Bryan Dechart Chooses Which DETROIT Become Human Character He Is

Bryan Dechart Chooses Which DETROIT Become Human Character He Is

B: My name is Connor, no I’m not, no I’m not. My name is Bryan. This is the which Detroit: Become Human character are you. J: Yeah, we don’t know– Well, you’ve taken one of these before. B: I have taken one of these and I know the answer B: Sorry spoiler alert–
J: You got yourself. B: I got Connor.
J: Okay.
B: Do you want to take it? J: I-I-I will take it. We’ll work together. Have you taken one? A: I have, but maybe I’ll get a different one this time.
J: Okay. [laughter]
J: I like how optimistic you are. J: Okay, “Pick an ani-” Okay. I’m gonna just do the things that I would normally do. J: Obviously, I’m gonna pick a dog. Dogs… dogs are the best. B: I like dogs. (I`LL BE YOUR PUP, BABY-) J: Well, this is cheating. It’s like which character do you want to be? B: I don’t know if that’s the case though. This might be pick a character that, you know… B: Interests you. A: Yeah, that you’re- you’re drawn to. J: Okay. So this is a lot of answers. Everyone knows the answers I’m gonna pick. J: Connor is basically the dog of the group; he’s sweet. He’s innocent. He’s loyal, he’s lovable. B: Awww! A: He could be an attack dog too!
J: He can. He protecc but he also attacc. J: So you- you’ve- you haven’t met some of these people? B: In real life?
J: Yeah. B: I’ve met Clancy [Brown].
J: Yeah. J: That’s it?
B: Does it go down? J: Oh god…
B: … I’ve met Clancy. J: [laughs] You’ve met Clancy? A: Y-You met- You met Minka [Kelly] too! B: Oh I met Minka! Yeah, I worked with Minka briefly. J: So you have scenes with Valorie [Curry] and Jesse [Williams] but you never actually…? B: Correct.
J: … Acted across from them? B: And when I did those scenes, I was acting with David Cage. J: Lovely, so keep that in your fanfiction pockets. J: Obviously, I’m gonna pick Connor. It’s either Connor or it’s gonna be Sumo because, again, dogs. J: “Pick a beverage”? Oh no…
A: Blood? J: [laughs] Blood beverage.
A: What? J: Which character would drink blood?
A: “Whatever is in the cupboards”? B: Which character would drink blood? I mean maybe only Connor would sample blood. J: Or maybe Ralph. J: Is that his name?
A: Yeah, Ralph. B: Ralph doesn’t seem like–
J & A: Succulent~ B: … Eh. Yeah. Maybe.
J: He’d drink blood. J: I’m going to go with… scotch. B: Yeah.
A: Yeah. J: You know, I’m Irish. I gotta stay on brand. “What’s your what’s your opinion on androids?” J: Love ’em. I have to love them. I want them to be my children. B: We would have had a problem if you click some of these other options. J: “Should be detained.” J: “They are slaves.”
A: They are. J: I’m sorry, Bryan. You are a slave.
B: [sighs heavily]
J: A slave to the Machine. J: “Connor, Marcus, or Kara?” I mean this is such an easy quiz. None of these are hard answers. B: I mean, you could choose “none”.
J: Who do you think I’m gonna pick? B: You should pick… A: Whatever your heart tells you.
B: Yeah, follow your heart. J: Oh, oh absolutely. J: This is weird doing this now. Whenever I played the game it was like, “My boy! Connor! I love you!” J: “Don’t be harmed!” and now you’re here and I’m like… J: “S-Sup.”
B: I’m not harmed, I’m right here! (in an Irish accent) J: It’s like “Wassup dude?”
B: “What up dude, just chillin’.” J: “Be cool.” It’s like… is it weird that I’ve basically… [laughs] J: … told you I love you on a game?
[laughter] J: “Who would you sa–” Oh NO.
B: This is a moral conundrum.
J: “Who would you save?” Well the fish had to be saved. J: Sumo didn’t have to be saved in the game. A: But what if Sumo was in peril?
B: I would prioritize the life of Sumo over the life of a fish. J: [sighs] Yeah.
B: Wouldn’t you? Really?
