Business Honors Program: Scholarships

The Dean’s Executive Council provides annual scholarships to all Business Honor’s Students in good standing at the start of their sophomore and
junior and senior year. For the sophomores, they receive five hundred dollars from the executive council. Juniors receive one thousand dollars. And seniors recieve fifteen hundred dollars. In addition the Mihaylo College
subsidizes the study abroad program and offer scholarships for the annual
recognition awards. In the areas that academic excellence, leadership development, and community service. I won the Dean’s Advisory Board Award
for leadership from displayed leadership in the Business Honor Society, as well as Relay
For Life and a few other charitable organizations
and You know it’s just a huge honor to win such a prestigious award and as someone that does pay their way
through college themselves it you know it’s such a great help uh…
too of me achieving my goal of receiving a college education. As a recipient of multiple scholarship awards granted from the Executive Council, it has opened my time to be involved with various clubs on campus. As well has help tutor at the Mihaylo College Tutoring Center. Receiving a scholarship throught the Dean’s Executive Council has given me the opportunity to do a number of things. One of them to focus more on my studies, second, it has given me more time to
joins student organizations on campus which further my development as a leader. And third is giving me the opportunity to take a sales leadership class throught the Sales Leadership Center which will help me in my future career. Being a recipient of the Business Honor’s Scholarship has helped me both financially and academically. I’m able to continue my learning here at one of the best business colleges in the country. And it’s really gratifying to know the Exective Council backs up my hopes and dreams to become a future business leader.

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