know if you know something about this No. well, I will tell you that – that’s science it seems that its neurons, its cells, protect it though another ones of glucose it seems that there are studies which state that they can remain like that for 6/7 months and then come back again so in that video it can be seen how the frog, after it became an ice pack, begins to emerge and stretch and starts to live again. That friend of mine when I was 13/14 years old, with whom I used to play and the other day didn’t allow me to sleep because I wanted to try to see if a frog burst with the rise in temperature there are many videos on Youtube that show that many scientists tried it we have to put a thermometer and see how it goes and then the image of the frog – I suppose it is not falsified – that is freezed and then starts to live again something that is impossible for humans the frog can adapt the question is: “will we be able to adapt to the change we are bringing?” and this is my conclusion and proposal we have to adapt I hope we will be able to do that as other species do for the good it brings us so thank you so much for your attention if you have any question thank you so much “Yes, I have a question” it seems a pessimistic theory according to which the worst is coming even if I quite share your point of view what do you notice apart adaptation? what do you notice about hope? I would give a negative note of 99/90% a pessimistic note of 99,9% you have one opportunity out of 1000 sorry, you have 10 possibilities out of 1000 so I would tell you that you have 10 possibilities of one struggle and go for it be the human species one out 1000, 10 out of 1000 o whatever we have to go for it and fight for it and not let it die thus, science must be critical no matter how few possibilities there are, just fight and go for it you may succeed, as the most difficult case has been achieved but never say “I didn’t try it” that would be dramatic “Thank you” any other questions? I didn’t want to be pessimistic either I keep believing in human reason and I know that I will try it I agree with her that this is nothing but the tip of the iceberg we have been working for years to show it above all at university, as in other places the subject is not dealt with it’s a kind of taboo we have been raising awareness to face reality and that is something that they don’t teach us not even in debates but they keep us stunned on TV but I had seen that when I attended my career many years ago I remember that… – what did you study? – Labour Relations then I continue studying well, when they gave us statistics I’m referring to the year 2000 when they gave us statistics about the future they said that only 25% of the people who were working that year would work and that 25% would create twice the production of that time wherewith you can count with the fingers of your hand 75% of the production not the production, but rather the people who were producing at that moment wherewith, what those people are going to do? I’m talking about the ’80s no, sorry, the year 2000 statistics revealed that most people would have a poor quality job against a percentage of 25% or less – I suppose that those statistics are already obsolete – who would have a well-paid job and this is what we are seeing in reality well, I would like to show this graphic which presents the UN conclusions of the year 2015 it shows what the evolution for Asia and sub-Saharan Africa will be I’m reading the graph curves from top to bottom towards Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and Oceania we can see that the population is slightly maintaining or is even going to decrease but there is something that I think it catches everyone’s attention that is the growth that is going to take place in sub-Saharan Africa where there is most need to feed people and where it can be seen the population shot expected in the next years what you are telling me is a drama according to sociologists the human being have to be there to give an answer to all of this I asked to a president of the Canary Islands how he would solve the immigration problem it was five or six years old, he has already died due to a cancer he was an engineer “how will you solve such a problem?” the problems to come, as the population doubles every 50 years and he gave me a correct answer he answered me “we don’t know it” as long as the human being is aware and intelligent he must fight to find that equation that formula to solve those problems that, in principle, have no solution I keep that answer there is no solution but we have to develop a critical science an open science we have to look for it without fear without fear to lose everything by fighting or we will die we have to die for a just cause so what we will do with the human being? before, it was the animal that helped us then machines, with the industrial revolution and in the Peter Drucker’s new society the knowledge and information society, or the networked brain society that in my opinion is in a embryonic form there is no need of human effort or human intelligence what will we do if machines will do everything? the university has to deal with that but if universities, not only the Spanish ones but all universities worldwide, are still anchored in eight centuries with the same procedures we cant move forward after teaching 25 academic courses I draw two conclusions with regard to teaching, above all basic teaching, the one I know and I think it can be extended to all teaching there are two very important conditions the first is that in order for the teaching and learning process to exist – I always explain that to my students – one has to have vocation to receive knowledge the second condition is to enjoy the knowledge you are learning the child who was trying to open that image was learning children are a sponge of creativity but we put them a uniform like in an army and we take them to the nursery, disregarding