J: Yeah, absolutely. J: I-I don’t know the fish’s name. I know that Sumo–
B: It’s Dewey. J: … Dewey?
B: Dewey. J: It actually has a name? B: Yeah, during the, uh… you can ask Alexa questions. So you can say “Alexa tell me about the fish” and… B: She’ll tell you that Emma, the girl who’s being held hostage, B: named the fish Dewey.
J: … Wow. B: And it’s a Dwarf gourami fish, is the kind of fish it is. J: You’ve got the Deep Lore!
B: Deep lore! [laughs] J: You’ve got the David Cage lore! B: Ohhh, the ConnerArmy, they will tell you… they know everything about the fish.
[laughter] B: They are… fully aware. J: “Favorite member of Jericho.” J: Oh no…
B: Mmmm…. J: Oh no… What happened to Simon in your playthrough? B: First time? Weeee… didn’t even– The first playthrough, we left Simon be. B: We went into the…
A: Yeah, we didn’t even see him. B: We went to the kitchen and got our hearts ripped out.
J: Oh no… B: Thanks- The wonderful feedback of the stream was like “Go to the kitchen!”
J: Oh no. B: “Pr-Provoke the deviant android!” J: That’s the hardest part because Connor is just like, [wheezing] “Hank!” J: Crawling across the ground. B: That surprised me too, because they recorded the part where he gets stabbed in the hand separately. That was with the stunt guy. A: [shudders]
B: So when I showed up I had no idea that that was– Like, there’s a lot of little bits and pieces in this game B: that totally surprised me.
J: Wow.
B: But I would say Si– And then the second playthrough, we met Simon on the roof B: And he, y’know…
A: It didn’t go so well. J: Yeah, did you run at him as Connor?
A: Yeah.
B: Yeah. J: Yeah, that was pretty badass. J: You were really cool in that scene, by the way. B: Well, thanks.
J: Amelia you were cool in your scenes too! J: It was really cool. I remember because I knew you guys were a couple already and I’d seen like your Twitter and pictures of you guys together And then I was playing the game and all of sudden I was like those Traci’s look so familiar What have I seen them in? I was like IMDb-ing the game and I was like Amelia… No I was like, “They got to be in a scene together, that’s awesome!” B: That was so cool. It was one of the best days on the set, obviously. J: Don’t tell me, tell her.
B: No she knows. B: I love you
A: I love you B: I love you
J: I love you guys! B: TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA J: I have nobody B: That’s not true. You got Robin J: I like how you went, “That’s not true, Robin come here” J: My favorite member would be Simon B: Yeah, it’s he’s the one-
J: North annoyed me. Every- she just wanted to be super aggressive all the time A: I mean wouldn’t you be though if you all had been North?
J: I guess so, she was a sexbot for a while A: I’d wanna *makes a mean face and mimes choking someone* J: That- that’s her–
B: 28 stab wounds
A: Yeah J: Have you seen that meme? Have you ever seen flex tape? (B: What?) the the flex tape guy? He’s like an infomercial selling tape that fixes everything, but he saws a boat in half. Flex tape guy: I sawed this boat in half! J: And then he patches it up with the Flex tape and drives on the river. Whatever, but there’s one very stabs a bucket? (B: Uh-huh) So someone’s doing it like a bunch of stabs. And then it cuts to you going “28 stab wounds!” Yeah, it’s amazing. So how did you react to memes? You need to react to Connor memes? B: Apparently you’ve started all the memes.
J: No, I– B: No, there’s a bright center of the universe and it’s just you and a pile of glowing memes J: My name is Connor and dad of boy. Those are ones I’ll take credit for. All the others– Robin, in the background: Ocean man J&A: Ocean man
B: Hold on, what do we do- how do I make it do Ocean Man J: You click-
*Ocean Man starts playing* B: That’s power
J: That is, I have it at my fingertips and then if I need to feel good about myself it’s just
*Audience clapping sound* J: Thanks, thanks guys. Thanks and then you do your–
*Wapoosh sound* Top of the mornin’… ANYWAY J: “Most important trait in a friend?” J: Hmm what do you guys think
B: I think that you wanna–you wanna… I don’t know if I like the word loyalty for a friend cuz it has some sort of do with the blind allegiance or something J: Like a ride or die kind of thing.
