Caller: Welfare is to Blame for Unwed Mothers

Caller: Welfare is to Blame for Unwed Mothers

Patrick in Saint Charles Illinois you
want to talk about sex ed better good afternoon time yes I’ll type like this in this afternoon and
you’ve had so a lot of disparaging things to say about
the great stadiums for louisiana I i would point this out Tom seventy-three percent I’ll african-american woman in this country %eh 1735 have children without a man in the house and the majority of this group of people live in the city’s that a you and where you get mister tessick from
Patrick I it’s sorry its been on the news since the
beginning of this year when in fact Fox News and I love as as
one and CBS okay so lots let’s say that’s
the case why do you think that is so why do you think that is what the
fuck why do you think that it has a deal with the sex education in the city of Chicago was not working
so well so why do you think you have a high rate love unwed mother dumb among Afghan have
an answer I have that answer public schools are not the problem it’s a foundation %uh they family that is the price so
it’s their parents who are to blame or lack thereof and why is that the wires I yeah why why is it that people who live
inner-cities in poverty who have darker pigmented
skin presumably than you do why is it that they are living in
poverty Tom in the public schools are the city of
Chicago Morris spent for student in Chicago then I believe any place in the country
so clearly hasn’t does not have to do a school spending why is it then it it’s the breakup and the breakdown Arnold the family he was so why is the
family unit breaking down in product because the government will
not hey as much in are will pay as much to a single mother if
there’s a father in the home as the as a word if he were not in the
home so you’re of the opinion that
african-american families are uniquely susceptible to know welfare system see 52 percent of Latinos 25 per 24
persona Bengals those are not good percentages for
anyone this EA I I have a really hard time with your
statistics you but not the point mister lapierre
setting aside setting aside whether your statistics
are right or not um if this is the case this is a crisis for african-american family or I will be
and so and you’re saying that the problem is
caused by the government giving them money is your solution and Paul Ryan solution
to stop giving them on a child no drama that’s what’s your solution I’m saying
in I’m saying that what’s your solution
arts in service not to have a man in the house what’s
your solution later the solution is to somehow mend get our country and our society the
family your next across all races so how do we
do that that’s a good question sir I’m Paul Ryan
says tax cuts for rich people will do it you think your your quotes your quotes
with regards to what are Ryan said are our way out of context
and you know that I quoted him verbatim without any ellipses whatsoever am Patrick thanks for the call

13 thoughts on “Caller: Welfare is to Blame for Unwed Mothers

  1. I totally agree with bring back the family by ……….. and we need to help these urban families prosper by …………

    Clearly the government is created incentives for mother's not to get married and this causing the problem of…,………

    We should follow those clear policy prescriptions. I think it is clear that the deregulation is the answer and benghazi

  2. It amazes me that these people never ask WHY there are single mothers or why there is poverty in these areas…. They pretend they found some magic answer with fatherlessness, yet don't realize that there is no causation in that meaninglessness correlation.

  3. The illegitimacy rates went up drastically after the "Great Society" was implemented. PPl respond to economic incentives. 

  4. Census Bureau – "Nationwide, African-American women reported the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births, at 67.8 percent"

  5. Unwed Mothers is the new normal in all races in America. Want men to get married? Change a corrupt family court system that makes divorce and custody grounds for financial rape. Women want children, and they have no problem marrying the state instead of the father to have one.

  6. As if having a father in the house guarantees that the children will succeed? Many people are seriously abused by their fathers and remain screwed up for life.

  7. Love callers that call and state facts they heard on Fox but then have no idea of how to help solve the problem. At least have an idea even if it stupid.

  8. This caller needs to realize that is women who can propagate the species, and men run away, so naturally there WILL be single moms. In this example, the black men are arrested.

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