Candace Owens: Black Community Did ‘Better’ 100 Years After Slavery, Before Socialism Ended Progress

Candace Owens: Black Community Did ‘Better’ 100 Years After Slavery, Before Socialism Ended Progress

>>But I’m — you’re not going to find disagreement
right now with me and Dr. West when it comes to Joe Biden. I think that his history and
race has been absolutely abhorrent and Trump should hit hard on that. We know exactly what he’s done in the past.
We know that he championed the crime bill of 1994; he really pushed that through. We
also know that we see a lot of black Americans talking about the disparities in terms of
sentencing when it comes to crack versus powder cocaine, and that was also championed by Joe
Biden. This information isn’t out enough and that’s part of the problem, and we need to
make sure the Trump Administration does get that information forward. Now, of course, we always do have to disagree.
Dr. West and I would disagree with you in terms of thinking that Joe Biden is a candidate
that we should be going for. I mean, yes, he is a more enthusiastic character than Joe
Biden, but he’s talking about socialism and we know that that is something– (CROSSTALK)>>That has, yes, Bernie. That has absolutely
destroyed and decimated the black community socialist policies like in terms of the welfare.
So, a little bit of agreement here, but mostly–>>Yes, but Cornel, you think that, that Bernie
Sanders is going to deliver what a better economy than Trump for African-Americans because
I haven’t heard that argument for Bernie. I’ve heard a lot about giveaways, but how
is he going to raise the actual standard of living, the wage earning capacity of all Americans,
including African-Americans, who have been disproportionately hit by open borders and
the lowering of wages because of a huge influx of indigenous workers?>>Oh, but no, my dear sister, you ask the
workers at Walmart who are of all color, so we’re talking about humanity, we’re talking
about Americans across race at this point. You ask the workers at Walmart whether they
will be able to live a life of more decency under Sanders Administration as opposed to
a Trump Administration, he was just there in Arkansas standing with the workers, McDonald
workers too — he stands with working people and poor people. That’s his connection to
Martin King; that’s his connection to FDR; that’s his connection to Fannie Lou Hamer. And so, my dear sister Candace, I would argue
that welfare again now was not socialist, it was an attempt to intervene given the failure
of capitalism to provide jobs of a living wage for people.>>It was socialist. It was a socialist–>>It was not socialistic at all.>>It was absolutely socialistic, you know
that and you know that our community– (CROSSTALK)>>No my dear, that’s not socialist.>>– hundred years, doctor, doctor. Come
on.>>That’s not socialist.>>One (ph) hundred years after slavery, the
black community was doing better. We were going up, up, up. Then suddenly, they socialized
our community via welfare policies and the black community started going down, down,
down. And you’re sitting here–>>No.>>–supporting a candidate that is advocating
for making that on a larger scale. He’s saying we’re not just going to do it to the black
community, we’re going to do it to every community in America. Well, you know his policies do
not work; you know that socialism has led to more deaths than anything else in the last
100 years. 100 million deaths and you stand behind this man; you should not. You need
to stand behind Trump.>>My dear sister.>>Because he is getting– (CROSSTALK)>>The very fact–>>And making poor people richer are two different
things.>>All right. Let’s get– (CROSSTALK)>>The very fact that you have been able to
aspire and achieve the level that you have, based on the struggle of those who came before
from W. E. B. Du Bois, from Ida B. Wells, the Frederick Douglass, they were not concerned
with -isms, they were concerned with justice and fairness. Now, Du Bois was a socialist
but he didn’t — he wasn’t pro-welfare. So, you got to get your history right, my dear
sister.>>Frederick Douglass? We are talking about
Bernie Sanders. We don’t have to talk about history; we are talking about President. We
are talking about Bernie Sanders and what he’s offering to the black community, which
awful.>>Yes. (CROSSTALK)>>No, no, no. There was a Richard Smalls
of South Carolina with Frederick Douglass called for public schools, he was called a
socialist.>>We are talking about Bernie Sanders, doctor.>>He was talking about fairness.>>Doctor, we are talking about Bernie Sanders.>>Bernie Sanders is part of the legacy, Bernie
Sanders is part of that legacy, sister Candace. (CROSSTALK)>>–get you to see. But it is not welfare,
it has nothing to do with welfare, that’s about fairness, jobs with a living wage, has
to with workers control in some instance at the work place.>>Doctor, this is basic economics. Everything
can’t be free. You know that; I know that.>>We got to quit spreading these lies. Quit
spreading these lies about what socialism is.>>Yes, we do. I agree. Let’s start tonight.>>Cornel, okay, we are tight on time here.
But I still say–

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  1. It's like talking to a brick wall, Dr. West. You have way too much wisdom for these 2 simpleminded people. Bless your heart for still trying…

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