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  1. If this is true and we believe sickness overcomes us and we get sick, then how do we explain all the children in hospitals with cancers that can't be healed? Did they somehow learn they are cancerous from the womb?

  2. The me I see is the me I'll be, and you've got to name it to claim it baby!! Been saying this for 40+!

  3. yes you are right i heal my tooth egg by putting in-my mine light 3 time a day for 20 min no more paen and i still have my tooth

  4. Thank you for another brilliant presentation. I've worked with microscopic work screening human cells. Now I understand why some cells would regress to normal and some would progress to malignancy. Dr. LIpton's information answers my years of wonderment. I always believed that environment had everything to do with health. I am 63, healthy, on no medications, which includes over the counter stuff, have tons of energy. I practice meditation because of the scientifically proven benefits. Seriously consider what Dr. Lipton presents. It is life changing!

  5. There are text written thousands of years ago in India and China that pretty much say the exact things….I feel bad and pray for all of the people on this planet because the vast majority don’t realize this and there are some in power who are filled with such negative energy which is wreaking havoc on Mother Nature and interfering with our growth as a species. I pray the people of earth get a wake up call and heed its direction for a more positive experience on earth. 🙏🏿💯💫🌈

  6. If only people can understand these vibrations.. they are fantastic. It only works in your favor when you have a pure clear mind all the time, you attract pure and clear and expel all danger

  7. bruce lipton is leading us right back to god.. science is now leading us to the right path..!!! this world needs to be corrected!!!

  8. Bruce Lipton is looking older and more sickly by the day. It's so sad he and Wayne Dyer could not cure themselves with their mind techniques.

  9. Isaiah 8:20
    To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

  10. Such a brilliant presentation ! Can anybody please shut up this annoying woman that tries to interrupt what he’s saying????

  11. Anyone that knows eastern philosophy and martial arts knows this. Chi energy is all. True health is a state of consiousness.

  12. So we should be very worried about the 5G wifi that's taking over , I have heard the 5G waves can cause sickness 😢

  13. There's one thing I don't really understand… Why now? Why all these people start coming up now? Why not talk about all this like 20 years ago? I mean the interference concept is something taught at high school and so is the effect of vibration on molecules and yet nobody thought about it this way? Why now?😅

  14. Sorry but which language was designed to hide feelings??! English, maybe. Maybe French… and some others but please! Language was designed to express feelings and to create just it got twisted so the sentence should go like: "Language was twisted during the ages to hide feelings" and it may be correct from a certain point of view at least.

  15. WoW
    Lipton is amazing how he can spin it all together.
    Its the spirituality of
    science unnoticed by

  16. 💯!! What an amazing video!! I, too have actually learned it in my cool 😎 Science 🧬 classes! Great one, added to my “good/useful videos” album + will DEFINITELY share it too!
    Bravo 👏🏻 & thanks 🙏🏻!

  17. Some things Bruce says I have to disagree with. Yes, embryonic cells are pluripotent, meaning they can develop into any cell tissue. But once they differentiate into a certain type of tissue, they cannot change back into another form, in vitro or in vivo, which is the state we are all in, differentiated cells which have reached their final form, so how does body chemistry or thoughts or environment change that which cannot be changed? In other words, where's the practicality of all this? When can someone who has only one arm, grow a new arm by thoughts, environment or any other means? I just always see a lot of hope/hype in all these feel good motivators.

  18. No doubt the key reason why we are all being sprayed like roaches via chemtrails.

  19. Why do we age?
    Because the mind controls the cells n genes and we collectively believe in aging.

    WOW, this must be true since this came from a wrinkly OLD ass "doctor" and i should smash my head and blindly believe this to stop aging. Again WOW.

  20. With respect Dr Lipton ! If you were 150 yrs old then I would be more inclined to believe !! But if you speak these things but can not influence them yourself then surly it's only hearsay 🙈🙏

  21. 9:50 "We can create the world that we want. And what we have to do is become conscious. And then, heaven will be on this planet, right here!"

    The Government/The Cabal/Global Banking Cartel/Big Pharma:
    "Shut this man up. NOW!"

  22. I know how Dr. Lipton feels I’ve been doing my own research and experiments and when I try tell people they say I don’t know anything coz I don’t have a degree, just remember the people with degrees only know what they’ve been told to know, and individuals like Myself are autodidact and that means we ain’t stopped learning and we’ve gone past their teachings and are discovering more than they will ever know…

  23. Does anyone else hear the other language being spoken right at 5:19–5:20?????????? Play it over and over, you'll hear it. If so, anyone know what it's saying?

  24. Very good in a nutshell Bruce. I understand all of this and more but I'm not sure people's minds can follow. I try to condense with my work too.


  26. I have interviewed you several times. Every time you have been focused, professional, enlightening and a gentleman. Someone I consider a friend. My genius friend, that is. KEEP THE FIRES BURNING. BLESSINGS!!!

  27. Thank you Bruce this is a mind expanding video that should be easy for most people to understand. Thinking positively, may civilization put it into practice. Creating energetic fields from within to share with others seems to me should be a priority
    for us all. Environment!

  28. At 5:00 mins it says new quantum physics mind and body. It’s not new Indian civilisation, mind body soul sync thru dhyana(means meditation). Learn Hindu (Sanadhan dharm). Peace and bliss to All

  29. A good scripture to tie in with talks on the mind is,"be careful how you think,your life is shaped by your thoughts."

  30. Medicine is made by bad people who love money to keep people sick it's not made to heal you that's why modern medicine doesn't know this.

  31. Yeah you may well be right, but what chance has anyone when they are Spraying Aluminium Particles, and other shit in the form of CHEMTRAILS.on a DAILY BASIS, for YEARS, the TV weather " Forecasters" make me CRINGE.

  32. Perception is "personal" reality. Take women for example. Many (not all) are not interested in facts, they are interested in how they "feel" about the facts. Throw facts out the window*.

  33. I thought "we are born into heaven" ? I literally and figuratively took a trip with three other people to a sacred area of Canyon Lands . We drank about a cup each from a boiled down section of a cactus called "St Peter". The experience I was told is similar to "peyote". Anyway it made me sick yet thru deep breathing and movement I experienced the life of flowing water , the wind , and the Earth . With the realization that we are born into a heavenly playground to enjoy life I began to laugh like never before filling the canyon we were in with my laughter . Enjoy Life ! Thank you for reminding me .

  34. So, what Liptos says is that we totally depebd on other people's vibrations. If we get in distructive field that does not match our vibration it cancelks us..Nice.

  35. You' re right in everything. The birth of mind stole youth and eternity from human being, because it is a divine force and you should overcome animality to controll the mind, otherwise it controlls you.

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