creativity from primary education to the higher one the studies we have at the Faculty of Marine Sciences chemistry, physics computer science or telecommunication engineering teaching must be free for all those studies today, the teaching we count on in the University of Las Palmas as well as in all universities in Spain and in the world – apart from a few exceptions – is a regular teaching that means that if you want to get a degree in Marine Sciences you have to attend a five-year career you have to study this and this with any professor no, I think that in the future in fact, when you talk to students who had studied here and now are in Stanford or Harvard and ask them (even if there is no need to ask) you can realize that they are given a free teaching that means that they can learn and study what they want ad how they want with any professor they don’t have to bear any particular professor students must choose the university they like and the professors who fits best to their needs what is important is what we have in our mind rather than our qualification the day they give to some of us a doctorate degree and we put it back in the office the research for that doctor so, two concepts with regard to teaching first, that you like and enjoy what you do otherwise the concept of teaching and learning can’t work nowadays all studies are regulated so they obstruct freedom and another aspect that I would like to comment on and that I tell to my students the first day is the recommendation not to expect them to teach anything and some of them of feel sleepy wake up and wonder how it can be possible I’ve got more than 20 years of professional experience and 25 years as a professor and this is the conclusion I draw I won’t teach you anything if there are experts in psychology I would like them to tell me if that is right, because I don’t understand such things I mean that if we give a professor some information that is theory input it enter his mind through the sight, sound and graphic through what I say information enters the brain and what does the student? he or she process it select information an that is what the student learn and not what you teach him or her rather than what the student receive, process and recycle here reason comes into play I should study psychology there would be a student to whom I asked that, wouldn’t be? sorry, what are you saying? he had gone to another place he had signed because marks account passing is what they want one thing is that you acquire knowledge, whether you consider it or not I would separate the role of the professor from that of someone who makes sure that you have particular knowledge you go to a place and they measure you “he comes from the faculty of Marine Sciences so he has certain knowledge or not” or from Formal Sciences, as maths and they make sure one’s level of expertise and you have a certificate which states the knowledge you have but in reality, today when you go the make an interview for a company and you speak about your expertise and if it’s right they hire you so we are like the frog either we wake up or something very serious will happen in the end you can’t do anything I mean, I’m noting what is happening I would like to be positive because, indeed, this information or telecommunications technologies are changing the world yet in 1997 I had that perspective and I put a Y to all the businessmen we are at this point 1997 from this moment we will take two ways A leads to hell, B to paradise in what does it depend on one person or the other? it depends on how we do it so all the advantages that these technologies can have are there in fact, in 2002 on 26 November 2002 this theses was registered in the information department and the project of this theses, fortunately completed, was conducted and it worked 12 years of research on this theme, on this theory it has been a mission about what would happen and what is happening now what can we do? shall we ask my friend the frog? otherwise let’s do something similar we have to wake up know what we talking about and not to listen to politicians it seems to me that they have their days numbered because people believe in them less and less and people empowerment increase more and more this is what we can note, what is happening and what is has to be done we have wake up and fight because the situations that are going to come are very very difficult I think that the human being can overcome it I believe in that and I’m optimistic I would say that by 99% we are going to get over it because it’s positive another thing is the Earth would tell us that we will disappeared next Christmas, rather than in 4000/5000 years in that case we couldn’t do anything I mean that nothing natural has happened in order to bring about a temporary crisis something we know is going to happen but we don’t pay attention to what is happening, like in Syria or what could happen whatever the place is, something which is going to break Europe’s balance within 10 years I don’t know, we would have to go to a fortune teller or it would be better not Europe could be broken, the United States could disappear and emergencies would arise we have to do it violently with force that’s the point I think that firstly, we have to be aware and even if this kind of talks doesn’t deal with it seriously certainly, people are getting more aware, little by little and it is true that we have been changing, this is a proof we I arrived here today and I saw that there a few people I said “my God” but it doesn’t matter, here there won’t be many people but once the talk is uploaded on Youtube many people watch it that is information reach everybody no longer as before as a master class for which you had to go there to attend it now the one who wants to watch it can do it, and is the one who draw conclusions because if someone go there ad sit down to listen to the talk sleeping or thinking of whatever won’t draw any