Cancer Basics – Taking oral chemotherapy at home

Cancer Basics – Taking oral chemotherapy at home

Your cancer treatment may include taking
oral chemotherapy at home. You might call it oral chemo. These are drugs you
swallow to treat cancer. They may be tablets or capsules. As a pharmacist I’m
here to help make sure you take them safely and effectively. To make your
treatment work as well as it possibly can it’s important to follow the
instructions you are given. You need to take the right dose of the right drug at
the right time. Make sure you understand: How much your dose is
When you should take each dose
If you take more than one drug, the order you should take them in
and What to do if you miss a dose It’s also important for you to store and
handle your drugs safely. Keep them out of reach of children and away from
lights heat and moisture. Swallow tablets or capsules whole. Don’t cut chew or
crush them. Wash your hands immediately after handling. Return any drugs that
don’t get used to your pharmacy so they can be destroyed safely. You might be
worried about side effects when taking oral chemotherapy at home. Talk to your
pharmacist or someone else on your health care team about what to expect. It
can be helpful to take notes about how you feel after you take your drugs. Find
out who to call if you’re concerned about anything. The Canadian Cancer
Society is here to help visit or call us at 1-888-939-3333.

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