75 thoughts on “Cancel Culture Hits New Level Of Stupid, Jacksfilms VS Fortnite, Reparations, & India’s Water Crisis

  1. Look! Timecodes:

    Good Omen Petition (0:22), JacksFilms Vs Fortnite (1:44), TIA (2:50), India Water Crisis (4:49), Reparations Hearing (8:37)

  2. Good thing Jackfilms isnt going the same route as those other guys seeing as the Supreme Court (or who ever makes decisions on copyright issues) declared that you cant copyright body movements, such as dances and what not…..which, I mean, makes a lot of sense lol

  3. I don't like this reparation bill. Forgive my harsh opinion, but slaves could have gone back. Their country and land still exists elsewhere. Their ancestry lies outside of the land they demand reparations from. What about reparations to the natives? This IS their country! They don't have anywhere else to go. What about them? you'd give another group of people land the natives held sacred or maybe once buried families.

  4. Instead of reparations I agree that that money should go towards safer neighborhoods and better schools in low income areas.

  5. I'm just so glad it's been so long since I read Good Omens that I won't be able to angry about what they left out from the book. But I guess I better get on it before those crazy people figure out who they should be protesting to about it

  6. The moment you said how many episodes and me realizing its a British show the first thing I thought *Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
    * . I didn't expect from myself but I really like that. It is unique and interesting but sadly very few episodes… I wish these people show the same passion to cancel the new Doctor Who.

  7. I read the book Good Omens and I’m a Christian I actually borrowed the book from a catholic lol I look forward to watching the series

  8. These reparations would only open the floodgates for people trying to jump on the bandwagon and make claims of how they are owed something because society looked down on them centuries ago….

  9. I personally wouldn't have rewarded epic games for stealing yet another dance, not notifying anyone and profiting off of it. However, I don't blame dude for making some money off of it too if it is indeed his dance. I just wish this company and this game would pay what they owe!

  10. I accidentaly read the title as "Stupid Jackfilms vs Fortnite" and i was equally confused and freaked out at the same time lolll

  11. Okay… lemme get this straight… society supports the mockery of God, we have a water crisis effecting millions, and slavery wants to get paid back… who is winning in any of this? I don’t watch Netflix shows that idolize Satan for a reason. The water crisis is a result of poor resource management and not worshipping the world we live on. And slavery was not a part of my belief system, however, every empire i can remember had slaves. It’s not just a black thing. Make sure they are given the same reparations as well.

  12. No coverage of the Project Veritas stuff? It's the most important piece of news of the year as far as tech goes.

  13. Love the way how jacks films handled it lol. Besides a lawsuit would be pointless cuz dance moves can’t be copyrighted in any way. The only way he could do a lawsuit worth any salt in the court of law is if they used an image of him doing the move instead of the fortnight character. Does it make what fortnight did ok? No. But does the law care at all? No it doesn’t and it never will 🤣 and besides if they did fix that in the law it would backfire because anyone could make a copyright claim on anyone who does the same dance move as them regardless of if they created it or not. All they have to say is “I did it first!” And then suddenly the other party owes the first guy a butt load of money the best way to go about it is laugh it off hopefully get a little good press with it and move on.

  14. Lol God is voiced by a woman? And people are outraged? Guess what morons,God is neither and both. Idiots.

  15. Seems like the ones talking about the shelf-life of reparations also like to talk about finding Jesus, which is pretty ironic.

  16. Reparations will never work until the negative culture in the black community quits being promoted. Also, only 1.5 percent of the population owned slaves, including blacks owning slaves. Will the black community also be held responsible for a small group.

  17. Why should we have to pay for something that happened so many years ago?
    Why should the 2nd amendment still be in effect?

  18. Unless they actually trademarked the dance move they can't sue and I'm pretty sure you can't even trademark a movement in the first place. If they do receive money it's just them being paid off to go away because it's not worth the hassle. Doing a dance move and it going viral ultimately doesn't prove you, yourself created/invented it. Some neanderthal 2349023 years ago probably did the first dab.

  19. So basically people that never owned slaves should be forced to pay people that never were slaves? I can see how such lunacy would make total sense to the regressive left.

  20. Boomers 30 years behind schedule as usual with that petition. Still in the Satanic Panic of the 90s but this time using modern progressive tactics. When most on the right have moved to actually defend free speech, boomers STILL fighting the good fight for censorship. Using the same tactics they condemn when they're done to the people they like; no bad tactics only bad targets, no principles. Amazing.

  21. We really need to be responsible for the past. I hope this bill passes although im not sure what the ideal solution is.