B: Yeah, I think that honesty and kindness A: And laughter
B: Well respect is important B: Laughter, a cute dog, I mean how you gonna rank these things? I would be friends with someone even if they didn’t have a cute dog A: Yeah, most of our friends don’t have a cute dog B: Almost all of them
J: They should
B: Yeah, you’re right B: We should get new friends
J: That’s not what I’m saying J: Some of these go hand-in-hand.
A: Yeah. What do you- what would you rank as like when you look at this? What is…what are you gravitating more towards J: I think honesty, cuz respect and loyalty you can get those from co-workers and stuff, but it’s very hard to get honesty from people B: Good answer, good answer
J: good good wait- *hits applause button* good job team J: God what have I done to you. I’m ruining your image
B: Nah, dude J: “Favourite side-character?” Oh that’s easy. A: Todd is a favorite side character??
J: It’s coz he redeems himself at the end B: Depending on how you play
A: I killed him
B: Amelia killed him from the top A: He deserved it.
J: Maybe the Tracie’s are the ones that would pick blood is their favorite beverage A: Maybe J: “What do you think should happen to deviants?” J: Well-
B: Killed? J: No! B: Equality?
J: Which Connor for you right now?
B: What should happen to deviance is that they should be…I think respected A: This is up to him though. This is his test. J: Yeah, that’s true. This is– there’s a lot riding on this. This is for a job. J: I’m gonna go with equality, cuz I think equality also spares them and respects them. B: Final answer?
J: Final answer. I’m locking it in Chris. J: “Favorite relationship?” Oh, come on.
B: You got Connor! J: Yes! I was very nervous.
B: Really? J: Yeah, I really wanted Connor. I was like, if I get something else… B: You did great, you did great.
J: Also you like dogs
B: You are– can I just tell you something? B: *reading off the quiz* You are very intelligent and a determined individual. You work hard to achieve great results. You are loyal and pick up on fine details. Also… You like dogs. B: Doesn’t that feel good?
J: It does. I needed somebody to say that to me today. Tell me you’re proud. B: I’m proud of you. J: Oh my god, I was just joking, but you said it so sincerely B: I am proud of you!
A: Yeah!
B: You should be proud of your– J: Stop! It’s too much! B: Look at you! Look at where we are right now! A: You have a glowing keyboard
B: That’s something J: Anybody could have that… okay, so that was my one. (B: Yeah) and that was this one. So we’re gonna close off this one and Amelia… B: What is this?
J: …you are gonna take this test
B: Why is this– BuzzFeed– this video? Why is this photo the photo? Hold on? Oh my god! What is– Who made this BuzzFeed? B: Hold on, who specifically made this
J: CrabbyConnor. It was a community contributor. All right B: Well, this video, of me making all these faces, was to get out of a final exam I had a project that I had to do in my Expressionism and Beyond class and NYU in theater We had to make some sort of performance Yeah, and I did not complete the assignment on time and it was due the next day and so I just went into the bathroom with the camera it stared into the mirror and then for like 45 minutes made every possible face I could make and then sped it up really fast and then turn that in for my final project I got an A. It’s art school everybody got an A. but now it’s everywhere on the internet J: You guys can work on this together
B: Choose a dog, Amelia. That’s a ferret, first of all, I want you to know that’s not a dog. J: Shhh, you coulda tricked her B: That’s a dog. Look at that cute dog J: Dude, what’s wrong with your dog? A: Alright, this one coz this one looks the happiest.
B: Okay. J: Is that you being kissed by–
B: Yeah, that’s me. That’s Neil Newbon who plays Kamski and Gavin And he came over my house to play the game and… started kissing me J: Okay, did you guys have drinks and that’s what happened?
B: No, he asked for coffee. I gave him coffee then he accosted me A: Wine
J: Good choice J: There it is drawn as Kamski and Connor A: Which password would I use… (BRYAN IS SUCH A CUTE SMOL BEAN JFC MY LIL PRECIOUS BABY BOY EEEK) J: R9a?
B: R9a?
J: That’s not even a thing. J: They don’t know.