conclusion but the one who watches the video on Youtube does it voluntarily why? because I’m interested on it I will draw my conclusions and it’s another way to do it and if you opted for Shared Sciences, although there are few people and for this reason it’s an effort for me and the persons who are part of Shared Sciences what would remain in a class where there were, let me say, captives because they were sitting down in the class just to obtain a degree the one who listens to the talk over the Internet is not a captive he or she watches the video because he or she wants to I think the future is there after the comment you made I would ask you something: do you know Leonard Kleinrock? No. Well. I ask this question in telecommunications classes but they don’t know him Leonard Kleinrock is still living, I think he is a professor at a university in Auckland, California in 1962, or something like that, he was a young boy so he was doing a doctorate about switched circuits and switched packet something technical for us, isn’t it? so he went from the analogical world to the digital one today everything is based on his research he was doing his doctoral thesis when he developed all that he was so convinced that he developed the most important program worldwide at that time and possibly still today which was a North American operator called AT&T like Telefonica in Spain but it was American and in most of the world, because today it’s all about fusions Telefonica is multinational and AT&T too and I told him: “I have all this” and I wanted to offer it to him I also told him: “we had already studied it and it doesn’t fit our field, which is totally analogical” “also, we would like to tell you that if it work we won’t use it, we don’t need it” today, AT&T, Telefonica and all the the operators work through WhatsApp which is analogical and digital and the whole world move following this man who has revolutionized the world in 1962 Leonard Kleinrock and his assistant Charlie and a software developer at the University of Stanford they were in Los Angeles, at the University of California in Auckaland, Los Angeles they achieved the first communications over the Internet that is what they have made curiously, it had a phone line “I’ll send you an L” and the other answered: “I got it” “I’ll send you an O” and they answered from the Stanford research center: “We got the O” “I’ll send you a G” that was he first communication over the Internet I know that because he tell it on Youtube do you know how many visitors he had when he told his experience? and that is what the University of Stanford did over there, where it shows the date 29 October 1969 do you know how many visitors he had when he told the experience that would change the whole world? I think they were 64 I put a photo of Las Canteras or whatever and it get 800 thousand visitors or the beginning of the Internet it has been shown on a great Spanish TV program it has 24 thousand visits and I put it too from another source of the Spanish TV I took it from a well-known Spanish journalist he has been still working, I don’t know whether he is in the Balearic Islands or here it shows the beginning of the Internet in Spain it is on Youtube and it already has 24 thousand visits and Kleinrock, who was the father of all of that, had 64 visits and when they ask him this he answers: “Yes”. When they stepped on the moon they said “a small step for the humankind”, or something like that or when they invented the telephone they said “Watson, please come here” he replied “I’m not an expert in marketing” “I’m not an expert in marketing” this was said but he hasn’t visits and nobody knows him is an almost unknown man only some specialized press know who he and arrange an interview with him but he only had 64 visits also, if you put all the activities carried out by Shared Sciences you can find it in ACCEDA ACCEDA, the Scientific Sciences website of the University of Las Palmas it is like that, isn’t it? great, fantastic! I’ll make a question do you know the impact that all the scientific works carried out have? maybe in order to do a doctorate you have to carry out many works in specialized journals eight you have his o her visit, his girlfriend or her boyfriend’s the tutor’s or the other one’s the classmate’s or his or her cousin’s seven/eight visits so why do researchers work so hard? days and nights we all know that researchers wake up at 5:00 in the morning when they have some idea why? why? if a football player receives 40 thousand visits just for kicking a ball that is to be changed we have to give more importance to science so I applaud you and I hope that in ACCEDA, in the library of the University of Las Palmas, you make known all the scientific works, doctorate thesis, final career projects, books and so on and I will tell you what Friedman said “what is unknown it doesn’t exist” but I think that many things are going to be made known, this is why I applaud you because when people know that they exist then interaction will take place thus, that is the way let’s go on that way making it known because once it is made known interaction will take place and there will be more visits

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  1. Mi teoría es muy sencialla… Avanzamos en comunicación al mismo nivel y velocidad que la deshumanicación,
    El hombre es egoista por naturalez, las imagnes de manifestaciones en usa cuando la policia abusa de un hombre de color, acaban en reyertas, y robos a supermercados en oleada,
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    libertad , conocimiento, hermandad, palabras bonitas, pero que quedaran en el tintero.saludos, Luis Perera.

  2. Yo lo veo voluntariamente y me ha gustado , todo lo hablado es verdad, suena a cataclismo, y la ciencia ficcion , tan futurista, de holy wood a veces se queda corta, la realidad superara la ficcion.

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