Brian Cox and the Cast of THE GREAT SOCIETY Talk the Importance of Honoring History on Opening Night

(upbeat music) – Robert Schenkkan won a Tony award for his 2014 play “All the Way” which looked at the early days of Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency. Now he’s back with a follow-up that traces the rest of LBJ’s
time in the White House. We’re heading to opening
night of “The Great Society” to talk to headliner Brian Cox and his Broadway cabinet of co-stars. (audience applauds)
(audience cheers) – This is the best bunch of actors I’ve worked with in 30 years. They’re so there, they’re so confident. They’re so supportive. I had a lotta lines to learn and they had to put up with me. But they have been second
to none, second to none. There are so many wonderful
actors in this show that I have such a pleasure
being on stage with and we all are enjoying
each other very much. It is the most exciting kind
of theatrical transformation you can imagine, headed by Brian Cox. The lion in winter, he
is perfect in this part. – To see this play now with
the values of this play, the values of truly what
American life was about and then in relation
to what’s going on now, you go what have we lost
touch with in terms of the true spirit of Americana? – So many of the issues in the play are the issues we’re grappling
with right now as a nation. And sometimes the comedy of that and definitely the tragedy of that and hopefully inspiring
people to take action. – This is a great way
to update your knowledge of where we are now based
on where we came from and all the work that
many of these characters put into getting us to where we are and requiring the responsibility of you and me to push us forward. – The theater is the last
politically acceptable place to have the non-political conversation. – It’s important that
we do plays like this to remind people that
the rights that we have shouldn’t be taken for granted. They weren’t just things
that people handed out. They’re hundreds of years of battling and fighting for this little inch that goes on a sheet of paper and I think that our show
helps open up the veil on the political process and might encourage people
to continue the fight. (gentle music)

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