B: CrabbyConnor… J: Ah I just realized CrabbyConnor, now I know why they’re called CrabbyConnor B: *sigh* I know, me too. (AWWWWW MY BABY-) J: Oh my god, they even have Dream Daddy on it. That’s a game made by our friends who live in town B: You know, I’ve been recommended to play dream daddy on stream J: Yeah, you should. Some other youtubers called the Game Grumps made Dream Daddy
B: Okay J: Yeah, and it’s a–
B: How long is the game? J: It depends on which dad you pick. You play through and pick a dad and you fall in love with the dad. B: You fall in love with the dad?
J: Yeah
B: Okay J: It’s a simulator about a dad finding another dad to fall in love with
B: Got it J: And he’s a single parent and he’s trying to raise his child. (B: Got it.)
J: It’s very accepting. It’s very involving. (B: I like it) J: You would like, it would be fun series. I want to watch that. A: Deviant done. Which Detroit character would I date? J: Oh! Are you gonna date yourself?
A: No that’s weird J: For anyone who doesn’t know by the way, Bryan plays Connor obviously, but Amelia plays the Traci’s
A: I do! A: Okay so who would I date… hm J: One of them is really wrong.
B: Yeah, the dog A: Yeah, you know what, I’m gonna pick
B: North?
A: Yeah. I feel like that would be an adventure. J: Why would you date North?
A: Well, I feel like out of all of these characters… We would have the most adventure together J: That’s true.
B: Yeah good answer.
A: Mmm-hmm. Um… J: I forget her name
A: Chloe. Chloe, I feel like would just be too… Just like, whatever I want to do, she always wants to do and I need some-some like more opinion J: Plus she’s a test more than anything
A: Luther would be the second but my gut told me North J: Who would you date Bryan?
B: I would date probably not him, not Kamski, not Neil J: This was my way of giving you an in to like get some brownie points B: I don’t know… Who’s that one? It’s kind of zoomed in on that bottom picture. She’s got nice eyebrows J: You got intense eyes right now. Give us the face.
B: Which one? No, your face. Give this face. J: There it is! B: I mean– J: Robin superimpose that shit!
B: I think I would probably date B: Obviously, well the Traci or or Luther I think–
J: Luther is the big, bad protector
B: Luther would be my number two cuz I feel like if you- yeah A: Alright, I’m moving on A: What am I doing at the party… A: I’m that one creepy person who knows no one
B: No A: Follow my best friend because he is the only one I know. I’m the one who throws the party. I take care of my drunk friends. Trying to find new friends. I am drunk. J: It’s just-just I am drunk.
B: I think we’re– A: Either I throw the party or I’m taking care of my drunk friends B: We don’t– even though we throw the parties, most of our friends don’t get too drunk at this point.
J: You’re responsible ones. B: Damn this crab again J: Can you can you give us the little monologue?
B: *sighs* J: This is what I like about you is that you’re just so open to go with the flow. There’s no there’s no like barrier. It’s just like here we go. B: Yeah I’m crabby. B: You wanna know why?
A: Why? B: Cuz I went to Mexico and had sex with a hooker named Los Cangrejos
J: What does that mean?
B: It turns out… that in Spanish that means the crabs. I paid $700 for the crabs So the next time you go to a country and have sex with a woman who’s name in that language means the crabs Maybe you’ll open up your travelers dictionary But hey And then a whole bunch of arms Now, you know scuttle J: Beginning to see what you married him B: That’s a weird moment in my life. But you all found it have it.
J: It’s amazing. Own it B: Own it, I own it. A: Alright, what painting J: I would love if this was a painting in the game. J: Which one did you get in the game when you played it? J: This is my one.
B: I got a dark one.
A: I got one that was all red. B: Whoa, you got Kamski B: Congratulations, you are successful, intelligent, mysterious, and fabulous J:This– you can’t spell successful, but you’re fabulous B: Yeah, it’s okay I-
J: Do you like that one
A: I’m a little disturbed because he disturbed me as a character J: Yeah
A: But he was also intriguing and I didn’t hate him as I thought I would so
J: He tried to make Connor shoot someone though. B: He did but just to prove a point. I think Kamski just kind of wanna wants to watch the world burn. J: Yeah
B: You know, he’s so over humanity, he’s like- A: I’m a little disappointed A: But you know what, this-
J: This is the bed you made you have to lie in it
A: Yeah J: Okay, we’ll do one more.
