Cancer Statistics and Cancer Facts & Figures 2013

Cancer Statistics and Cancer Facts & Figures 2013

I’m John Seffrin,Chief Executive Officer
of your American Cancer Society. Today, I’m proud to announce a major
milestone in the fight against cancer. A new report from your American Cancer Society shows for the first time ever a 20 percent decline in cancer death
rates in the United States since the early 1990s. You know this
translates into more than four hundred lives being saved from cancer each and every day. That means today four
hundred of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones are celebrating more birthdays thanks to
this progress. My colleague, and our Chief Medical Scientific Officer of the
American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley, explains how we’ve reached this
incredible milestone. A 20 percent decrease in mortality rate is a
tremendous feat and it’s been years in the making. Much of
this decline can be linked back to the Surgeon
General’s report of 1964. That’s the report that actually said that
tobacco causes cancer deaths. People started listening, people started
working for tobacco control, people started being educated. As a
result people who smoke cigarettes stopped smoking people who would have started smoking did not start smoking. The end result is forty years literally after the Surgeon
General’s report, we start having a dramatic decline in death
rates. Our efforts to control tobacco have
finally paid off and they are paying off by people not
dying from cancer. Smoking cessation is not the only reason
for the decline in mortality. The decline in mortality is because
effective screening in number of cancers, effective treatment in
number of cancers, improvements in research that lead to
better treatment with better outcomes. And the incredible news of reaching a 20 percent decline in cancer death rates is proof of our progress. But ,we can stop there, we’re
not goning rest on our laurels. We have much more to do. Never before have we had so many
opportunities to save more lives from cancer both at home and around the world. While
a 20 percent decrease in mortality rate is something that we actually should
celebrate we can do better. We need to realize that
more than a half-million Americans die from cancer every year. We can actually decrease the death rate
from cancer by at least 40 to 50 percent additionally if we just focus on doing
the things that we know how to do. In addition, we
need to support research so that we can decrease the death rate
even further. We after the 1st century when we were running into the woods now have made so much progress we are
running out other woods and we have to double down. And our 100th year anniversary and say
we’re gonna finish the fight. We are going to save more lives faster. We’re going to finish the fight.

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  1. If you do research on their website…and if you dig deep enough…you'll find a single page on the effects of extracted oils from cannabis killing cancer cells…but don't expect them to advertise it too much.

  2. radiation and cemo kills the fda outlaws drugs that work because the manufactures want money and most of the money the organizations get doesnt go to making a cure but most of all about 80% of that video is a lie

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