  22. How come the water crisis in the Philippines didnt get much coverage during the summer because that was bad and China went ahead to use it to its advantage 🙁

  23. So I'll get reparations for being the great grandchild of a slave who is now at her eternal rest can someone show me the logic in this

  24. No there should be no bill the world is already equal there are just others fighting for more than they sould be instead of working just as hard at a job be consistent and work your ass of you would be surprised what u can do ….. No about slaves they worked for a land payment back in the days they didn't have hand contracts but they got what was fair they received as much as the farmers believe it or not even today farmers don't make much all the money goes back in to the land and to the farm hands and last the equipment what really sould be fought for is the slaves that got abused and killed for there respect there honor not money those blood lines don't run on any more and they r now just forgotten

  25. As a white man who never owned slaves, I think reparations are stupid. However, as a white man who's ancestors were murdered and enslaved, I wouldn't turn down my reparations check. So, I'm cool either way.

  26. Phil I have to disagree with you. Even though the show is excellent, they do not require a season 2 as they basically told the whole story of the book. Although I'd love the Adventures Crowley and Az, Neil Gaiman is going to be doing the Sandman series on Netflix so I don't think he'll have time to do a second season of good Omens

  27. 0:40 Meanwhile Supernatural’s fan base has been loving Lucifer for over a decade. Lol, I love these shows.

  28. I don't like the conversation around black unemployment, black poverty, etc. usually, because it always seems to be that the person is arguing that "institutional racism" is responsible. However, in this instance, it's different, because the presence of slavery in the past is responsible for the present state of affairs, so I feel like this is probably the right thing to do.

  29. I 100% support reparations. though slavery has been over for close to 150 years, African Americans have seen generation after generation deal with its repercussions in the form of inequality, incarceration rates, violence, income inequality and the like. The bottom line is, the effects of slavery have not completely been eradicated. Reparations moving forward may help alleviate some of these, if done correctly. That means finding ways to combat the inequality present our society today, including discriminatory practices found in institutions and fighting poverty scene overwhelmingly in African Americans in this country.

  30. Was catching up on the PDS so using a playlist and listening to the show in the background. Tabbed back into the video because thought something went wrong with the playlist and it was possible playing videos in chronological order or something. Really thought it was an older video lol

  31. My ancestors owned slaves and I don't want to give people I don't know money for something I didn't do. Stop spending so much money on global policing and instead pay for better American institutions that will pay off in the long run.

  32. David 'Ten-inch' is an underappreciated god and the good doctor deserves more recognition for his talent than he gets.

  33. I am African American and agree with Hughes, the reparations won't do anything to much past making some people, on both sides, feel better about the "have we done enough" situation as a whole, but that isn't what the goal should be. The wide majority already understand that we are equal, the goal should be undoing the process of the setback an abundance of African Americans were thrown into after slavery was abolished.

  34. To me, the whole demand over reparations is ridiculous, though mostly because it's usually the wrong people trying to push for it or that they are backing people to push it for them for the wrong reasons; people that cling to something that should have been let go of, so that they can get together to fix the problems of their communities and strive to become better both as individuals and as a whole. And yes, unfortunately, some of those people tend to only want free handouts because of either being lazy or because of some grudge that isn't even theirs.

  35. I’m fully against reparations in this situation for at least these 4 reasons: (1) One day, there will rise leaders who will say that these reparations were not enough. (2) When are we going to do reparations for the Native Americans? (3) How do you distinguish between Black descendants whose family tree’s are 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% traceable to those slaves? (4) Shouldn’t we also talk about Jim Crow laws and their same potential for needing reparations, and if so, shouldn’t we talk about reparations for other harmed groups, such as the different LGBTQ+ groups? We know that would open an unending floodgate of the US & states governments trying to defend against people saying their laws affecting them because of who they were. This would NEVER END.

  36. can we cancel the catholic? they are just a mafia after all they protect pedophile and use other criminal by using their previous crime they confessed against them just to have more agent

  37. You can't imagine how difficult is to follow your ideas when you talk that fast and English is not my first language

  38. regarding the jackfilms dab, I think he did the best move. no need to take the tough road and he still made a few bucks from the code.

  39. For a guy that invented the "deep dab", handling this maturely was the last thing I expected. Props to Jack.

    Reperations need to be done because every time they're pushes aside as a non-issue, they come back again. 150 years on and black people have never been given an equal chance to rise to a standard level of living. They can do well and live comforatble lives, but they have to fighter harder for it. This isn't fair and I see this bill getting pushed in 2070 only to be rejected again. It's ABOUT TIME we let these permanently injured people have a better chance of a decent life. Let's fix this so that we can move on. If there are other pressing issues, let's give those issues the space they need by dealing with things like reperations now. Get it out of the way. Pay the damn people!