B: We’ll do the third one.
J: I don’t– these might get weird, okay J: This is a completely different one, so you get to enter your name.
B: Enter my name. J: Yeah, I don’t know. I did not vet these or anything. So these could be terrible B: My name is Bryan B: “Which of the following describes you the best?” quiet; passive, bitter; arrogant, genuine; loose cannon– maybe driven; detail-oriented– maybe selfless; optimistic stoic; enigmatic– no Naive and kind, natural leader or introspective. I’m gonna go with… B: Would like to be genuine and a loose canyon, but I’m also driven and–
J: Loose canyon? B: Did I say loose canyon? B: I make typos out loud when I speak it’s okay. They’ve started calling them Bry-pos on my chat.
J: Really?
B: I make so many– B: I try to reply too quickly, is what happens.
J: You make so many mistakes that they have a thing for it? B: They call it Bry-pos. J: I love that. B: You got ocean man going with the whole music and the whole thing. and Bry-po. B: I’m gonna go with-
J: Which one do you think he is? You know him. A: I, I think he’s Connor. B:No no no, not by the end. Of this particular question. A: I would say detail oriented and driven A: Yeah, or a natural leader and introspective.
J: Do you feel like a natural leader? J: This is like therapy all of a sudden B: I feel like you know, I think that something Amelia and I kind of realized about our stream at a certain point We’re like, why does this fit so well? Why does this work? And I think it’s because we’re both older siblings. So we both have the kind of like, hey guys, come on let’s all go play. Yeah, but then when people are just spamming corn in your chat, you’re like Whatever, they’ll get tired They’ll get tired eventually J: They’ll wear themselves out.
B: Yeah. Alright, “which of the following prevents you from trying something new?” J: I thought the first one said Fascism I was getting very worried B: If Fascism prevents you from trying something new… (laughter) B: That’s a whole nother conversation. B: Stoicism B: I don’t know if that means what they think it means. Because… J: That wouldn’t really stop you.
B: Yeah, stoic’s… A: Or if you don’t want to have an experience cuz you want to stay stoic.
J:Like Kanye.
A: Yeah J: He never laughs, he never tries new things.
B: No, but he’s here today!
J: Come on in, come on J: Yeezus B: Yeezus isn’t real B: Too soon? B: Past experiences or unresolved trauma? No. My routine personality? B: Possibility of failure or fear?
J: I feel like you’re an actor. That’s not a thing
B: I don’t know B: No, I mean what would prevent me from try something new? I mean like fatalism, like my actual death? A: Yeah, yeah. A: Or past experiences.
B: I don’t have a ton of unresolved trauma.
J: Again you’re an actor J: Isn’t this what you do, you go out there, you try things B: Fall forward, stumble forward, make early and often.
J: So like fear and failure and everything. That’s all– A: I think fear of death would stop you from trying something. B: Yeah, I mean fatalism is sort of like, also like it’ll never work. I don’t know if I really choose that but… A: Out of all of these. B: Whatever. Good enough B: Okay, “Do you respect the law?” B: If it isn’t hurting anyone it shouldn’t be illegal? It’s not necessarily true.
J: Yeah B: I don’t really have an opinion? Definitely not true. Some laws need to be broken to survive? B: No, the law is an unfair system in this day and age? That’s ridiculous. B: Yes, with the utmost respect? Of all of these things. Some laws need to be broken to survive J: Yeah
B: And yes, with the utmost respect. Mostly, I respect the law B: Yeah I consider myself lawful good. J: You’re using the vernacular.
B: What’s your what’s your alignment? Do you know? B: What would you– J: I think I’m like chaotic neutral or chaotic good or something like that. Cuz I like- J: I’m positive but I also like to stir shit up and mess with people. Yeah, and then they love that as well J: I’m the loose cannon.
B: Yeah, yeah, yeah B: Alright. Well, I’m gonna go with yes, with the utmost respect.
