BREAKING: Putin – WWIII May Be End Of Civilization, And That Should Restrain Us!

BREAKING: Putin – WWIII May Be End Of Civilization, And That Should Restrain Us!

Will there be World War III? You know, we can recall Einstein. He said: I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Understating of the fact that World War III could be an end of the modern civilization should deter the world from any radical and highly dangerous actions that could [threaten] the modern civilization. As you member, after WW2 we have been living in a period of relative peace. Regional wars are here and there, we remember Vietnam or Korean war, or what’s happening in the Middle East now, Iraq, Lybia and other conflicts, but there were no global conflicts, Why? Because, in the world, among global powers, there was strategic parity And even though it doesn’t sound nice what I am going to say, it was the fear of mutual destruction that has always prevented the international actors and leading military powers from any radical moves and forced them to respect each other. Now once the US withdrew from the IBM treaty, that was an attempt to disrupt the strategic parity. However, we’ve been responding to it, I mentioned about that in my State of the nation address, with the modern weapons systems that are already in use will unconditionally guard this parity. We need to think about it and we need to find a contemporary solution that will realisticilly reflects forms of our collaboration. It is high time that we sit at the negotiation table, and not only think, but design the contemporary architecture of the international and European security.

32 thoughts on “BREAKING: Putin – WWIII May Be End Of Civilization, And That Should Restrain Us!

  1. I wish this had an English Speaking person,Yea I've got captions on….finally some different News other than this FAKE ASS SHIT HERE IN THE USA

  2. Aint no bully gonna allowed to keep stealing us. We add those bastards to the garden as fertilizer. Damn waiting on another loss. The US in general dont think that way, the crooks + thugs go to a free life of prison + The People are forced to pay for it dearly.

  3. I wish everyone are a great leader and man mr. Putin who came in peace… God bless you and people..

  4. Putin as a Christian has a complete different mentality then the talmudic zionist jew .. those satanists subscribe to the "samson effect" meaning if they don't get what they want (greater israel project) they will take everyone down with them

  5. Whites are Abrahmic human species, well.. Adam/Eva.

    Caucasians are called Red people. They originated from Manu and his wife Shatarupa.

    Whites in West/MiddleEast
    Reds original from central Russia.

  6. Seriously we are living in last days. The evil one has to end up in hell. Looking around the world how much evilness is going on. The only thing we have to make our lives right with Jesus Christ is coming. I'm so glad to know Jesus Christ is Lord of lords glorious King of kings is Kingdom his our real home full of love and happiness the most beautiful wonderful amazing place to be. Don't not miss this greatest opportunity. God may have mercy on us and help us to be perfect so we can get in his kingdom in heaven . There is not other way Jesus is the only way.

  7. the last century has been all about preparations for "their" evil plans. And preparations are still being made until "their" done. And then…. who knows

  8. Serbia must trigger WW3 as it did on June 28, 1914, when they were surrounded by aggressors, as today with NATO.

  9. Putina is China gone have your back ? NO well shut the f*ck up China have the men power and bankroll to put fear into our heart, you still that little tiny fish in that pond. Oh don't cross over that pond.

  10. All of russias new weapons are pointless in space and will just cause the extinction of man in the world, the new theater is in space and thats where russia is not focusing, so these weapons are pointless if you own multiple worlds. Russia is playing a backwards game with valuable funds that it should be investing in the youth technology sector, russians sold or gave in the case of the SU-27 most of there tech to the chinese who have and will copy and undercut there only reliable allie russia which seems crazy. I predict that china will soon start developing its own jet engines that are copies of russian engines, undercutting the russians again stealing customers. And with the world going into renewable fuels were does that leave the economy.

  11. Americans and their Vatican jesuites controllers are too dumb to realize this . In their evil arrogance they think they can win .

  12. Putin is why we can't let another shithole get nukes. Sickos won't take a beat down on the battlefield and America can crush them. No need pretend Russia can win, let the propaganda trolls began🖕

  13. They're just afraid rn, As soon as they figure out the defense against nukes and how to neutralize radiation. There will be ww3.

  14. Haha, very funny is this man. He wants to negotiate with the world when he doesnt even negotiate with his own people…

  15. Not sticks and stones, animals you'll kill your own food. Intillgence says to train them to charge, with you, kill your food to kill the Ideology, God is glory, love is provide and protect not just eat

  16. I like the way u guide your people only a wise person will do what u do. Go ahead! The world need u Mr V Putin! Long live to u and your people!

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