  40. Am I literally the only person that caught the connection between the "throwback intro" and the first story being about David Tennant, who played the Doctor in Doctor Who (a time traveler who frequently attempts to correct the course of history both in the past and the future, in case you're not familiar with the show) from 2006 to 2010 (same time frame as said intro)?

  41. i just liked this video because of the intro… I LOVE IT!! also that show is amazing… #GoodOmensseason2req

  42. There are so many unanswered questions with this bill. What are the reparations they seek from the committee, who is on it, who gets said reparations if they are founded, who foots the bill, how do you prove legitimacy, etc. Why don’t we just spend time actually helping better the African American power and systematic inequality issue? Better education, more available resources, better job opportunities, community safety, etc. if reparations were decided upon at the time to give freed slaves a start in life and a place to plant their feet for growth, shouldn’t that be the main focus now? Finding a way to topple the inequality African Americans face and their power struggle within our white, American system. Giving a helping hand so the community can thrive on its own and grow with the rest of American citizens.

  43. Don't move to Canada or England if six episodes isn't enough for you lol. IT Crowd, Line Of Duty, Frontier and Durham County to name some. I feel like some Community now.

  44. That Good Omen story is a prime example of the heedless voracity with which people pursue a chance to collectively demonize something or someone.

  45. I'm conflicted on the Fortnite dance issue. I just don't know where to draw the line on what constitutes intellectual property that necessitates financial compensation for 3rd party usage insofar as a dance is considered. On the one hand, I am of the belief that art, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the creator, should always be financially compensated… although often MUCH less than what many creators ask for. This would obviously extend to any 3rd parties who make use of it. However, on the other hand, I don't really know if a dance would constitute as artwork that required valuable time and investment to make. In SOME circumstances it CERTAINLY would, but in many, I don't feel the same. However, as a courtesy at the very LEAST, I believe it is proper to credit the original dancers.

  46. I am trying to wrap my head around that "200,000 dead a year from improper water" statistic. That's…  I mean is that NOT a cause for worldwide alarm? Or am I missing something? Is there context that would make that any less of a horrifying statistic? I can't imagine there would be. I would say that there clearly needs to be immediate and drastic action taken by the government of India, but I am unaware of whether or not they have the resources. More appropriately, there needs to be immediate and drastic taken by governments on a global scale. I would gladly see my taxes raised to stymie that particular travesty. I'm going to do more research into this. I wonder if India's government is more capable of fixing this than the impression I've been given. If so, I condemn them alone. But, if not, than I must find out what action is being taken the world over… if any at all

  47. I agree with reparations. I don't care that no one responsible for the past atrocities yet remain. Most of their descendants don't suffer for them anyway. But those with whom this policy concerns very much still do. I will gladly help take on the burden of diverted funds, as it is right, and also necessary to help form a more socioeconomically cohesive population, which, pragmatically speaking, is necessary for the stability of a well run nation. I look forward to others being forced to do the same. I have no pity for them. It is right, and it needs to be done. However. It needs to be done properly. Hughes is correct in his assessment that a simple "one time compensation" will do little to help. When a system is inherently flawed, an isolated "care package" only staves off the inevitable. If anything, it could potentially be counter-productive. He is 100% correct in that changes need to occur at an infrastructural and legislative level instead. However, I do agree with Phil that establishing a committee to at least look into it might still be a good first step. I however share Hughes fears that it will only result in inadequate compensation, rather than fundamental change.

  48. Good Omens is an amazing show, that shouldn’t be taken too literally. The fact that some Christians actually have a problem with that bewilders me. And this is coming from one 😂 also I can’t help but ship Crowley and Aziraphale

  49. “God is voiced by a woman.”

    What the heck? The Bible literally says god isn’t technically a person, meaning he (by all technicalities) is neither male or female. He’s considered male most likely for simplicity sake as well the fact that he is technically Jesus

  50. You probably should make fun of people's religions or their beliefs, had this been done about Islam there would have been public outrage, and you yourself would be canceled. But Netflix would ne re make a show about that would they…

  51. If we, as a nation, decide that reparations are due to the descendants of slaves, then we damn well better start giving the land back to the descendants of the Native Americans that were robbed. He mentions "honoring treaties that are 200 years old, despite no one being alive". We broke a lot of treaties with tribes, who are still here today.

  52. " 12:19 also no black person is a slave

    And don't fucking forget the Irish they have had it even worse they were treated the same but no one talks about them if you're gonna give reperations to black people don't forget the Irish too

    Although I think they should neither get them but if black people do get it the Irish should too

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