J: And so should you kids, so should you. Don’t do drugs. J: There you go, now you get to pick it.
B: All right, “what is your personality alignment?” B: I’m gonna go with-
J: You just said what you were, right
B: Lawful good. B: It’s gotta be– I mean, I would like to be chaotic good but I really feel like my core self is lawful good. B: “What is your dream career?”. Working with children? something controversial?– Maybe. I don’t know yet? Law enforcement? Helping the less fortunate? Or a solo job? Definitely not a solo job. B: (mumbles) not really working with children A: Oh see I interpreted that as being able to work and also having children J: Oh working with children, just like in your arms while you’re…
A: No J: Just cat the office.
A: Like a mother but also have your own career. As opposed to just being staying at home with the children. B: I’m gonna go with… I mean helping the less fortunate, but’s not all just about helping the less fortunate. I think it’s about helping everybody. J: Yeah, and you should be allowed to help yourself the same time.
B: Yeah, let’s do something controversial, hell yeah J: Yeah, that’s a controversial answer. B: “What do you value most in life?” B: Family, kindness, love– J: It’s like a personality test just for you. This is like the harder one out of the three B: Nobody watches these videos. J: Hey. B: “What do you value most in life?” – family, kindness, love, appraisal, success, public recognition B: It’s gotta be just kindness. I want to say that it’s love but it’s not just about love like I think that love on a simple level and like a basic everyday Way, love thy neighbor kind of thing. Yeah, I’m gonna go with kindness over love J: Because love is like well, I have to love my brother because he’s my brother
B: Sure J: There more to it.
B: And, and also like I mean, I value the love in my life and I love that I think that if I could like like add a value into the world, it would be preposterous to say everyone just love everybody but at minimum everyone just be kind to everybody. That would be a good starting place. A: Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts you up where you, we belong. All you need is love.
B: *singing* All you need is love (They press the Ocean Man button) J: This is the best I can do guys. B: “Are you independent?” B: It depends. Yes and no.
J: It’s dependent.
B: It’s dependent on independent. Yeah, I can’t choose that B: Am I independent? Yeah I’m independent. Yeah. A: *singing* All the women A: independent J: Throw your hands up in the air B: :How do you spend your spare time?”
J: You’re great, you’ve got lots of references and songs to go around B: Oh, yeah Amelia’s really good at dropping like one verse on you B: Just enough to get everybody in the chat typing in and then she just–
J: Then it’s like sing more Amelia. *pretends to stumble through a song* B: “How do you spend your spare time?”
J: Ooh, even i’m curious but this.
B: Taking quizzes on the internet B: Sharpening my mind, B: exercising, watching TV B: socializing, being with the ones I love, or playing chess.
J: Yeah, what do you do in your spare time? B: Well, I used to have spare time and then I started on Twitch. Now, I have no time.
J: Welcome to the world of streaming. B: Uhh I… B: Really it’s socializing, probably. I mean really we’re, we spend a lot of time with friends or like and having people over Um, but I also on my, on my personal time I’m big into like, I love non-fiction books. I’m all about like like I would like reading a textbook more than I like reading a narrative book. J: Really?
B: So I kind of want to say sharpening my mind.
J: Yeah, that sounds a lot like sharpening your mind B: Yeah, but I actually spend more of my time socializing B: So I’m gonna say… B: Socializing the final answer.
J: Okay.
B: “Do you consider yourself to be an emotional person?” Yes, absolutely B: Yes, moderately? Yes, highly? Highly emotional.
J: Again, you’re an actor.
B: Gotta be. We’re all– I think we’re all highly emotional B: It’s just a matter of whether or not people let it slip
J: Yeah B: But the question is if you’re emotionally alive, how guarded are you? B:You know, do you share your emotional life or-
J: Damn.
B: Don’t you agree?
J: Dropping the deepness on us? B: Yo, we’re just on a quiz
J: Bryan-Bryan Deepheart B: I don’t hate that B: There’s worse–worst. Let’s see question 10 of 11.
J: Almost there
B: “Are you impulsive?” Yes. B: “Are you introspective?” Yes. Are you… HANK B: I’m Hank! Hank is a grizzled hardened detective B: Alright, although he has a deeply buried sense of humor. He’s moody and temperament. J: That’s to put it moderately B: After the death of my youngest son- what? This is telling me too much. I don’t want to read all this. Uh, I’m Hank! J: You’re Hank. Are you happy with that result?
B: You’re Connor and I’m Hank. B: And you’re–
A: I’m Kamski
B: Well then–
J: We can play out a scene together B: Will you be our Chloe?
R: Yeah J: You’re the one orchestrating everything behind the scenes J: Damn, alright, you’re Hank.
B: We’re Hank, you heard it here first.
J: Well, I have the jacket on so I guess that make sense. B: You look good. I think you should be Connor. They need to make a sequel starring you as Connor J: Oh, please no, we want people to buy a game.
B: They would play it.
J: Yeah, for comical reasons. J: Oh, wait, how do you compare here’s a results of everybody else
B: 11- okay J: 22% of people got Alice J: And only 16% got Connor. The Connor stat needs to be higher.
B: Yeah. A: Oh my god, nobody got Kamski.
B: 0% of people got Kamski
A: But this is a different test than the one I did J: I was just gonna say you’re the zero percent B: That’s cool.
J: Okay. Well, thank you guys so much for being here.
B: Thank you guys for having us. J: And taking the quizzes with us. Did you have fun? B&A: Yes
J: You learn a lot about yourselves?
B: I learned a lot about you guys.
J: Yeah, that’s great. Too much. B: I learned enough.
J: Get him out of here.
B: Gotta go. Wait, no, please. J: Hopefully we get to do something again in the future.
B: Sure.
J: If you ever want to play Fortnite together. B: You wanna play Fortnite? Let’s go.
J: I’ll teach you.
B: I could use some tips. J: No, you don’t tips for me. I’ll get us killed.
B: Really?
J: Yeah– I’m moderately good B: Hey you’re– that’s way better than I am
J: Yeah when he plays fortnite he stares at the sky and tries to jump up things B: Well I thought it was about building B: I really thought the game was gonna–
J: That’s the right mindset to be in. A lot of people out there will be happy about that. B: Really?
J: Yeah, whenever you die in Fortnite the meme is to just build. You build, you’ll survive. B: Yeah, if you build it you will survive? I don’t know. I just like– the first time I ever played it with my brother B: I just started– we just took over a little house J: Yeah
B: Found some stuff, looted some stuff, hacked down the fence, collected some lumber
J: You basically played it as Minecraft B: Yeah, we built walls and built like a little fort. And then the storm came and we died slowly in the storm. J: But it’s called Fortnite not build and kill. So you did well.
B: Thanks J: Okay, well thanks guys!
B: We did it. J: I’m not gonna do my outro cuz it goes on for 10 minutes and–
B: You can do our outro you want to do the- J: Oh yeah B: This is when you said this is our stream. Where you gonna put this- on which stream?
J: This is going this is go on YouTube.
B: Cool B: So we say, my name is Connor A: Wait-
B: Let’s switch it over, we’re not Connor anymore. Well you can say “my names Connor” if you want. J: Okay B: My name is Bryan.
A: My name is Amelia.
J: And my name is Connor.
B: And this-
B&A: is our stream J: Our stream B: Perfect.
J: Bye! (Outros) I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe – (Thanks for Watching!)

100 thoughts on “Bryan Dechart Chooses Which DETROIT Become Human Character He Is

  1. 28 минут видео! Ты действовал наверняка, да? Это была ненависть? Гнев? Он был задизлайкан, умолял о пощаде, но ты снова и снова оставлял ему гневные комменты!

  2. “Hello, my name is Connor… no it isn’t… I’m Bryan!” He had to say “Hello my name is Connor, I’m the android sent by Cyberlife!”

  3. When Amila got kamski her face looks like mine when I tell my mom if she can buy me something ( that’s cheap ) and she says use your own money

  4. no one:
    connor: hi im connor, the android sent by Cyberlife

    edit: i have a friend named connor so everytime i hear someone say connor i think of him

  5. This videp randomly apeared on my feed like 2 days ago… I'm on part 7 of Jack's playthrough, and really obsessed with the game :^)

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